Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

2436 Chapter 2309 You Are My Blazing Sun (509)

Xiao Qi hugged Zhou Yu tightly and could not bear to let go. He felt that it was like a dream now. If he let go, it was very likely that Daddy would disappear again.

He missed Daddy too much these days.

Daddy was not around. He was a little man. Now that Daddy was back, he was a little child and could act coquettishly.

This was the power of fatherly love that Zhou Yu had given him. The tall figure of his father always made people want to rely on him.

Xuan Yingluo watched from the side as the father and son recognized each other. Her fair eyes quickly turned red and were covered with a layer of crystal-clear mist.

She quickly raised her eyes and didn’t let her tears fall.

Then, she lifted her feet and left.

“Sister-in-law!”The second and third called out.

But Xuan Yingluo did not turn back. Her delicate figure quickly disappeared from the resort hotel and she returned to her room alone.

Zhou Yu looked at Xuan Yingluo’s beautiful figure. It was obvious that she was angry and did not want to talk to him anymore.

“Boss, sister-in-law seems to be angry. This time, you have to coax her well. Sister-in-law has not been doing well these few months, but she still pretended to be strong. She doesn’t want us to be sad too.”

“That’s right, boss. Sister-in-law has suffered a lot in this pregnancy. When you weren’t around, sister-in-law went for a prenatal checkup alone. Look, sister-in-law isn’t fat at all. Her appetite is very bad.”

“Boss, it’s okay. Sister-in-law is very easy to coax. As long as you patiently coax her, sister-in-law will definitely forgive you. In the future, the four of you will live happily together and never be separated again.”

Zhou Yu looked at his two good brothers who had followed him through life and death. In the past, they had hated Xuan Yingluo, but now they worshipped her.

It could be seen that Xuan Yingluo had taken care of them over the past few months. They all said that their elder sister-in-law was like a mother. Now that he was gone, Xuan Yingluo had single-handedly taken care of the matters that the second and third stayed in the imperial capital. Xuan Yingluo was also helping the two people find a wife, as a result, she was quickly worshipped by the two of them. Now that they were calling her “Sister-in-law”and “Sister-in-law”, he, as the boss, had been thrown to the back of his mind.

Zhou Yu looked at Xuan Yingluo’s beautiful figure. His woman was a cow.

At this moment, little seventh young master smiled and said, “Daddy, I will help you. Mommy dotes on me the most. I will be the assistant for you two to reconcile and let you reconcile as soon as possible.”

Zhou Yu lovingly stretched out his hand and rubbed little seventh young master’s Little Head. His son was really obedient.

Zhou Yu’s heart was immediately filled. He had a wife, a son, and very soon, he would have a daughter. He did not lack anything.


Xuan Yingluo returned to her room. She was very angry with Zhou Yu. If she had not discovered the clues and used a little trick to drag Zhou Yu Out, would he not have planned to come out?

He didn’t die, nor did he tell her. Even if he had lost a leg, even if he was in such a sorry state, it was still better than him dying.

But he had joined forces with Ah Er and AH San to lie to her.

At this time, the door to the room was pushed open and little seven ran over. “Mommy, Mommy, this is the Rose Daddy gave you.”

Xuan Yingluo looked up and saw that little seven was holding a bouquet of beautiful red roses. It was Zhou Yu’s son who had asked him to give it to her.

“I don’t want them. Little Seven, give them back to your daddy.”Xuan Yingluo refused.

Little seven tilted his head. “But Mommy, I told Daddy that you would definitely accept them. If mommy doesn’t accept them, won’t I lose face?”

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