Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

2434 Chapter 2307 you are My Blazing Sun (507)

Xuan Yingluo woke up very late the next day. Xiao Qi had already gone out to play with Ah Er and AH San.

Because the person yesterday was not Zhou Yu, she was a little traumatized. Her entire person was absent-minded and listless.

After waking up, she reluctantly ate some breakfast and then went out with a big belly.

Just as she opened the door of the room, the door of the opposite room also opened. A maid came out with a basin in her hand. Inside was the clothes that the big boss had changed out of.

Xuan Yingluo took a glance at them and then walked away. However, her footsteps soon stopped and her gaze fell on the clothes again.

“Did the big boss of this presidential suite change out of these clothes?”Xuan Yingluo asked quickly.

The maid nodded. “Yes.”

Xuan Yingluo’s pupils constricted. She felt that something was wrong. Something was really wrong. Last night, when she went into the bathroom, she saw the big boss. At that time, he was not wearing this set of clothes.

No, the size of the clothes wasn’t right either. The owner of these clothes was obviously taller.

What did this mean?

It meant that the person she saw yesterday wasn’t the big boss here. She had been deceived.

Who was the big boss then?

Xuan Yingluo’s mind was in turmoil, but her face didn’t reveal anything. She didn’t let anyone see any clues. Instead, she turned around and left.

She went outside as if nothing had happened. From Afar, she saw Ah Er and AH San leading little seven on a horse. Little Seven’s childish laughter reached her ears.

Xuan Yingluo’s gaze fell on Ah Er and AH San again. They must have hidden something from her, and she would not believe them anymore. She wanted to find out the truth herself.

Xuan Yingluo sat on the swing at the side and began to swing from time to time. She was thinking about some things.

She was now certain that the person in the room was Zhou Yu. Last night, she had barged in and Zhou Yu had replaced her, giving her a false impression.

Why didn’t he come out to see her? Was it because of his body?

Xuan Yingluo knew that he must have been seriously injured. He had a broken leg in the ruins. She didn’t have any hope at first, but he had actually escaped death in that kind of situation. How much courage and vitality did it take, no matter what, he was still alive.

Zhou Yu was still alive!

Xuan Yingluo sat on the swing. She felt that a pair of eyes had been watching her. That person must be Zhou Yu.

Right now, Zhou Yu was hiding in a corner and watching her.

Xuan Yingluo got up and prepared to leave.

But after taking two steps, she suddenly raised her hand and hugged her bulging belly. Then, she slowly fell into the snow.

She fell down.

“Mommy!”Xuan Yingluo heard Little Seven’s anxious call from afar. It was obvious that little seven had discovered her.

“Sister-in-law!”Second and third’s expressions changed drastically, and they quickly ran over.

But at this time, two large hands suddenly reached over, and a familiar voice came into her ears. “Yingluo! Yingluo, What’s Wrong?”

Xuan Yingluo felt the two big hands hugging her, and she was hugged into a warm and strong embrace.

This embrace was familiar to her, infatuated with her, and it often lingered in her dreams during this period of time.

This time, she would not be mistaken. Zhou Yu was here.

The big hand slowly landed on her protruding belly, gently and tenderly circling around. His wide and thick palm caressed his child lovingly, carrying with it the sincere strength of a mountain of fatherly love, “Yingluo! Yingluo!”

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