Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 15 - Drunk

Chapter 15: Drunk

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“I’m really sorry, Mr Fu, Mr Huo. Something has come up and I’ll have to leave first.” The rich heir lost all of his previous bravado and departed the scene hurriedly, like a dog with its tail between its legs.

After the man left, Gu Mohan loosened his grip on the petite woman in his arms, “Can you walk on your own?”

Tang Mo’er was feeling dizzy. The effects of the alcohol was making her head spin like a rollercoaster. The two shots of ‘One Night Stand’ had kicked in slowly and the drunkenness was hitting her hard.

“I can.” She stood up and took a deliberate step away from him.

But just after taking just one step, she toppled ungraciously, her body falling towards the carpet.

Gu Mohan stretched his muscular arms out at the last moment and caught her body. He pressed his lips together, raising an eyebrow. His voice was deep and husky, “Are you still going to drink so much next time?”

Tang Mo’er looked at him with her clear, watery eyes. She could only look at his stern expression. She shook her tiny head and unconsciously bowed her head. She wasn’t going to drink again.

Why did she suddenly behave as though she was a kid who made a mistake?

Thinking about the delicious drink, she then nodded again to express her desire to drink again.

Gu Mohan pressed his lips together and his eyebrows furrowed into two distinct arches. He didn’t speak a word and bent down towards her, his presence dominating as his shadow fell across her.

Tang Mo’er felt her heart leap in her chest as her body was suddenly suspended in the air, her legs dangling off his strong arms. She put her hands around his neck anxiously and wondered why he would hold her in his arms all of a sudden without uttering a word. His strength was undeniably masculine and she felt protected in his arms.

Huo Beichen whistled as if he had just watched a good show.

Gu Mohan flickered an impassive glance at Huo Beichen before he continued on with Tang Mo’er and left the building.

After exiting the bar, a cool breeze rippled past her face, sweeping her hair back gently. Tang Mo’er felt much better after the wind blew over her, but her body seemed to be getting hotter.

She looked at him, “I’ll call Uncle Foo over now…”

“There’s no need, I drove.” Gu Mohan opened the door to the passenger seat and placed her inside the car gently. He then leaned over and fastened her seatbelt.

He returned to the driver’s seat, shut the door and stepped on the accelerator.

Tang Mo’er eyes travelled silently across the interior of the car. She noted silently that he drove a limited edition Maybach, the starting price of such a car started from the tens of millions. She turned her head towards him warily, “Where did you get this car from?”

Gu Mohan continued looking in front and replied staidly, “It belongs to my friend. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, nothing much, I just casually asked.”

He was not only bankrupt but was also a wanted man. He shouldn’t be able to afford such an expensive car. Although his friends were rather rich so that would explain it.

The flush was spreading itself throughout her body and Tang Mo’er could feel a smoldering heat gradually warming her from the inside. She removed her red knitted cardigan but she still felt a little hot. She wore a white dress with thin straps and the dress only partially covered her knees.

She felt more comfortable after removing her cardigan and was contemplating whether to remove her strappy top.

She suddenly heard a deep male’s voice resonate in her ear, “Stop removing your clothes, okay? You’ll be naked if you continue to take anything else off.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned. What had gotten into her? She shook her head to gather her senses and frowned prettily, doubting her own actions. Why was she removing her clothes in front of a man?

She clasped her slender palms against her face, her fingers slightly cool as she touched her tiny face. It was burning hot.

There was something wrong with her body.

She turned her head again to observe the man beside her. He appeared to be focused on driving and had placed both sides of his large palms on the steering wheel. An expensive steel watch adorned his wrist and she could tell that it was custom made. The neon lights in the city shone merrily on his handsome face and it glowed attractively with the lights highlighting his strong features. He was extremely good looking.

Tang Mo’er felt her mouth getting dry and she licked her lips unconsciously. She suddenly felt thirsty. The man beside her had an undeniable appeal. She felt like she was caught in a magnetic field and couldn’t escape. He filled her senses and played with her thoughts as she gazed at him, his masculine scent invading her nostrils as she remembered the touch of his arms around her body. She couldn’t stop her distracting thoughts and this strange, sporadic attraction to him.

She leaned over and placed a delicate arm on his shoulder. She then leaned her tiny face onto it and questioned teasingly, “Why are you pretending, don’t you want to see me naked?”

Gu Mohan looked at her from the corner of his eye. Her skin was fair and smooth and her long hair cascaded down her shoulders in a delicious manner. She had wine red lips and white teeth complementing her flawless face, her cheeks flushed a peach pink. Her eyes were glassy from the alcohol, yet wickedly alluring like a seductive fiend.

His Adam’s apple bobbed prominently in his throat.

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