Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 14 - If It Wasn’t For Me, You Would Have Been Eaten Alive

Chapter 14: If It Wasn’t For Me, You Would Have Been Eaten Alive

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Within moments, the hesitation in the eyes of the rich heir was conquered by his desire. Looking at the woman in his arms, he whispered huskily, “Wait till we’ve had sex, your father won’t have any choice but take me as his son-in-law!”


Tang Mo’er stretched out both her small hands. With all her strength, she used her beautifully manicured nails to scratch his face. It left an angry trail of red streaks across his face.

This woman was really fierce, but it only increased the desire he felt for her.

Tang Mo’er took the chance to push him away and run down the corridor.

Her aim was to get away as quickly as possible. She wouldn’t be so stupid to wait at the original place only to get caught. After getting out of danger, she would find an opportunity to deal with him.

“Tang Mo’er, don’t run away. Wait till I’ve caught you, I’ll eat you alive tonight!” thundered the rich heir as he ran after her, feet pounding across the floor as he gradually gained on her.

Tang Mo’er ran as fast as she could. However, her high-heeled shoes gave way and she stumbled again in her haste. Seeing that the rich heir was about to catch up with her, she panicked. At this moment, she suddenly collided into a warm and wide chest.

Looking up, all the could see was Gu Mohan’s handsome face in her line of vision.

Stunned, she asked, “How come it’s you?”

Gu Mohan stretched out a muscular arm and grabbed her around the waist. Smirking, he chuckled, “If it wasn’t for me, you would have been eaten alive, huh?”

Tang Mo’er was at a loss for words.

At this moment, the rich heir had caught up with them. Looking at Gu Mohan, he challenged aggressively, “Who do you think you are? Let me give you some advice. Don’t be a busybody and scram. The woman in your arms is mine. Get your filthy hands off her!”

Gu Mohan lifted up Tang Mo’er so she was burrowed further into his arms. Darting a cold gaze at the rich heir’s face, he sneered, “What a coincidence. The woman in my arms belongs to me. Do you want to try and take her from me?”

The woman in my arms belongs to me…

Do you want to try and take her from me…

Such words were one of the most condescending, provocative and despised words that could have been said.

Tang Mo’er took the time to look up at the man. He was very tall. So tall that she could only see his sharp and firm jawline. At this moment, his face was impassive and confident, not a single movement as he stared down at the other man. His calm demeanor was akin to the manner of an arrogant ruler commanding their subjects or the killings of the upper class society.

Now with his strong arms protecting her slim waist, she was able to feel his strong, masculine muscles through her thin clothing. This man’s strength made her feel protected and gave her a peace of mind.

Perhaps it was because Su Zhe and her had broken up, she had begun noticing the men around her. Be it looks or aura, this man surpassed Su Zhe by leaps and bounds.

Tang Mo’er felt her heart shaking unconsciously.

The rich heir was also taken aback by the man’s aura. In Karghalik, he had never come across someone as domineering. Mustering up all of his courage, he asked bravely, “Who are you? Do you dare to tell me your name?”

Gu Mohan bit the corner of his lips and replied, “You’re not even fit to know my name.”


At this moment, a duo walked over and asked, “Second Brother, who are you talking to?”

The rich heir looked up. His entire facial expression had changed. It was Fu Qinglun and Huo Beichen!

In Karghalik, there were three families depend the wealthiest and most influential: Fu, Huo and Lin.

All these years, Su Zhe’s family had their business expand rapidly with the help of Mayor Tang. In the entertainment industry, Prevailing Entertainment has grown so much such that they have been ranked as one of the four wealthy and influential families.

However, the Su Family could not compare to the wealth of the Fu, Huo and Lin families.

The handsome man who looked like a true born aristocrat with a pair of blazing cold eyes, was Fu Qinglun. He was the young lord of the Fu Family. Huo Beichen was the young master of the Huo family. Evil and unruly on the surface, he was someone who was eccentric when carrying out duties, you could never tell what he was thinking. If this duo appeared at the same time and had called the man “Second Brother”, then where did this man come from?

A ghostly chill ran down the rich heir’s spine.

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