Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 13 - First Time Seeing Such A Cold Disdainful Beauty

Chapter 13: First Time Seeing Such A Cold Disdainful Beauty

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Gu Mohan’s handsome face remained expressionless. With no emotions, he opened his mouth and stated, “Bring the fourth master to the police station and let him rot in jail. The acquisition can be carried out in accordance with our original plan.”

“Alright.” Fu Qinglun nodded in acknowledgment.

“Second Brother, where are you living now? I have prepared a top-notch villa with eight beautiful women to serve you. We only reserve this privilege for our VIP guests, even I myself have not enjoyed such special treatment.” Huo Beichen declared righteously, in an attempt to take some credit for his efforts.

Gu Mohan looked at Tang Mo’er. She had already gotten up from her seat and was balancing precariously on skinny heels as she made her way over to what he assumed would be the washroom. Taking a subtle glance at Huo Bei Chen, he waved him off casually, “You can have the villa and the eight beautiful women for yourself. Give yourself a little treat today.”

Huo Beichen was at a loss for words.

Tang Mo’er got up and made her way to the washroom. She did not feel drunk. In actual fact, her alcohol tolerance level was not as low as it seemed. However after walking a few steps, she felt the telltale effects of the alcohol as it rose quickly to her head, the lightheadedness causing her to stumble.

She accidentally bumped into a person and staggered backwards in an attempt to regain her balance. She dipped her head slightly in apology, “Sorry…”

The man who she bumped into immediately started rattling off at her in anger, “What the hell are you doing? Do you walk with your eyes closed? Do you have any idea how expensive my clothes are? What if you can’t afford to compensate me… Tang Mo’er!”

The man stopped his furious tirade upon seeing that it was Tang Mo’er who stood in front of him. His eyes lit up and gleamed, an arrogant smirk forming on his face.

Tang Mo’er recognised the man. He was a second generation heir, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who was notorious for fooling around with models and actresses. The speed at which he changed girlfriends was akin to changing his clothes.

This one had even tried to woo her in the past.

“Tang Mo’er, it seems like you’re all alone drinking by yourself. That’s really too boring. Come and accompany me to drink.” said the rich heir, as he grabbed her arm to drag Tang Mo’er along.

With Tang Mo’er’s lithe body, she dodged his advances skilfully and he did not even have a chance to touch her clothes.

She raised a delicate eyebrow, her expression as cold as ice, “What do you want?”

The rich heir smiled evilly and replied, “Tang Mo’er, I heard your fiancé Su Zhe is with some lady Xiaoyu, and doesn’t want you anymore. You’re a woman who has been abandoned by a man, so stop pretending to be all innocent in front of me.”

Tang Mo’er chuckled coldly, her red lips curled in disdain. She smiled cynically, and sneered “Su Zhe was my man. You really think you can compare? You’re nothing compared to him!”

“You!” He reacted violently, his head whipping to face her with his expressions changing drastically to a furious glower.

His eyes raked over Tang Mo’er through his anger, his thoughts racing into overdrive. Her facial features were exquisite. Her petite face was blessed with a pair of clear, beautiful eyes. This pair of eyes, be it whether in times of anger or rage, had the ability to suck up one’s soul. Her sinful body was to die for, with luscious curves in all the right places that made him want to run his hands all over.

He had played with a lot of women before, however he had never come across someone like her. She gave him a feeling that was pure and charming — a genuine beauty who was fresh and real.

From the moment he had first laid eyes on her, it was also the first time he had seen such a cold and disdainful beauty. Her beauty was bewitching, born to evoke dangerous desires in the heart of any man.

He had eyed her a long time and even tried to woo her. However, all of his attempts were in vain. She was arrogant and had never bothered with him, giving him no time of day. Yet, he was still drawn to her the most. Every night, even during his intimate throes of passion with the other women, it was only her name he would call out — Tang Mo’er.

His eyes were clouded with lust and an overwhelming desire, especially with her so close to him. He had to have her. He would make her his!

“Tang Mo’er, just come with me. I will treat you well.” He leaned closer to her, looming over and pressing himself into her body, forcing her to move to the next VIP room.

Tang Mo’er eyes flickered in warning. Ever since her debut, she had received a lot of dirty hints both in and out of the industry, however no one had ever dared to force her in such a way.

“My dad will chop you up and feed you to the dogs if you dare to touch me!” Tang Mo’er sneered, her eyes glinting without fear.

The man stiffened up immediately. Her words ignited a jealousy within him. Tang Mo’er — who didn’t know she was the daughter of the mayor.

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