Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 16 - A Single Coin

Chapter 16: A Single Coin

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He let out a mocking laugh. ‘One Night Stand’ was aptly named, with effects that truly suggested its likely consequences. The two shots she had downed had aphrodisiac qualities that diminished a person’s inhibitions. Why would she even drink something unknown without understanding its composition? What a foolish woman.

He stretched out his large palm and pushed her back to her original position in the passenger’s seat. He instructed her sternly, “Sit properly.”

He actually pushed her away?

Tang Mo’er pouted her full lips, dissatisfied. She had more fawning suitors than she could count, chasing after her all these years. This was the first time ever she had faced such cold treatment from a man!

She mumbled unhappily, then turned her body around to lean on his shoulder again. “Mr Gu, do you seriously take me for a promiscuous woman?

A reflection of the both of them formed clearly on the window. Her voice was lazy and languid, dripping with sensuality, yet her bright eyes were faltering between a drowsy haze and an inviting astuteness. She was extremely attractive.

Gu Mohan’s pupils darkened and his fingers tightened on the steering wheel. He raised one brow, his voice deep and husky, “Have you ever been touched by a man?”

Tang Mo’er placed her jaw onto a slender arm, her voice an inviting whisper in his ear, “You want to know? Just touch me and you will find out.”

The warmth of her breath tickled his earlobe and ignited a smoldering flame in Gu Mohan’s gunmetal eyes. They narrowed dangerously like a sleeping panther, the corner of his lips slightly raised as his eyes pierced into her. The charisma of a matured man was irresistible. Her eyes fell on his lips as they opened, his voice a deep baritone, “Oh? What do you mean?”

Tang Mo’er found herself almost seduced by him. She lingered on the edge of awareness and reason. He was a temptation who was capable of attracting almost anyone, herself included. She closed her thoughts and fell deliciously into the senselessness.

“Mr Gu, congratulations. You have been chosen by me to enjoy my love tonight.”


He was already 30 years old. With his growing wealth and strong background, compounded by his outstanding looks and charisma, there was a long queue of beautiful women who wanted to date him and they fought viciously for his love. This woman truly one of a kind. She had actually declared for him to receive her love, with the confidence of one bestowing herself as a precious treasure.

Three years ago, she had proclaimed that he was her man. Three years later, she was still as interesting as ever.

Gu Mohan couldn’t tolerate it any longer. He wouldn’t be able to focus if she continued to harass him while he was driving. He pushed her away onto the passenger seat again, more firmly this time.

This time, Tang Mo’er didn’t sulk after Gu Mohan pushed her away. She settled back into the passenger seat and closed her eyes lazily, her chest rising up and down slowly as dense lashes fluttered closed in rest.

Gu Mohan parked the Maybach under the apartment. He opened the passenger’s door, leaning down and slipping his arms beneath her body, carrying Mo’er out gently. She was deep in the arms of slumber and her head fell forward into Gu Mohan’s chest.

Tang Mo’er buried her tiny face into his broad chest, just below his shirt collar. The crisp starchiness of the collar irritated her delicate skin and she shifted in his arms and tried to find a comfortable position.

Gu Mohan looked at her, lacking his usual aloofness, his eyes showing a rare gentleness. She was like an arrogant little kitten.

He entered her apartment and placed her lightly onto the lounge.

Tang Mo’er couldn’t keep herself upright, her body tired and lethargic. The strap of her dress slid down her shoulder, revealing fair, milky skin that was soft and creamy to the touch. She was not only cute, she had a sweetness that was enchanting and a charm that tugged at one’s heartstrings.

She hid her confused thoughts and laid her delicate hands out towards him. “Mr Gu, I’ll give you Karghalik’s greatest beauty for tonight. You can take your time and enjoy.”

She closed his eyes, waiting for his kiss.

She posed like royalty, offering herself to the reigning king.

Gu Mohan slightly raised the corner of his lips and stepped forward. He stalked over her, a mocking arrogance in his voice, “I’m very expensive, are you sure you’re able to afford to shower me with love?”

Her tiny hands were suspended in the air, he didn’t hold them. Tang Mo’er couldn’t stop the complaint surfacing in her mind. He’s so good at acting. Not only is he bankrupt and a wanted man, he is even forcefully staying in my house. What does he mean he is expensive?

“Okay, okay. I understand.”

Tang Mo’er took out a coin from her purse and shoved it in his hands. “Take it.”

“What is this?”

“Prostitution fee.”


Gu Mohan decided at that moment she had definitely had too much to drink. She was clearly drunk and had clearly lost all of her reasoning.

“You should bathe first.”

“Bathe?” Tang Mo’er laughed, “You were acting like a modest man only a little while ago. Now you actually want to have an intimate bath together and hold on to me.”

She stretched out her slender arms for him to carry her as she didn’t want to walk into the bathroom by herself.


Seeing that he wasn’t moving at all, she stomped her feet in anger like a petulant child. He wasn’t listening to her instructions, even after accepting her fee, what a shameless man! She repeated her earlier words, “I want a hug!”

Gu Mohan lifted her up.

Tang Mo’er’s petite body was easily lifted up by him. She felt his masculinity through his strong shoulders and broad chest. She leaned happily into his embrace and touched his rugged face with two small hands. Her cherry lips opened charmingly, “Oh, your lips are too sexy. Definitely made to kiss a woman how she wants it… Mm… such a toned six pack and strong body…” her hands roamed across his chest, wandering over his arms as her fingers explored his masculine body.

Gu Mohan ignored her tiny ministrations and blatant innuendo. He carried her into the bathroom, opened the frosted glass shower screen and placed her under the shower head.

Tang Mo’er quickly twisted her eyebrows to display her dissatisfaction from being removed from his embrace.

She clung onto his toned body, sulking. “What are you doing? I’ve paid the fee. Should you really be treating your customer like this?”

The customer is the king.

Gu Mohan’s firm waist straightened up and he towered over her. He pulled her towards him roughly, “Who am I?”

Tang Mo’er looked at him in a daze, her voice soft, “Mr Gu…”

Gu Mohan arched his lips. Not bad, so she still knew who he was.

Tang Mo’er looked at the sardonic smile on his face and couldn’t help but be captivated by him. She hugged his waist tightly, arms clasped together into a firm hold, “Mr Gu, the customer is always king. Since I’ve already paid, I’m your master. You’ve got to wait on me, or else… or else… I will drip a burning candle on your skin, use a belt to whip you with no mercy and play a wicked game of S&M with you.”

Tang Mo’er mumbled more audacious words to try to threaten him into submission and continued to ponder what else she could do to him.

Gu Mohan was becoming more than a little agitated. Any man on earth would not be able to accept such provocation. She was hanging onto him, her body pressed against his, eyes fluttering innocently in contrast to her suggestive words. Her maiden body scent filled his senses and he could feel a dormant need awaken from within him. It raged from below like a fiery inferno he hadn’t felt in a long time.

He wanted to have her.

Ever since he met this woman three years ago, it was hard for him to feel much of a response from any other woman. Except her.

However, he wanted to have her when she was sober. He wanted a consensual relationship that wasn’t affected by senseless inebriation .

Gu Mohan looked at her beautiful face, her cheeks flushed and skin creamy. His palm caressed her face and dropped down to massage her shoulders.

“Bam!” the shower head turned on without notice and cold water started to drizzle all over her body, soaking her through her clothes like a bedraggled cat.

“Ah!” Tang Mo’er spluttered ungraciously, rudely awakened from her hazy state.

She started to regain her senses.

Her long hair no longer flowed beautifully, now plastered all over her tiny face in clumpy strands. In front of the composed Gu Mohan, she was in an extremely pathetic state. He stood in front of her completely dry, arms folded in judgement.

At this moment, he was calm and relaxed. She on the other hand, was wretched and pitiful, hair dripping wet streams down her face.

Tang Mo’er wanted to explode, her anger seething as she exclaimed, “Gu Mohan, what the hell are you doing? Why do you have to drench me with cold water, you’re really too much!”

Gu Mohan held her tiny, wet face in his large palm, his voice deep and soothing, “Tang Mo’er, you even tried to hire me as a prostitute?”

“Shit.” Tang Mo’er’s mind whirled, then went blank and she cringed inwardly. She recalled the promiscuous words she shouldn’t have spoken. Many different scenes of her pestering him for hugs and pressing herself closer to him, flew into her mind. She had even offered him a coin for his services. Holding her head, she blanched and felt like she wanted to throw up.

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