Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1405 - Be Good and Call My Name, I Want to Hear It

Chapter 1405: Be Good and Call My Name, I Want to Hear It

Jun Xiqing lay on the operation table in the operation theater as Sikong Heng picked up the knife with Bai Xue as his assistant.

In the middle of the operation, Sikong Heng took off his gloves and looked at Bai Xue. “Come over here and help me press on this.”

Bai Xue quickly hurried over to the operation table. She took off her gloves as well and intertwined her pale fingers with him, pressing gently on it.

Sikong Heng’s heartbeat sped up slightly. She had understood him before he had even told him where to press and what to do, and was doing a good job. They had never worked together before but were now working together as one.

As her fingers slid into his palm, all he could think of was how smooth her skin was. Her pale hands were beautiful and their hands matched so well together.

The two of them slid closer to each other as Sikong Heng smelled the fragrance on her, the cold smell of orchid. Her beautiful eyes were focused and attentive.

It was only then that Sikong Heng realized that he had been distracted by this female assistant for a few seconds.

Why did she seem so familiar?

The operation was bound to be a success with both Sikong Heng and Bai Xue working together on it.

In the wards, Sikong Heng studied the reports and said gently, “Miss Jun, your vocal cords have completely healed. You can try opening your mouth and speaking now.”

Jun Xiqing sat on the hospital bed, looking at a mirror. She gazed at herself in the mirror before opening her mouth.

But no sound came out.

She tried a few more times until her beautiful forehead was drenched in sweat.

“Miss Jun, this could be due to the fact that you haven’t spoken in a long time, so don’t worry, it’s fine. Your vocal cords should be fine now, all you need to do is practice.”

Thank goodness… Jun Xiqing was extremely thankful to Sikong Heng and she smiled brightly at him.

At this moment, someone coughed.

Jun Xiqing glanced sideways and saw Fan Men.

Fan Men had coughed to get their attention. In front of Fan Men was a tall and handsome figure. Lu Yeming had arrived.

The man’s deep, almond-shaped eyes landed on her face before darting over lightly to Sikong Heng. She had no idea when he had arrived, and whether he had been standing silently at the door all this time.

Jun Xiqing squirmed under his gaze

Closeby, Fan Men’s palms were all sweaty as he stood behind them. His Highness had been looking at her for a long time, witnessing the smile she had given Doctor Sikong.

The room was unnaturally quiet and Sikong Heng stood beside the bed with his long legs, shutting the medical report in his hands unhurriedly. His gentle black eyes behind gold-rimmed spectacles landed on Lu Yeming and he said, “You’re here, President Lu. Miss Jun is recovering well and will be able to speak soon.”

Lu Yeming went silent for a few seconds before his thin lips curved upwards. “I see that your great skills were not a myth after all. You’ve worked hard this time. The cost of making you rush down here must be pretty high, but I’ve already gotten Fan Men to prepare your fee.”

Jun Xiqing’s brow quickly knitted together. Doctor Sikong was the best of his kind in the medical field. He was extremely talented yet kind to people. Half of the reason why he rushed down to operate on her was due to his friendship with Lu Yeming.

It was extremely rude for Lu Yeming to speak about money so frankly to Doctor Sikong.

But Sikong Heng’s handsome face remained impassive as he said, “Thank you, President Lu, I’ll be taking my leave first then.”

Sikong Heng left.

Sikong Heng left, with Fan Men following closely behind him. Only Lu Yeming and Jun Xiqing were left in the ward.

Now that they were the only ones in the ward, Lu Yeming walked over to the bed. He was in a black suit today, with a checkered vest and a white shirt under his jacket, his expensive dressing making him look especially suave.

He lowered his handsome gaze to look at her before reaching out with his long fingers to lift her chin. He said in a gentle and loving voice, “You can speak now? Call my name so I can hear it.”

It had been a long time since she had last spoken, and a long time since she had called his name. Lu Yeming admitted that he missed the times when she was embarrassed yet angry when she would glare at her angrily like a crazy cat and call his name with fury.

Reaching out, Jun Xiqing smacked his hand away before twisting her face away. She didn’t want to look at him. But in the next second, he caught her face in his large palms and forced her to turn around.

Like that, Jun Xiqing was forced to look up at his handsome face.

There was a trace of a smile on Lu Yeming’s face as she was drawn into his sharp gaze. Looking at her face inch-by-inch, he said slowly, “You’re angry? Tell me why you’re angry.”

His condescending, calm demeanor now was… extremely infuriating!

Jun Xiqing reached out to push her, her red lips parting as she said, “How could you treat Doctor Sikong like that?”

She had spoken.

Despite not having spoken for so long, her voice was still melodious and soothing to the ears.

Yet Lu Yeming felt as though her voice was piercing his ears. His lips curved into a sarcastic smile as he said, “I rushed back from the conference just to hear you say my name when you spoke for the first time. Why am I hearing Doctor Sikong’s name instead?”

The first name she said was Doctor Sikong’s name.

Jun Xiqing lifted her head to look at Lu Yeming, “What has Doctor Sikong done wrong? Who are you to throw money in his face and not let me talk about it?”

When Lu Yeming recalled her smiling brightly at Sikong Heng just now, his face darkened. But there was nothing he did better than suppressing his anger. “Qingqing, don’t make me angry, hm? Be good and call my name. I want to hear it.”

“President Lu, I’m not your puppet. You get dark and moody when you’re angry and refuse to speak clearly, yet I have to please you no matter what?” Getting off the bed, Jun Xiqing glared at him with her bright eyes. “Since you’re such a big shot, there’s no way I can satisfy you!”

She turned around to leave.

But before she could take more than two steps, a large palm reached over and caught her slim waist, pushing her onto the wall. Her two hands pressed against his chest as she tried to push him away. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

When Lu Yeming looked at her unwilling expression, he felt even more amused. “I see you’ve made a complete recovery. I won’t force you to call my name if you don’t want to but I haven’t touched you in so long. Kiss me.”

Without waiting for her to react, he leaned over to kiss her red lips.

Jun Xiqing quickly turned her face away to evade his kiss. “Let me go, we’re at the hospital. I’ve just recovered and you already want to bully me? What do you treat me as? Your personal plaything? You make me pleasure you whenever you want, never asking me if I’m actually willing.”

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