Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1406 - Wearing His Shirt

Chapter 1406: Wearing His Shirt

He was always overbearing.

He would always do whatever he wanted in her presence.

He would never ask for her opinion, he never cared whether she was happy or not.

She didn’t want to kiss him now, she didn’t want to have any form of physical contact, any form of intimacy.

Noticing her unwillingness, Lu Yeming furrowed his brows, forcing her hands above her head and he pressed her down. “Jun Xiqing, it’s kind of cute when girls act like that occasionally and if I have the time, I can put up with it and coax you. But don’t constantly do this, if not, you’ll exhaust my patience.”

Jun Xiqing’s heart sank. “President Lu, what do you mean? You’re saying that I should behave well and pleasure you at any time you please?”

Then she looked at him, uttering every word clearly, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, I can’t do it.”

In an instant, Lu Yeming’s entire countenance was as cold as the frost on a wintry day. “Ha.” He let out a bark of laughter. “Jun Xiqing, am I too tolerant of your behavior recently that you’ve gone out of hand?”

“If that’s what you think.”

Seeing her cherry lips move and snap out such unpleasant words, it made him feel irritated.

Still, he leaned forward, kissing her on the lips. If anything, he kissed her so that she would stop talking. Being kissed forcibly, Jun Xiqing felt uneasy. She squirmed, resisting him.

But it was of no use at all.

Opening her mouth, Jun Xiqing bit on the corner of his lips. She bit down hard, almost biting his flesh off.

It hurt and Lu Yeming instantly let go of her. He staggered backward, shooting a baleful glare in her direction as he touched the area she just bitten.

It was bleeding.

Meanwhile, Jun Xiqing leaned against the wall, panting heavily as her eyes looked at him warily.

They were only two steps physically apart, but the distance between them was more than a thousand miles.

Now, the atmosphere was incredibly tense.

Lu Yeming looked at her for a while before he retracted his gaze, showing a nonchalant smile as he turned around to leave.

The cold wind blew around and the corners of his suit lifted.

In the bar.

Lu Yeming arrived at a luxurious room and a few magnates were seated inside, puffing on cigarettes and having drinks.

“Your Highness, why are you here?”

Lu Yeming took off his blazer, throwing it over the sofa and he sat down, leaning back with crossed legs. There were cigarettes scattered around on the table and he picked one up. One of the magnates in the room lit it up for him and he took a puff of it, with his brows tightly knitted.

The smoke blurred his handsome face, making him appear more sexy and masculine.

“Your Highness, what’s the matter? Did some woman make you angry?”

“Your Highness, what happened to the corner of your lip? Did some woman bite you?”

“This woman doesn’t know how to behave. Countless women are lining up to marry Your Highness and yet she bit you.”…

As he listened to the mesh of voices around him, Lu Yeming lowered his head, tapping the cigarette ash into the ashtray. He was dressed in business attire, exuding a mature man’s charms.

Indeed, she was really brazen.

Why did she have to do that to him?

Wasn’t he good enough to her?

He had promised her everything that he could afford to give her for now. As for the love she needed and anything else, how was he supposed to give it to her when he didn’t even own it?

She wasn’t this greedy in the past.

“Your Highness, in my opinion, women start behaving like that because you dote on them too much. You should ignore her for a few days and she’ll soon come for you, throwing herself at you.”

Ignore her for a few days?

These words made sense to Lu Yeming. He should really ignore her for a few days so as to teach her a lesson.

Just then, the door was pushed open and an attractive voice was heard. “President Lu, it’s such a coincidence you’re here too.”

It was Mu Yanyan.

The magnates were happy to see Mu Yanyan. “Miss Mu, a socialite of your status would also come to the bar and drink?”

Mu Yanyan walked over with poise, showing an innocent yet elegant smile. “I came with my father, I just happened to see all of you here so I came to greet you.”

“Miss Mu, I’m sure you only have His Highness in your eyes, ha ha.”

One magnate stretched his arm out, pushing Mu Yanyan in Lu Yeming’s direction.


Mu Yanyan let out a cry in shock. She lost her footing, falling right beside Lu Yeming’s feet and her forehead hit the table.

“Miss Mu, are you alright?” The magnates were startled.

“I’m fine.” Mu Yanyan lifted her head, looking at Lu Yeming shyly. “President Lu, did I knock into you?”

In response, Lu Yeming only let out a puff of smoke, lowering his eyes to look at her.

She fell right beside his feet, with blood coming out from the wound on her forehead and tears welled up inside her eyes. She looked at him pitifully, biting down on her red lips.

Lu Yeming narrowed his eyes, keeping a calm expression on his face. “You didn’t.”

“Miss Mu, your forehead is injured. You should quickly go upstairs to get your wound dressed.”

In the Presidential Suite upstairs.

The doctor dressed the wound on Mu Yanyan’s forehead and reported to Lu Yeming, who stood by the door. “Your Highness, it’s all settled.”

Lu Yeming had both hands in his pockets as he leaned against the wall with his usual dignified countenance. No one could tell what was on his mind.

He nodded curtly. “Thank you.”

The doctor left. Only Lu Yeming and Mu Yanyan remained behind.

Mu Yanyan sneaked a peek at the man leaning against the wall. Ever since he stepped into the presidential suite, he just stood there without saying a word. He was inexplicably charming as he exuded a dignified, yet somewhat haughty aura.

“President Lu, my clothes are stained with blood. Is it alright if I go and take a shower first? My father is coming to pick me up later.”

Lu Yeming looked at her. “Go ahead.”

Mu Yanyan stepped into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang.

Lu Yeming stretched his arm out, opening the door. The person standing outside was… Jun Xiqing.

At that exact moment, the bathroom door opened and Mu Yanyan stepped out.

“President Lu, I’m done showering.”

Jun Xiqing looked over his shoulder, seeing Mu Yanyan. Her hair was wet and she had just taken a shower.

She was wearing Lu Yeming’s shirt.

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