Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1404 - A Mysterious Family Background

Chapter 1404: A Mysterious Family Background

The High Priest’s right-hand man said, “High Priest, the Holy Lady has already been missing without a single hint of an appearance for 23 years. What if we can’t find her?”

“That’s not possible! We will definitely find the Holy Lady!” the High Priest insisted adamantly.

Suddenly, the High Priest recalled something and said, “When the Holy Lady was taken away all those years ago, she had a jade pendant from the Holy Lady Clan on her. We’ll be able to confirm that she is indeed the Holy Lady when we see it.”

The high priest entered the main hall hurriedly with his right-hand man. At the same moment, Jun Xiqing left with Ping Ping, brushing against the High Priest as they left.

In the car, Ping Ping looked at Jun Xiqing and said, “Your Highness, what are we going to do now?”

Jun Xiqing looked at the lights flying past her window outside, her bright eyes lost and blank. Country Z had been her responsibility for her entire life and all she had wanted was to protect her home and her country. But all of a sudden, she was no longer from the Jun Family and had no link to Country Z anymore.

The world was vast and she had lost her home. What was she to do with her life now? The life she had lived for 23 years had collapsed all of a sudden and she couldn’t help but feel sad.

“Your Highness, have you ever thought about looking for your family? How can anyone not have a father or mother? And with Your Highness’s good looks, you must have had a pretty good family.”

Jun Xiqing reached out to take something out.

It was a green jade pendant. The green jade pendant had always been with her and probably had something to do with her real family.

Yuan Ming definitely knew something about her real family. Jun Xiqing’s dejected eyes quickly lit up and became alive again.

Yes. She wanted to find out the truth about her real origins.

She wanted to find her real family.

Jun Xiqing suddenly felt as though a light had been shone into her dark and lost life. She had found a new purpose.

Ping Ping looked at Jun Xiqing. Her face hadn’t been this bright ever since she left Country Z on the riverside that day. Now her face was glowing like a pearl in the night, brilliant and enchanting.

She loved it when Her Highness was like this.

This was her true self.

Ping Ping had a feeling that Her Highness was going to be needed somewhere, somewhere she truly belonged.

As for President Lu…

He hadn’t been fair to Her Highness all this time. After all, he had another person in his heart and it wouldn’t be fair for Her Highness to marry him.

At the end of the day, what he had wasn’t love. When President Lu loved Mo’er in the past, he gave her the best protection and let her do anything that made her happy. But towards Her Highness, he kept wanting her to walk by his side, to be his Empress.

To give birth to his children and let her be the mother of his children.

Her Highness was no ordinary girl and shouldn’t be treated like that!

President Lu was clipping Her Highness’s wings so that she could be by his side, providing him with the companionship and atonement he wanted.

But Her Highness knew it the best that President Lu… didn’t love her.

The next day, Jun Xiqing went to the hospital with Ping Ping. The nurse smiled at her gently and said, “Miss Jun, please wait a little while. Doctor Sikong just got off the plane and is already rushing over.”

At this moment, a flurry of footsteps hurried down the corridor. The nurse’s eyes lit up and she said, “Doctor Sikong is here!”

Jun Xiqing lifted her head as Sikong Heng walked over. Sikong Heng was in a blue coat with a black shirt and black trousers inside, which made his look especially dashing and gentle, like an aristocrat.

“Miss Jun, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Sikong Heng’s black eyes from behind his gold-rimmed glasses landed on Jun Xiqing’s small face. They were gentle but carried the sharpness and coldness of knowledge.

She liked Sikong Heng and her red lips curved up and she shook her head. No, she hadn’t waited long before he arrived.

“Miss Jun, let’s go in so I can examine you.”

Jun Xiqing lay down. Sikong Heng was holding a blanket in his pale hands which he placed on her flat stomach. “Please relax, Miss Jun. Don’t worry.”

He really was a gentleman, even helping to cover her.

Jun Xiqing looked at his hands. They were strong and bony yet pale and beautiful, hands of a doctor.

At this moment, someone knocked politely on the door. Jun Xiqing lifted her head and saw a tall figure standing outside the door. It was Lu Yeming.

He was in a black coat today, with a black suit underneath it. A tasseled brooch hung on his chest and shone brightly. He stood tall and straight as his narrow eyes landed on her small face.

He was here.

Jun Xiqing looked at him and shut her eyes, the corners of her lips curving up slightly.

No matter what, he was still pretty good to her.

After the examination, Lu Yeming and Sikong Heng stood in the corridor discussing her case.

Sikong Heng took off his coat and put on a white coat. “President Lu, Miss Jun’s face has been poisoned. I’ll have to investigate it, but I can operate on Miss Jun’s throat to help her regain her voice.”

Looking into the room at Jun Xiqing’s sleeping figure, he said, “Prepare the operation theater now then.”

Sikong Heng nodded and looked at the nurse. “Prepare the theater at once. I also need a good female assistant.”

A good female assistant?

The nurse was troubled. How ‘good’ did Doctor Sikong need his female assistant to be?

Sikong Heng usually had his own assistant but he had rushed over to cure Jun Xiqing this time and had left his assistant at The Herbal Room. It would be a privilege for anyone to work with Doctor Sikong on an operation, but this was a daunting task as well.

No one would dare to assist without adequate knowledge, and this operation was a highly difficult one.

The nurse wasn’t sure what to do.

Sikong Heng looked at her and asked, “What, is that very hard?”

The nurse turned red and stuttered, “Doctor Sikong, it’s no… no problem. I’ll go look for her at once.”

As Sikong Heng put on white gloves and his mask, Jun Xiqing was wheeled into the operation theater. He was inspecting several numbers on a piece of paper.

At this moment the door of the operation theater was pushed open and a slim figure entered.

His female assistant was here.

Sikong Heng lifted his eyes to take a look. She was in a long white gown, her figure beautiful and clean. He couldn’t see her face as she had her mask on but could tell that she had a pair of alluring, beautiful eyes.

Sikong Heng’s hand holding his pen slowly froze. Those eyes were… familiar.

Bai Xue looked at Sikong Heng, her beautiful eyes calm. “Doctor Sikong, you can start the operation now.”

Sikong Heng handed the pen and paper over to the nurse. “Let’s start.”

The light in the operation theater lit up and the operation started. Jun Xiqing’s vocal cords had been scalded badly and the operation was going to take about three hours.

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