Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 137 - I Hope That You’ll Have Better Taste in Women Next Time, Don’t Be Blind Anymore

Chapter 137: I Hope That You’ll Have Better Taste in Women Next Time, Don’t Be Blind Anymore

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Su Zhe stood staring at Han Xiaowan with a dark expression, his eyes shadowed and expression unreadable. His handsome face was uncharacteristically cold, and as she stared at him, her heart pounded.

Seeing him appear here suddenly, Han Xiaowan’s eyes were wide open and she trembled at his stony expression. Why was Su Zhe here?

As she looked at the man standing in front of her, Tang Mo’er raised her brows and said, “Su Zhe, one word would differentiate between green tea and a pretentious bitch 1 . I guess you’ve now seen Han Xiaowan’s true colors, so don’t let yourself be fooled by her again.”

Su Zhe walked in front of Han Xiaowan, he had a dark look on his face and it was evident that Han Xiaowan had given him a tremendous shock. To think he had been completely fooled by this pretentious bitch. This woman had ruined his life and his relationship. His Mo’er…

Looking at Tang Mo’er’s beautiful face, his expression was complicated. He was filled with deep regret and revealed a restrained gentleness as he lifted his arm and tried to touch Tang Mo’er’s tiny face.

But Tang Mo’er speedily evaded his arm and took a step backwards. Su Zhe’s hand was left suspended in midair.

Han Xiaowan then crawled over and hugged Su Zhe’s thighs as she cried pathetically, “Ah Zhe, please listen to my explanation. This is all an act, I didn’t do it, I didn’t…”

“Don’t touch me!” Su Zhe kicked Han Xiaowan away, his face was filled with so much hatred and disgust, it was as if he had been forced to eat a fly. “You’re a vicious woman who is full of lies. From now on, you’re going to spit out and return everything that you’ve taken from me. I will settle my scores with you, if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

It was over, it was all over.

Han Xiaowan’s face was as pale as a corpse. “Ah Zhe, even if I am at fault, the baby is innocent. My stomach hurts, please, won’t you send me to the hospital?”

Su Zhe’s gaze landed on Han Xiaowan’s stomach and he felt sick. “Don’t force me to do something like this. You are going to abort that thing on your own. Your baby is going to disgust me as much as you do. I will not let it come into the world with such a mother.”

Han Xiaowan almost fainted from shock. What did he just say?

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At this moment, she felt something warm and wet, when she looked down, she saw fresh blood coming out from her pants.

“Hurry and look, Han Xiaowan had a miscarriage.”

“She deserves it, the child would suffer with such a mother, this is better for everyone.”

Everyone was pointing at Han Xiaowan and whispering, mocking and looking down on her. No one pitied her at all. Han Xiaowan felt like a wronged target of scorn. Why did everyone detest her? Why her? It was supposed to be Tang Mo’er they hated. Breaking down, she screamed as she hugged her own stomach and fell back onto the ground in pain.

“Wanwan, Wanwan! What happened?” Out of the jeering crowd, Qin Yawen raced over to Han Xiaowan and pulled the distraught woman into her arms.

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes and saw another figure standing behind Qin Yawen. It was Han Dong.

Han Dong was not looking at Han Xiaowan, who was sitting on the ground, his gaze was fixated on Tang Mo’er instead. Tang Mo’er stared back at him, her lips forming arch shape as she raised an eyebrow and refused to back down.

“Wanwan, why are you bleeding? Did you have a miscarriage?!”

“Mom, save me, my stomach hurts! I don’t know if I still have my baby! I don’t want to die.” Han Xiaowan held on to Qin Yawen and sobbed.

“Wanwan, don’t be afraid, Mom will send you to the hospital immediately.”

Qin Yawen did her best to support Han Xiaowan up and carry her, but she wasn’t strong enough. What was Han Dong doing? Turning back in exasperation, she looked at Han Dong, only to see him staring at Tang Mo’er and was slightly shocked. She instantly pulled herself together and snapped, “Han Dong, hurry and carry Wanwan.”

“Alright.” Han Dong immediately picked up Han Xiaowan and the family of three rushed to the hospital.

The moment the female lead, Han Xiaowan, departed the scene, the boisterous crowd dispersed.

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er discreetly and said softly, “Mo’er, can we talk, I—”

“Su Zhe, we don’t have much to talk anymore, let’s just leave those things in the past. What’s done is done and you don’t need to feel apologetic towards me. Han Xiaowan didn’t set me up because of you. We’ve had a long history since we were both young. Let’s just let things end there and let it be. Next time, I hope that you will have better taste in women. Don’t be so blind anymore, Su Zhe. Goodbye.”

After she had said her piece, Tang Mo’er turned and left.

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