Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 138 - President Gu’s Concern for Mo’er Is Too Deep and It’s Scary and Frightening

Chapter 138: President Gu’s Concern for Mo’er Is Too Deep and It’s Scary and Frightening

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As Tang Mo’er walked away, Su Zhe felt his heart shatter. Mo’er… she didn’t want to see him, didn’t want to speak with him or have anything to do with him anymore. With a few words, she had ended their lifelong friendship with a simple ‘Su Zhe, goodbye.’

What had he done? He hated it all, he hated himself. If he had trusted her more and had more faith in their relationship, they would not have ended up like this.

A flash of movement from the corner of his eyes had him turning to fall on the the tall figure at the side, Gu Mohan wasn’t far away. Standing upright in the corner, Gu Mohan wore a grey suit and looked every bit the refined and successful business conglomerate Su Zhe was acquainted with. From his speculative expression, his deep and narrow eyes had observed the entire scene with a sharp gaze, and it seemed like he had already deduced what had occured.

Su Zhe walked forward to meet the man. “President Gu, after seeing everyone behave according to your plans, do you feel… a sense of satisfaction that you would feel from winning a game of chess?”

Gu Mohan placed both hands in his trouser pockets and smirked, “President Su, what do you mean?”

“Ha,” Su Zhe let out a self-deprecating bark of laughter. “President Gu released those two men on purpose in order to torture and shame my sister. Didn’t you plan it so that my sister would fall out with Han Xiaowan?”

Gu Mohan raised his brows, not refuting Su Zhe. “Continue.”

“President Gu met Mo’er at the Royal Hotel three years ago. You probably laid your eyes on Mo’er then. Back then, Mo’er’s agency, Imperial Entertainment, wasn’t a powerful entertainment company. However, they received a huge sum of investment three years ago and this was funded by a wealthy and mysterious sponsor. Imperial Entertainment was able to get hold of the best resources and those resources were all used on Mo’er. That sponsor would have to have been President Gu, correct?”

Gu Mohan’s handsome brow moved. “It seems like President Su has matured after getting a beating from me a few days ago, you must have put in a lot of effort to investigate me.”

This man was indeed worthy of being loved by Tang Mo’er in the past. Su Zhe was not incapable as he had single-handedly transformed the Su family into one of the four wealthy and influential families of Karghalik. His Prevailing Entertainment also had a dominant standing in recent years.

Su Zhe shrugged his shoulders, “President Gu, for the past three years, we have been out in the open, while you have been hiding in the shadows. You could have sorted out the love triangle between myself, Mo’er and Han Xiaowan three years ago when Mo’er left your room. Instead, you watched as Mo’er and I brushed past each other, falling out of each other’s lives and letting my misunderstanding deepen into hatred. And… regarding Han Xiaowan, you just stood there watching the seduced me, while imposing your judgement on the side. Are the three of us clowns in your eyes?”

“From the moment I flew back from Las Vegas, suddenly you also arrive from the Capital, appearing out of the blue by Mo’er’s side. President Gu, you’re really capable, getting Mo’er to sleep with you and also break up with me. Tell me, are you satisfied now?”

Gu Mohan looked at Su Zhe and smiled without speaking, it was harder than usual to decipher the expression in his narrowed eyes.

Su Zhe stepped forward until he was beside Gu Mohan, he spoke softly so that no one else would overhear his words, “President Gu, on the surface, it seems like you’re really concerned about Mo’er, but it’s so deep that it’s actually scary and frightening. Are you really in love with Mo’er… or do you have other intentions? You don’t have to answer, President Gu, but let me tell you one thing. You’d better not let me find anything dirty on you, just know that all evil plans will eventually come to light.”

After saying his piece, Su Zhe turned and left.

Gu Mohan looked at departing figure of Su Zhe and his lips formed an arch of cold amusement.

In the hospital.

Han Xiaowan came out of surgery and was pushed inside the ward. The moment she saw her mother, she held onto Qin Yawen’s hands, her eyes were sorrowful as she wept. “Mommy, you have to help me get justice. It’s Tang Mo’er’s fault, she set me up. You should go take a look at Weibo, everyone is telling me to quit the entertainment industry. I’ve lost my baby and not only does Su Zhe not want me anymore, he is waiting to settle his scores with me. What will I do, Mom? My life is ruined!”

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