Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 136 - We’ll Have to See Whether My Brother Is Still Willing to Accept Your Baby

Chapter 136: We’ll Have to See Whether My Brother Is Still Willing to Accept Your Baby

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Han Xiaowan needed to drag Tang Mo’er down with her. Tang Mo’er had exposed Han Xiaowan’s true colors during the live-stream and she needed to do something to retaliate. She would not let her live in peace!

Since she was pregnant with a baby, no one would dare to provoke a pregnant woman. After she collided into Tang Mo’er, she would be able to accuse her of deliberately causing her miscarriage. Tang Mo’er wouldn’t be able to have an easy life!

She had never expected someone to stop her before she could even make it near Tang Mo’er, she was even given two hard slaps across the face. The two slaps were thrown with so much force that she felt her teeth fall loose. Toppling backwards, she twisted before falling onto her butt.


It was so painful!

Han Xiaowan felt a stinging pain on her face and stomach, it was as though she was really going to have a miscarriage. Tiny hands held protectively around her stomach as she lifted her head to see who hit her. It was… Su Shuiqin.

“Shuiqin, are you crazy, why did you hit me?!”

“Han Xiaowan, I’m not crazy, I am hitting the right person! You are a pretentious b*tch! F*cking b*tch, how dare you set me up!” Su Shuiqin charged forward and gave Han Xiaowan another two slaps across the face and her head was whipped from one side to the other.

Han Xiaowan’s beautiful, tiny face was already swollen and the corner of lips were bleeding. She didn’t expect it to be Su Shuiqin, Su Shuiqin was her ally. Why was she going against her now! Why?!

She needed to get Su Shuiqin to calm down.

Forcing out some tears, she choked as she grasped towards Su Shuiqin’s clothing. “Shuiqin, is there any misunderstanding between us? We are currently on a live-stream. Let’s talk things through after going back?”

“Live-stream?” Su Shuiqin looked at the lens in Qi Xi’s hands. “What perfect timing for a live-stream, I am going to expose all of your wrongdoings, you b*tch. Listen up! Do you remember how there were two men who tried to abduct Tang Mo’er on the day of your engagement with my brother? I’m sure you’ll remember them, since they were actually hired by you, and since you were the one who instructed them to rape Tang Mo’er!”

Everyone at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air and stared at Han Xiaowan in shock.

Han Xiaowan’s face went pale and she balled her hands into two fists, “Shuiqin, what are you talking about, I don’t understand what you’re saying. What men? I’ve never contacted them, you should bring out some evidence before you accuse me of something so terrible.”

Seeing her pretentious face, Su Shuiqin was furious when she heard Han Xiaowan’s words. Once again, Han Xiaowan was trying to make her a scapegoat, especially since she knew Shuiqin was the one who contacted the men on Han Xiaowan’s behalf.

Actually, Su Shuiqin had only escaped from her predators. When she had called Han Xiaowan asking for help, the 20 million dollars she had asked for from Han Xiaowan was actually meant as payment for the two men. They had blocked her in an alley after they had escaped from Gu Mohan and demanded 20 million dollars from her. She didn’t have the money to pay them and had called Han Xiaowan in desperation, but Han Xiaowan had refused and effectively left her to die.

Seeing she had nothing, the two men were frustrated and had locked her in an underground carpark. They tortured her endlessly and raped her too many times to count, she effectively became their sex slave. It was her worst nightmare and she was at her breaking point.

“Han Xiaowan, you still dare to deny everything?! Just see how I’m going to punish you!” Su Shuiqin screeched, and lifted her leg to kick Han Xiaowan directly in the stomach.

“Ah!!!” Han Xiaowan screamed tragically, she felt something warm seeping out from below and she clutched at her middle, trying to seek help from everyone surrounding her. “Save me, please save me! Bring this mad woman away! She’s gone crazy!! Save me!”

But not a single person stepped forward to help. Everyone shuffled away from her, as though she was diseased, they didn’t dare to go near her.

Han Xiaowan was hit with despair and she scrambled up, hugging onto Su Shuiqin’s thighs, “Su Shuiqin, please stop! Don’t kick me, my baby belongs to your brother!”

Su Shuiqin scoffed coldly, “We’ll have to see whether my brother is still willing to accept your precious baby!”

Han Xiaowan was stunned. Lifting her eyes, she saw a tall shadow step out in front of her. Su Zhe had arrived.

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