Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 133 - Mesmerized? You Should Be, This Man Is Yours

Chapter 133: Mesmerized? You Should Be, This Man Is Yours

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When he noticed that Tang Mo’er was staring at him, Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow and held onto her tiny jaw. “Are you mesmerized? You should be, this man is yours.”



Tang Mo’er continued to look at him while she pretended to be angry, before pushing away his possessive hands. Reaching behind her neck, she unclasped the Star of the Ocean from her neck and shoved the precious necklace into his hands. “It’s returned to its rightful owner.”

“Do you know who set you up using the Star of the Ocean?”

“Yes, I’m certain it’s Han Xiaowan. But even so, there are no surveillance cameras installed in the studio. Han Xiaowan was definitely cautious and I haven’t been able to find anything on her.”

Gu Mohan held her jaw with two slender fingers and spoke in a husky voice, “Sleep with me tonight and I’ll help you teach Han Xiaowan a lesson.”

A strong backing was indeed useful. “I don’t need your help with something like this, I can handle it myself… but I do need your help with something else.”

“What is it.”

Tang Mo’er stood up and went on her toes, whispering her plans in Gu Mohan’s ear.

The warm breath in his ear was accompanied by a voice that was a soft and sensual vibration in his eardrum. Looking down, her clear eyes were alluring, especially when she looked straight at him. Gu Mohan’s pupils dilated and all he wanted to do was to kiss her.

But Tang Mo’er avoided him, she didn’t let him to touch her and only let out a giggle while she covered her mouth. Giving him a flirtatious wink, she ducked from his arms and exclaimed, “Pervert!”


As she saw a dangerous glint flash in his eyes, Tang Mo’er ran over and held his cheek forcefully before he could even react, while grumbling, “Mr Gu, I’ll have to head back now.”

Gu Mohan looked at her coldly, “You’re only doing so little to gain a favor from me, am I really that easy in your eyes?”

Tang Mo’er looked at him with innocent eyes, before she held her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on his lips. Gu Mohan’s Adam’s apple bobbed prominently in his throat, his large palms holding on to her narrow waist affectionately.

Her waist was incredibly tiny, he could span it easily with one hand and the feeling of her body in his arms was unbelievably soft. If only—

Without warning, her delicate, petite hand moved down from his muscular chest. His gaze shifted down and he looked at her reckless little hand, before he used his large palm to press down against her delicate one, guiding her down.

Tang Mo’er struggled awhile before she broke out of his grasp, holding on to his large palm instead, she continued to teach him to apply some pressure while her daring fingers danced slowly south…

Gu Mohan opened his eyes.

“Mr Gu, you can continue yourself now.” Tang Mo’er winked at him teasingly and pushed him aside, before leaving the room in her stilettos.


That little creature!

Gu Mohan wanted to grab his little wild cat and capture her in his arms, before holding her down and whipping her little butt, again and again. How dare she tease him in such a suggestive manner.

After he had finally cooled down the heat ignited in his body, he took out his cell phone. “Hello, Yan Dong, send some men out… and also, what’s the situation with Su Shuiqin? It’s about time to release her.”

Yan Dong took down some notes and couldn’t help but sigh, Miss Tang was truly fortunate to have the President’s protection.

Back in her room, Lin Shiyu and Qi Xi were perched on the sofa together, looking at a laptop. When she saw Tang Mo’er, Lin Shiyu’s voice was cold. “Have you already been placated by Gu Mohan?”

Tang Mo’er speedily covered her tiny face with her hands and peeked out through her long lashes with flushed cheeks. Was she too obvious? Did it show in her facial expression? However, she realized too late that she had indeed, unknowingly been placated by Gu Mohan. Somehow, he had even convinced her to start dating him.

At that moment, she felt a dull pain in her lower abdomen, there was a sense of familiarity to the pain, it was… a frequent symptom of her menstrual cycle.

“Mo’er, hurry up and see this, you’ve just pushed Han Xiaowan down the charts for the contest. You’re currently at third place.”

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