Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 134: Han Xiaowan, You’re Done for (1)

Chapter 134: Han Xiaowan, You’re Done for (1)

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Qi Xi started speaking as Tang Mo'er walked over to the pair, "Mo'er, when you ripped open Han Xiaowan's cheongsam today, the people present took many photographs of her. Along with the indecent photographs that have been leaked online and with the huge exposé of Han Xiaowan's dark past, it's a chaotic match and you've overtaken her on online contest rankings."

Tang Mo'er smirked while she looked at the indecent photographs that were taken of Han Xiaowan. This was only the beginning.

"Mo'er, the portraits from the photoshoot have been released but Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang's spots are still unrivaled, they've taken first and second place by a mile. It's going to be tough to outperform them as their reputation and backing is strong. However, you seemed to have profited from a misfortune, there's a post titled 'Gu Mohan and Tang Mo'er's Secret Relationship' online after you were spotted wearing the Star of the Ocean. The post has a 40-million view count and though you're still not as high up the ranks as Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang, all the attention is on you now. Mo'er, it's up to you now to decide how to use the attention in your favor."

Secret relationship?

Tang Mo'er pouted her red lips, she then stretched out her fair hands and clicked to open the post—

"Their relationship isn't important to me, all I know is that Gu Mohan must have slept with Tang Mo'er."

"Those who want to watch a live-stream of this raise your hands!"

"How could all of you discuss something like this publicly, have you thought about Lu Qi'er's feelings?"

"Lu Qi'er is his lawful partner, Tang Mo'er is only a mistress."

The moment Tang Mo'er looked at the last line, she frowned and took out her cell phone, posting an anonymous reply—

"The mistress is Tang Mo'er and the lawful partner is also Tang Mo'er, are you satisfied?"

After a few seconds, she received a reply under her comment—"Tang Mo'er, don't leave, I know it's you!"

"Everyone look here! We've caught Tang Mo'er!"

Tang Mo'er's hands fumbled and she almost dropped her phone. It was always said that the experts were located among the people, she finally realized how true it was today.

Coughing slightly, Tang Mo'er returned to the main topic after giving it some thought and turned to Qi Xi and Lin Shiyu. "Ok, since the focus is all on me now, I've decided to go… on a live-stream."

"What are you trying to do, Mo'er, are you really going to reveal your sexual affairs with President Gu?"

Outraged, Tang Mo'er gave Qi Xi a slap immediately. "What are you thinking about?! In your dreams!"

Qi Xi looked at Lin Shiyu as she felt aggrieved. Seeing Qi Xi's face, Lin Shiyu comforted her, "Please tolerate her for awhile longer while she's still passionate and caught up in the stirrings of love."


"Mo'er, what exactly are we going to stream?" Qi Xi asked in a serious tone. With a fluttering of her long eyelashes, Tang Mo'er sat back to wait, her expression unreadable. It was time for the show to begin.

Along the corridor, Han Xiaowan was escorted by a few bodyguards, "Miss Han, we have discovered that you were the one who placed the Star of the Ocean on Miss Tang Mo'er's dresser. You're a celebrity with bad character and our President has removed you from the DHA spokesperson's selection. We would like you to leave immediately."

Han Xiaowan's pupils contracted and her breath hitched. It was impossible, she was sure that there weren't any surveillance cameras around!

She originally intended to make use of the Star of the Ocean to frame Tang Mo'er, but her plan had backfired. Tang Mo'er had instead gained popularity due to the incident and outshone both Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang. Not only that, that b*tch even tore her cheongsam open in public and caused her dark past to be exposed. With the disasters piling up on top of each other, her helplessness was making her skin crawl.

"I didn't touch the Star of the Ocean, there must be some misunderstanding. Did Tang Mo'er instigate President Gu to do this? It must be Tang Mo'er! She's framing me!" Han Xiaowan started to breakdown.

A soft voice drifted into her ear, "Are you talking about me?"

Han Xiaowan was stunned, she turned around and saw Tang Mo'er standing in the front and looking at her calmly.

She was looking at her downfall!

Han Xiaowan pushed away the bodyguards and ran towards Tang Mo'er, "Tang Mo'er, you b*tch, you've set me up!"

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