Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 132 - Gu Mohan, my stomach hurts. Don’t anger me or I’ll miscarriage

Chapter 132: Gu Mohan, my stomach hurts. Don’t anger me or I’ll miscarriage

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The moment she blurted out her words, Tang Mo’er realized she had been fooled. Gu Mohan had been staring at her steadily and his lips curved into a pleased smirk.

Using her small hands to hug her stomach, before complaining, “Gu Mohan, my stomach hurts. Don’t anger me or I might miscarriage, then you have to take responsibility!”


Gu Mohan looked at her slyly and let out a cold chuckle, “I don’t lack any woman in my life so naturally, I’ll have a lot of sons.”

Tang Mo’er stiffened and her two small hands circled her stomach protectively, feeling incredibly awkward.

This bastard!

Seeing him act like this, she felt like pinching him. However her small hands were suddenly held in his large ones and his soft lips fell on her red lips once again. A soft breath escaped his lips, breathing life into her. “I won’t like you only because you’re carrying my child. I’ll only care for the child of the woman I’m fond of. Tang Mo’er, now I’m lacking someone who to cherish and love. Be my woman, let me love you, okay?”

Be his woman?

Be loved by him?

From this lips, his words were so captivating. It was true, he was indeed handsome, in terms of wealth, power and status, it was hard to find someone more successful than him. Although his private side was bad in a wild and perverted way, as evident in how he had whipped her butt with a belt… she couldn’t help but feel touched by him. In spite of everything, she liked him a lot.

No woman would ever reject dating the Capital’s leading conglomerate.

It felt as though a huge burden has lifted from her shoulders. It was just dating. What was she afraid of? If not now, when? At her age, it was the perfect time to fall in love.

At this moment, Gu Mohan’s large hands held her hips and placed her on top of the cosmetics table. Pushing her back, his lips fell across her cheeks, pulsing down her neck in a whimsical manner as his face nuzzled deeper into her neck. His hot breath kissed her curves as he towered over her, his eyes smouldering with obsession and need.

The radiant sparkle of the Star of the Sea on her neck glimmered against her fair neck, framing her delicate collar bone like the finest porcelain jade.

Rough palms reached aggressively up her skirt, caressing her inner thighs in circular strokes of heat. His voice was a hoarse whisper against her lips, “Tang Mo’er, let’s start dating. Be my woman, hmm?”

Tang Mo’er was overwhelmed by the assault on her senses. She could taste him, feel his heat against her as his kisses rained all over her, causing havoc to all reasoning. All she could feel was him, and she fell deeper and deeper, not able to resist the temptation as she breathed back into his mouth. “Mm… y-yes!”

Gu Mohan’s narrow eyes lit up like the stars in the sky. Pulling her to him, he picked her up and threw her onto the luxurious bed. As her body sank into the sheets, he let his masculine frame fall over her, before pressing himself against her body. A large hand held the back of her head, guiding her forward as he opened his mouth and pressed his lips against hers once again.

Tang Mo’er blushed a brilliant shade of red. He kissed her with a fervent passion that left her dazed and breathless. This man knew exactly what he wanted. Before she even had the chance to blink, he had already kissed her non-stop once she’d affirmed their relationship.

“Mo’er, I want you”

Tang Mo’er regained a semblance of consciousness and pushed him away. With her two hands wrapped around her stomach, she chastised him, “You can’t, not now. I’m pregnant. I can’t have sex.”

Gu Mohan snorted. A virgin could fall pregnant. She was pretty capable then.

With his large palms caressing her waist, he pulled her into his strong arms. Biting onto her earlobe he smirked wickedly, “Tang Mo’er, I could tell from the beginning that you were asking to be f*cked.”

Tang Mo’er stared at him, aghast, not knowing where to hide her face. How could this man be so crude with his words?

Gu Mohan let go of her and stood tall by the bed. Shrugging off his crisp white shirt, his upper body was left bare, leaving only his dark trousers covering his lower half, encircled by an expensive black belt. His body was the definition of masculinity and just as toned as any international male model out there. Merely being in his presence was like being surrounded by a gargantuan wave of male pheromones, it was intoxicating.

Shiyu had said that the body of a domestic man could not compare to that of a foreigner. They lacked the strength and masculinity. At that time, she had agreed wholeheartedly, not knowing any better. And now…? This man in front of her seemed an exception to the rule. He definitely did not lose out in any way to those foreign male models.

Mm, heaven had truly gifted him with such incomparably perfect characteristics. With his flawless countenance and unyielding charisma, it left no alternatives for any other man.

As her eyes subconsciously raked over his body, Tang Mo’er’s delicate face flushed red.

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