Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 124 - Pregnancy Test Kit

Chapter 124: Pregnancy Test Kit

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Tang Mo’er was stunned, then a memory crashed into her mind. She had forgotten to consume a birth control pill after that time.

If she remembered correctly… this month’s period was already two days late and it hasn’t come yet.

Was she really… pregnant?

When Tang Mo’er’s tiny face slowly went pale, Lin Shiyu had gotten her answer. “You really had sex with Gu Mohan and you didn’t have the sense to use a condom?”

Tang Mo’er held on to her fists tightly, her gaze was filled with shock, panic, uncertainty and fear. Although she had purchased the birth control pills, she had actually forgotten to take them. What would she do if she was really pregnant?

She wasn’t mentally prepared for something like this at all.

Seeing the plethora of emotions on Tang Mo’er’s face, Lin Shiyu comforted her in a calming voice, “Mo’er, don’t panic. You have two options now, the first would be to give birth to the child. With Gu Mohan’s status and wealth, he will definitely reward you. The second would be to abort the child, Gu Mohan will also compensate you well. Regardless of which option you choose, you’re bound to receive a fortune. The first thing you should do is to give Gu Mohan a phone call, inform him that you’re pregnant with his little heir.”

Following this, Lin Shiyu passed the cell phone over to Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er didn’t take the cell phone, things had become bad between the two of them. They were only strangers now, perhaps… even worse than strangers. A huge weight pressed on her heart, she was reluctant to give him a phone call.

Giving him a phone call would mean that she wanted him to be responsible for her child, it was as if she was pestering him. Even without the existence of the child, she already felt like a mistress to him. This would only make things worse.

“Shiyu, it’s not confirmed that I’m pregnant. Let’s do this, you can buy me a pregnancy test kit tomorrow and we’ll talk things over after I have confirmed the pregnancy.”

“Okay,” Lin Shiyu helped Tang Mo’er up, “You should go for the shoot tomorrow as scheduled, I have got some errands to run and I’ll buy you a pregnancy test kit after I’m done.”

The next morning.

Lin Ruoxi, An Shuangshuang and Han Xiaowan had arrived at the studio and congregated in front of CEO Wan for their instructions. “You girls can start dressing yourselves up in the dressing rooms provided. I have prepared a set of clothing for each of you. After you’ve changed, we can start with the shoot.”

Han Xiaowan glanced at the four sets of clothing, she had a green cheongsam, An Shuangshuang had a white flowy mesh dress, Lin Ruoxi had a floral swimsuit and Tang Mo’er had a red fishtail dress. All of the outfits were all picked out especially for them, according to their distinctive features and body figure.

A brilliant sparkle caught Han Xiaowan’s eyes. When her eyes scanned the room, she saw a diamond necklace that was displayed in the cupboard. The thin necklace was embedded with diamonds of varying sizes. The heart-shaped pendant was pinkish and sparkled brighter than the stars in the sky. It was incredibly beautiful and they couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

“CEO Wan, what is this diamond necklace?” Han Xiaowan asked.

“This is the Star of the Ocean.”

Star of the Ocean?

Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang were fascinated, they had heard stories about the DHA Diamond’s founder Madam Xuanji, stunning the diamond industry by wearing the Star of the Ocean. The Star of the Ocean was known to be the signature piece of DHA Diamonds.

They didn’t expect themselves to have the chance to see it today.

“CEO Wan, I’ve heard that Madam Xuanji was an extremely talented woman. President Gu’s father, Gu Tianling had fallen for Madam Xuanji at first sight, and they became a legacy after marriage. However, Madam Xuanji passed away soon after their marriage. Is all of that true?” An Shuangshuang asked.

There was a dull pain on CEO Wan’s face, he knew the truth but couldn’t breathe a word of it to anyone, especially not anyone in the public sphere. “I’m not sure about these matters, we aren’t in the position to discuss this either. Let’s make good use of our time and focus on the shoot.”

CEO Wan then walked out of the room.

Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang looked at the Star of the Ocean that was displayed in the cupboard. It was a stunning piece. How could it be designed so well that it was so enchanting? Madam Xuanji must have had outstanding talent to create something so special.

It was such a pity that Madam Xuanji didn’t live a long life.

Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang brought their respective teams into their private dressing rooms.

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