Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 125 - The Star of the Ocean was stolen

Chapter 125: The Star of the Ocean was stolen

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Han Xiaowan remained in the room and gazed longingly at the Star of the Ocean. She was smitten, the Star of the Ocean was really pretty. There were many renowned multimillionaires in the world who wanted to purchase it.

Hold on, where’s Tang Mo’er?

Why wasn’t Tang Mo’er here yet?

Han Xiaowan’s eyes lit up, she had thought of an excellent plan.

Tang Mo’er was late, she hurriedly rushed into the dressing room together with Qi Xi and saw a diamond necklace placed on the dresser.

She let out a surprised gasp, that diamond necklace was gorgeous. With her fair hands, she picked up the necklace carefully, taking care to not damage it as her small fingers gently brushed over the beautiful design.

She didn’t know why, but she felt as if a feather had brushed past her heart, there were peaceful ripples forming inside of her. It seemed like… the diamond necklace possessed a gentle vibe that called to her in a way she couldn’t describe.

“Wow, what a beautiful diamond necklace. No doubt that DHA has invested heavily in this. Not only did they hire a famous fashion designer, they’ve even loaned out such an expensive necklace. Mo’er, stop zoning out. The faster you get your makeup done, the faster you’ll be ready for the shoot.”

When Tang Mo’er appeared at the beach, Lin Ruoxi and An Shuangshuang were already finished with their shoot, while Han Xiaowan was getting ready to be photographed. The moment they saw Tang Mo’er walking out with the Star of the Ocean adorning her beautiful neck, their facial expressions changed.

“Beauty Tang, we are beginning the shoot now, give me a pose of you playing with your hair.” The photographer said.

Tang Mo’er followed through the shoot with professionalism and she wasn’t aware that the studio was in a chaotic mess. The police were called and surrounded the studio. CEO Wan made a phone call on his cell phone. “Hello, President, something bad has happened. The Star of the Ocean was stolen. Would you please come as soon as you can?”

After ten minutes, a Ferrari sports car stopped outside the building. Gu Mohan and Huo Beichen alighted from the car.

It was a huge incident and CEO Wan gulped in fear and trepidation. He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead before running over to the two men, “Pre… President.”

Gu Mohan’s handsome face was dark and foreboding. He had spent the whole night in the bar and seemed dispirited. Although he wore the same pair of trousers since yesterday and it was full of creases, it only added to his charm as a matured man.

He stared at Wan An with a sharp gaze and asked in a deep voice, “Have you found the Star of the Ocean yet?”

“Not… not yet…”

Gu Mohan pursed his thin lips, he was evidently displeased. “CEO Wan, if you’re unable to find the Star of the Ocean, then don’t look for me from tomorrow onwards.”

CEO Wan’s legs weakened, but he held himself up. “I understand, President. I will definitely take responsibility for this incident. The Star of the Ocean was displayed in the cupboard and has been under heavy surveillance. There couldn’t be anyone from the outside here to steal the Star of the Ocean as it was never publicized. That would narrow down the suspects to… Lin Ruoxi, An Shuangshuang, Han Xiaowan and Tang Mo’er. They were the only people capable of walking around the studio freely. Adding on to this, their dressing rooms were free of surveillance cameras in order to protect their privacy.”

Gu Mohan had a dark look on his face, he didn’t speak.

A staff then ran over hurriedly and reported, “President, CEO Wan, the Star of the Ocean has been found.”

“Where is it now?” CEO Wan asked quickly.

“I saw the Star of the Ocean on… Tang Mo’er’s neck.”

Tang Mo’er had her shoot scheduled at the same time as Han Xiaowan, but had finished up much earlier. On the other hand, Han Xiaowan was only half done with her shoot.

The reason was simple. Tang Mo’er was professional and regardless of the different poses and emotions the photographer had demanded from her, she was able to do it with apparent ease. From innocent and quirky, to seductive and elegant, she was able to capture it all. The photographer was more than satisfied with her performance, she was a natural.

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