Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 123 - Mo'er, Are You Having Indigestion Or...Are You Pregnant?

Chapter 123: Mo’er, Are You Having Indigestion Or…Are You Pregnant?

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Tang Mo’er’s watery eyes and beautiful nose were starting to get red but she glared at him with a stubborn fierceness, not allowing herself to shed a single tear. “Gu Mohan, you’d better watch out. Don’t allow me to find anything on you, or I’ll never let you go!”

Although she presented a stubborn front, at the same time, she looked as pitiful as an abandoned kitten. Gu Mohan pursed his lips at her and buckled his metal belt around his waist before leaving. He couldn’t let himself continue stay any longer, he was afraid that he would lose the remaining vestiges of self-control and hurt that little thing!

Soon after, he disappeared from her sight and she heard him making a call, “Where are you, let’s have a drink…”

Lu Qi’er walked out of the VIP lounge, her voice could be heard easily, “Brother Mohan, where are you going, I’ll go with you.”

Did he leave?

He brought Lu Qi’er to another drinking session after bullying her!

Tang Mo’er’s legs collapsed and her delicate body slowly fell against the wall. She hugged herself with her slim arms and buried her head in her knees, her tears dripping down steadily down her cheeks.

An empty sadness ate at her from inside. After she saw him walk away, it was as if something important in her life had gone missing. Was this what it felt like to have your heart broken?

She was in love with him.

She had fallen in love with Gu Mohan.

When Su Zhe betrayed her, all she felt was a seething anger, she didn’t shed a single tear. However, her heart was in pain when Gu Mohan walked away, she couldn’t stop the tears running down her face because of him. A deep heart-rending pain that clawed at her heart and tore it to pieces. It was only because of him.

One would only shed tears for their loved ones.

That man named Gu Mohan had barged into her life suddenly and swept her along in a whirlwind romance which lasted for more than a month. Their short-lived relationship had ended before it had even started. It was almost regretful that it had to end in such an awkward and embarrassing way.

Tang Mo’er wiped off the tears on her face with her hands and subsequently stood up. Su Zhe’s unconscious body lay sprawled unceremoniously on the carpet. It was evident that Gu Mohan had dealt with him without any mercy.

She took out her cell phone and dialed 120. After calling for an ambulance, she returned to her room.

Su Zhe had deserved it, she didn’t feel any sympathy towards him at all.

In the room, Lin Shiyu had showered and she wore a black lace nightgown. She sat in front of the dresser and started to apply skincare products on her youthful face.

Tang Mo’er unlocked the door and walked inside, Lin Shiyu looked over and peered into her face. “What’s the matter, did Gu Mohan make you cry?”

Feeling despondent, Tang Mo’er walked beside her bed and wanted to sit down but she couldn’t. As soon as she sat on the bed, she flinched and jumped up, the angry sting aching at the lightest pressure.

“Mo’er, is it your butt that is hurting or… something else?” Lin Shiyu gave her a suggestive glance and continued to study her from the dressing table. Her gaze was intent as she looked between Tang Mo’er’s legs with a predatory smile.

Tang Mo’er ran over and crossed her arms around her narrow waist. At the same time, she looked at Lin Shiyu angrily and asked, “Shiyu, tell me, why is your gaze so toxic?”

Shiyu seemed to know about everything, nothing could ever escape her eyes.

Lin Shiyu gave Tang Mo’er a glance and used her hand to point towards her head. “The eyes are controlled by the brain and so it’s not because of my eyes, but rather, my intelligence.”

Was Shiyu looking down upon her intelligence now?

Fine, how savage!

But Tang Mo’er couldn’t help but acknowledge that Lin Shiyu was truly the talented genius of Karghalik.

Tang Mo’er wanted to speak, but once she moved her lips, she felt the burn of stomach acids traveling up her throat. She pressed on her chest with her tiny hand and ran inside the bathroom, before throwing up in the toilet bowl.

A stream of tears escaped her eyes, dripping down her cheeks.

She felt uncomfortable, why was she vomiting so badly?

Lin Shiyu walked in with a packet of tissues and knelt down in front of Tang Mo’er, before asking confusedly, “Mo’er, are you having indigestion or… are you pregnant?”


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