Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 122 - A Slap from Beauty Tang

Chapter 122: A Slap from Beauty Tang

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Tang Mo’er was completely suppressed by Gu Mohan and her grievances came all at once. What was he trying to do?

She was the sacrificial lamb of the last generation, her parents’ unhappy marriage had already left her with a deep scarring trauma. All she wanted was a pure and innocent relationship filled with love, Gu Mohan was clearly incapable of providing it.

But he was still here to play around with her feelings. What did he think she was?

“I am going to ask you again, have you had sex with your ex-fiancé?”

Tang Mo’er gritted her teeth and was unwilling to speak.

He already had Lu Qi’er by his side, why did he care so much about Su Zhe?

Gu Mohan looked at that stubborn little thing with a dark look on his face, it was time to give her a lesson. His large palms started to move downwards and his thumb and index finger moved together. He unbuckled the black belt around his strong waist and pulled it out in one smooth gesture.

He whipped her on the hips with his sturdy belt, ‘Bam!’ A clear whipping sound filled the corridor.

“Ah!” Tang Mo’er screamed in pain. Her clear eyes were instantly fogged up as tears sprang out, her butt was in pain. How dare he use a belt to whip her.

That pervert!

“Answer me, have you had sex?”

Tang Mo’er was still reluctant.

‘Bam!’ Gu Mohan used his black belt again and whipped her on the other side of her hips.

Tang Mo’er cried out as she couldn’t bear the pain, she bit her lower lip with her white teeth and refused to make a sound.

Her butt was hurting, it was burning hot and stung like nothing she had felt before. Eventually, it hurt so much that it became numb.

“Gu Mohan, you jerk, are you mentally unstable? Do you love torturing women for your own desires? It seems like the rumors are true, the Capital’s wealthiest businessman is a sex pervert!” Tang Mo’er scolded him and turned around with her arm raised to give him a tight slap.

Gu Mohan held her wrist in time and pressed it against the wall, his strong body then leaned forward and embraced her delicate body tightly. He laughed mockingly, “The sex pervert has many different ideas, do you want to try them out?”

Tang Mo’er’s tiny face instantly turned red, her hands were pressed down by him and she could only kick him with her legs. However, she didn’t manage to succeed, he used his powerful knees against her and directly pushed her legs down. She wasn’t able to move anymore.

“Gu Mohan, let go of me! Since you’re so curious, fine! I’ll tell you. I’ve had sex with Su Zhe!”

Gu Mohan lifted his head and looked at her with red eyes, “I’ll give you another chance, answer my question after thinking it through!”

“I’ve had sex with Su Zhe…”

“I’ll order someone to throw your fiancé into the ocean now to feed the sharks!”

“Gu Mohan!”

Tang Mo’er was desperate, she screamed after having a breakdown and lifted her hand to give him a slap on the face.

‘Bam!’ the sound of a slap seemed to echo in her ears. Gu Mohan’s handsome face was slapped hard. The clear slap sound filled the corridor, the atmosphere between the two was instantly tense.

Gu Mohan’s prominent facial features were all tensed up, his veins were visibly twitching furiously. This powerful man from the Capital had received the first slap in his entire lifetime. His expression was dark and dangerous.

This woman was stubborn, yet defensive. He had an obsessive desire to tame her and make her his and his alone. She even admitted to having sex with Su Zhe. Honestly speaking, he didn’t believe her, but he couldn’t tolerate such words to be used to trigger him.

He was truly angry.

Tang Mo’er’s tiny hand was numb after slapping him, her entire body was shaking and her limbs were cold. He had humiliated her throughout the day. He deserved it.

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