Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 121

Chapter 121: President Gu Seems to Be a Little Too Interested in Others’ Private Matters. Peeping on Others Is a Mental Illness. Perhaps You Should Consider Getting Some Treatment for It!

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The two men seemed like they wanted each other dead. Their fists were strong and fuelled by their rage, each punch was strong and relentless as they fought without restraint. However, Su Zhe was soon in a disadvantageous position.

Gu Mohan was 30 years old and at the peak of his maturity. His handsome face exuded experience that he had gained over time. He had received formal training in the army and spent the past few years working out intensively. Each of his punches was agile and his fists attacked with an accuracy that was swift and precise. On the contrary, Su Zhe was only 25 years old and was considered a true pampered son of a wealthy family, he wasn’t Gu Mohan’s match.

Gu Mohan stretched out his long leg and kicked Su Zhe’s stomach with a swift and fierce motion. Su Zhe spit out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the floor, he was unable to get up.

Tang Mo’er stood at the side and watched the fight worriedly, the two men were fighting without regard for themselves. Gu Mohan had no intention to stop, he pulled Su Zhe up and pushed him against the wall. He raised his fists and wanted to punch Su Zhe again.

“Gu Mohan, stop!” Tang Mo’er hurriedly ran over and pushed her way in front of Su Zhe, acting as his human shield.

His punch was fierce and aimed straight at her face. When it was only one centimeter away from hitting Tang Mo’er, she scrunched her eyes closed and flinched in anticipation. Gu Mohan suddenly stopped himself. He looked at the woman protecting Su Zhe coldly and voiced two words, “Move away!”

It sounded like he had forced himself to utter those words. He sounded cold and although there wasn’t a drastic change in his facial expression, he was exuding an aura like the king of the underworld.

Tang Mo’er felt afraid. This man seemed like a completely different person.

She swallowed her saliva and stiffened up her neck as she looked at him bravely. “Gu Mohan, stop beating him up. Su Zhe will die if you continue to do so.”

Was he crazy? If Su Zhe were to be beaten to death, he would have to go to jail!

Die? The corner of Gu Mohan’s lips formed a sardonic arch. “Tang Mo’er, do you not remember my warning? I’ve warned you, if you have the audacity to find other men, I’ll hurt him before it’s your turn…”

Tang Mo’er stepped forward. She held his neck with her two tiny hands and reached up, before pulling his head down. At the same time, she leaned up and speedily kissed him on the lips.

Her movements were awkward and clumsy, but still tried to please him by kissing him on his soft yet thin lips. His lips were cold.

Gu Mohan’s tall figure instantly froze, he unclenched his fists and Su Zhe fell onto the carpet weakly. He pressed her shoulder with his clean finger and pushed her away. His voice was mocking, “Don’t you know how dirty you are? Kissing me after you have just kissed someone else?”

Tang Mo’er’s tiny face instantly went pale, Su Zhe didn’t kiss her just now but she didn’t bother to explain herself. She smiled and replied, “President Gu, I’ve said it long ago. I’ve reconciled with my fiancé and it’s normal for us to be kissing each other. If President Gu finds it dirty, then I would like to request you to stop teasing me. Please don’t pester me ever again!”

Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes sunk and became a dangerous black, his pupils could no longer be seen. He lifted his eyes and looked at Su Zhe who lay sprawled like a pathetic mess on the carpet. Su Zhe’s belt was unbuckled and his pants were unzipped. Gu Mohan laughed and replied, “Ha, are you going to tell me that you would have been having sex in the corridor with your fiancé if I hadn’t arrived?”

Tang Mo’er could no longer fake her smile, she answered coldly, “President Gu seems to be a little too interested in others’ private matters. Peeping on others is a mental illness. Perhaps you should consider getting some treatment for it!”

Gu Mohan’s narrow eyes were just like ink that spilled everywhere in a fast, fluid motion. His eyes were piercing as he gave her a cold stare.

Tang Mo’er turned away, cutting off all eye contact and took out her cell phone from her purse. She needed to call 120.

A large palm suddenly held on to her delicate wrist with some force. With a simple twist, she was spun around with two tiny hands forced on the walls.

That position was embarrassing!

His strong body came from behind and she was forced to receive a strong kiss from him. It started from her silky hair, his lips a gentle caress on her tiny face. “You’re not willing to become my woman, all because of an outstanding relationship with your fiancé? You’re such a heartless woman, I shouldn’t have let you off!”

He should have just taken her that day!

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