Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 120 - The Two Men Were Fighting over Her

Chapter 120: The Two Men Were Fighting over Her

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Tang Mo’er looked at the photographs, it was when Gu Mohan was pinching her tiny face and puffing the smoke on her. Needless to say, Han Xiaowan was definitely the culprit who sent Su Zhe the photographs.

Han Xiaowan was not going to overlook any opportunity that came into her hands.

“Su Zhe, we are merely allies now. You don’t have the right to interfere in my private life!” Tang Mo’er turned to leave after speaking her mind.

But Su Zhe held on to her thin wrist and sandwiched her against the wall. His voice was tinged with a desperate plea as he held his body against hers. “Mo’er, why aren’t you being obedient? Gu Mohan is merely making use of you, you are just a toy for him to play around with. You’re never going to end up being his significant other. You should come back to me and we can have a fresh beginning, I promise that I will love you and treat you well. I love you, Mo’er.”

Tang Mo’er struggled in his arms, “Su Zhe, what’s wrong with you, let go of me!”

Su Zhe’s handsome face was now distorted, he buried his face in her neck and sniffed her maiden scent. His eyes were red and he rasped angrily, “Tang Mo’er, you’re acting like a woman of virtue in front of me but you’re just like a little slut in front of Gu Mohan. Why? I’ve been with you so long. Why haven’t you given me the same rights as Gu Mohan? I’ll let you see for yourself who is better at satisfying you better in bed, Gu Mohan or me!”

Tang Mo’er’s pupils contracted as she felt her heart break. Su Zhe had shattered the only remaining remnants of her good memories of Brother Su in her heart. The Brother Su who loved her deeply and the Brother Su who would walk for hours to buy her what she wanted. The Brother Su who would do anything to see her smile. Brother Su was gone.

“Su Zhe, let go!”

“I won’t let you go, I am going to make you mine. Mo’er, be my woman!” Su Zhe tore away Tang Mo’er’s dress, exposing her delicate body and unbuckled his belt at the same time.

He was despicable. He was the scum of the earth. Tang Mo’er tried to fight him but she was too weak. She saw something move and caught a glimpse of a tall figure in the corner of her eyes.

It was Gu Mohan.

He had one hand in his trouser pocket and the other was holding on to an ignited cigarette. She noticed him staring at her with his deep and narrow eyes. Even with all the smoke hiding his features, his gaze was cold and intense.

Tang Mo’er froze for a moment, before she hurriedly stretched out her arms and held them around Su Zhe’s neck.

She wasn’t willing to be Gu Mohan’s woman, his little mistress. It would be the best for her to end things before it escalated.

Su Zhe didn’t expect her drastic attitude change, she was initially agitated but suddenly embraced him of her own accord. He was stunned, his eyes lit up in joy. He returned her embrace and held her tightly in his arms as he murmured into her neck, “Mo’er, you’re finally returning back to my side. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you well tonight.”

Tang Mo’er didn’t look at Gu Mohan, but she felt him walking past them. He was smoking a cigarette as he walked towards the elevator.

He had left.

Just like that.

He saw her being intimate with Su Zhe but he chose to leave.

Tang Mo’er felt a twisted sense of relief. She would leave it that way since she was supposed to end their relationship long ago. But she didn’t understand the emptiness in her heart, she was a little disappointed and sad. What was this strange feeling of loss?

Did he invade her heart?

Was she in love with him?

Her tiny face was then lifted up by Su Zhe’s large palm, Su Zhe leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

Tang Mo’er was instantly alert, she bent her knee and kicked Su Zhe in his crotch. She didn’t manage to kick him but a swift fist approached and punched the right side of Su Zhe’s face with a resounding crack. He landed on the carpeted ground with a loud ‘bam’.

Tang Mo’er gasped, Gu Mohan had returned and she looked at him in surprise.

Su Zhe looked up at the man who had attacked him and the moment the two foes met, their eyes were blazing with hatred. Su Zhe speedily leapt up from the ground and gave Gu Mohan a punch on his handsome face.

The corner of Gu Mohan’s lips bled, he stuck out his tongue and licked away the blood in a wild manner. He smirked and used a large palm to grab Su Zhe by the collar. The two men grappled with each other, their expressions fierce and relentless.

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