Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 119 - Lin Shiyu Was the True Genius

Chapter 119: Lin Shiyu Was the True Genius

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Fu Qinglun didn’t leave immediately after he relieved his body. He zipped up his pants and tidied his clothes. When he blinked, his long eyelashes cast a shadow over his good-looking face as he tried to regulate his breathing.

Two men then walked into the bathroom and they were chatting—

“Beauty Lin mentioned that Young Master Fu did it 14 times within a night, do you believe it?”

“It’s hard to say, Young Master Fu was only 25 years old when he married Beauty Lin. He was young and vigorous, it is possible that they were having too much fun and didn’t want to stop. However, 14 times is really too much, did Young Master Fu not care about his own health?”

“I heard that Young Master Fu and Beauty Lin had sex at all night and that it lasted all the way until dawn. When the maids went into their room to clean up early in the morning, they came out with their faces blushing. They said the entire room was just like a warzone, the Fu family even hired a professional to aid Young Master Fu in regaining his health.”

“Young Master Fu and Beauty Lin’s sexual history has already spread all over Karghalik many times over.”

“Why did Young Master Fu even choose to marry Beauty Lin back then? There were so many socialites who wanted to become Mrs Fu, even Lin Ruoxi was coveting after him. Did Young Master Fu and Beauty Lin even know each back then?”

“I don’t think so. From what I heard, Young Master Fu and Beauty Lin had never even met each other before their marriage. Although Beauty Lin is powerless, her family background is not inferior to other socialites like Lin Ruoxi. She is the real genius.”

“That’s right. Her IQ exceeded 200 when she was born and she skipped grades throughout her school life. She was even admitted to the most prestigious T University when she was only 15 years old. I still remember how she looked back then, she had silky hair, wore a white dress and always had a few books in her arms. Her innocent looks and studious nature contributed to her title as the campus belle of the T University and created a legacy in Karghalik. She even acquired a double doctorate degree in three years time. She is undeniably a genius after achieving all these and even became the best friend of the mayor’s daughter, Tang Mo’er. Those two ladies were a legend together and although unexpected, Young Master Fu’s decision to marry her was indeed a logical one.”

“Ah, I suddenly remember something. Being the successor of the Fu family, Young Master Fu isn’t shabby either. He also has an IQ exceeding 200 and was admitted to… T University when he was 14 years old. He was a legendary person too. His legend was never been defeated until… Beauty Lin…”

They were speaking loudly outside and Fu Qinglun could hear their entire conversation. He leaned against the cubicle door and lit up a cigarette that he took out from his trouser pocket.

He frowned while taking a puff from the cigarette, before raising his head to let out the smoke. It was impossible to discern anything from his cold eyes which were hidden within the smoke. Nobody could read his thoughts and he raised the corner of his lips as a thought drifted into his mind…

Tang Mo’er walked out of the VIP lounge, she was stifled by the atmosphere in the lounge and came out to get some fresh air.

She took two steps before seeing a tall figure standing at the end of the corridor, it was Su Zhe.

Su Zhe was here.

Ever since Su Zhe heard her moaning outside the door, he had disappeared and left her alone. His entire countenance was unkempt, his good-looking face showed a chin full of stubble and his eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to be wasted.

He walked in front of her and pulled a long face. “Mo’er, why are you lowering yourself for him? Are you really going to give up on who you are, just to become Gu Mohan’s little mistress?”

His words undeniably poked a flaming rod at Tang Mo’er’s heart. She steeled herself and replied sternly, “Su Zhe, I recall that Gu Mohan is not yet engaged to Lu Qi’er.”

“So those sensual moans you made on Gu Mohan’s bed were in hopes that he will cast Lu Qi’er out and you’ll become his legitimate partner? Or are you…” Su Zhe presented Tang Mo’er with photographs saved on his cell phone, “… going to allow Gu Mohan to enjoy the best of both worlds, with Lu Qi’er as his first wife and you as his second?”

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