Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 109 - Mo’er, You Have Been Besieged

Chapter 109: Mo’er, You Have Been Besieged

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Gu Mohan stopped his tracks on the stage and looked at Lu Qier with narrowed eyes.

There was a path in the middle. Lu Qi’er brought Lin Ruoxi up the stage and went up to Gu Mohan. Lin Ruoxi smiled and greeted him politely, “Brother Mohan.”

Gu Mohan did not have a change in expression, but simply nodded.

The reporters started whispering to one another—

“I heard that both the Lu and Lin families are on good terms with the Gu family. Looks like this year’s DHA’s endorsement will go to Lin Ruoxi.”

“I even heard that Lu Qier is Gu Mohan’s future fiancée. The Capital’s top socialite with the leading conglomerate of the Capital, what a perfect fit…”

“Mo’er,” said Han Xiaowan as she raised her voice to let the reporters around her hear what she was about to ask.

“You’re on good terms with President Gu in private, why haven’t you greeted him?”

The reporters turned their attention towards Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er frowned. How she wished Han Xiaowan would shut her mouth. Han Xiaowan had deliberately brought the attention towards her with such ambiguous words.

“That’s right, Tang Mo’er and President Gu had some rumors between them which spread like wildfire not too long ago. Now that Lu Qier is finally back, Tang Mo’er can only stand in the corner.”

“Tang Mo’er will never marry into the Gu family. From the looks of it, Tang Mo’er purposely seduced President Gu. She just wants to hook up a rich businessman.”

“Isn’t that the case? I heard Tang Mo’er’s nomination was from somewhere high up. Perhaps, she only got it because she slept with him.”

The reporters were all pointing at Tang Mo’er, whispering loudly with judging eyes and words of condemnation.

Han Xiaowan’s beautiful face was smug. Tang Mo’er, you really believe you can hook up Gu Mohan? With Lu Qier around, dream on!

Qin Yawen was embarrassed and looked at Lu Qier who was on stage.

“Mo’er, it seems you’ve been careless. Now you’ve been besieged.” Lin Shiyu said softly.

“So are you going to stand there and laugh at me now?”

“No, I’ll just… watch the drama unfold.”

After she said that, Lin Shiyu stretched out her small hands to the edge of Tang Mo’er’s dress where it wrapped around her chest, then pulled it forcefully, while pushing Tang Mo’er at the same time. The material loosened around her chest and unravelled, exposing her creamy white skin to the masses.

Tang Mo’er’s pupils widened in shock, her hands immediately covered her breasts and she screamed.


She only had a nipple sticker on!

Lin. Shi. Yu!

Tang Mo’er felt countless eyes staring at her exposed body. Her arms were guarding her chest, otherwise she would have wanted to strangle Lin Shiyu’s neck. Could it get any more awkward? She wanted to bury herself deep into a hole and hibernate for the next ten years.

What can I do?

At this moment, her naked shoulders felt warmth. A blazer was draped across her body.

Tang Mo’er looked up. Gu Mohan’s handsome face filled her line of vision. He had taken off his blazer and put it on her.

Why was he… here?

A frenzy of shutter sounds from the sea of cameras surrounding them could be heard. The reporters were crazily snapping pictures of this scene.

The two of them had once again become the center of attention.

Gu Mohan looked at the clear, crystal eyes. He realized that she did not know he was coming, her expression towards him was on that was struck dumb and somewhat awkward, just like a little pitiful beast.

He casually quirked the corner of his lips into a smirk and put a casual hand into the blazer towards her breast.


Tang Mo’er was so stiff she looked like she was about to kick him in the face. With so many reporters around, where was he touching her?!

“Wear it properly, there’s a hickey on your breast.”

Gu Mohan spoke in a low voice and turned around after he had finished. He left in an extravagant manner with a group of people.

Tang Mo’er was embarrassed and stood in her original spot. She had never expected such a well-dressed individual would do something so wretched to her!

Lu Qier and Lin Ruoxi’s facial expressions had completely changed. They did not say anything and left with Gu Mohan.

Han Xiaowan’s pretty face was twisted in anger. She originally wanted to frame Tang Mo’er and put her in a difficult position. At this rate, Tang Mo’er would get a surge in popularity and hit the entertainment headlines with Lu Qi’er.

Qi Xi dropped off the suitcase in the resort hotel. The five star hotel were acquired by Gu Shi Corporation and all expenses were covered. The rest of the crew were also staying at the hotel.

Tang Mo’er was embarrassed as she glared at Lin Shiyu. “Shiyu, do you know what you just did?”

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