Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 108 - What Are You Thinking, Have You Really Fallen for Gu Mohan?

Chapter 108: What Are You Thinking, Have You Really Fallen for Gu Mohan?

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Lin Shiyu’s beautiful, palm-sized face looked as if it had been carefully curated by an artist. Her eyebrows were a soft smoky black, her pupils clear and intelligent. She was dressed fittingly in a white gauze dress, exuding a charm that was both pure and elegant.

There is a beauty far away, leaving the world, she stands alone.

The citizens of Karghalik had not seen Lin Shiyu for three whole years. Her face was only getting more and more beautiful.

“Shiyu, you’re here.” Tang Mo’er stepped forward quickly to hold on to Lin Shiyu’s hand. Shiyu was her best friend, she had missed her so much.

Lin Shiyu’s hands were icy cold, but they were as smooth as satin. Tang Mo’er could not help but pinch her.

Lin Shiyu stared at Lin Ruoxi and Lu Qier coldly. “I was scared you would be bullied if I didn’t come.”

Tang Mo’er’s charming small face exuded a genuine smile. It felt so good, her Shiyu had finally returned home.

“Beauty Tang, Beauty Lin, please look at the camera.”

It was the first collaboration between the southern Mo’er and the northern Shiyu. The reporters were not going to miss the opportunity to capture this moment. They quickly snapped pictures of the stunning duo as they stood together in contrasting harmony.

Lu Qier and Lin Ruoxi felt awkward and forgotten. Why was the focus only on that Tang Mo’er and Lin Shiyu? What was so good about them? Lu Qier stood gracefully like a sand painting. On the other hand, upon seeing Lin Shiyu’s return, Lin Ruoxi was perturbed and her lips resisted a contemptuous sneer.This evil b*tch has returned.

Lin Shiyu and Lin Ruoxi were half-sisters from the same father but with different mothers. Lin Ruoxi’s mother was the mistress who had successfully chased Lin Shiyu’s mother out of the household. As a result, Lin Ruoxi became the young lady of the house while Lin Shiyu and her mother lived outside.

At this moment, there was a commotion and many bodyguards cordoned off the crowds from getting too close. A luxury car appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

“President Gu is here!”

“It’s the leading conglomerate of the Capital, Gu Mohan. This is his first time being in front of the cameras in Karghalik. I can’t believe he’s come here.”

The reporters swarmed forward, wanting to get as close as possible this dignitary. They couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity!

After Yan Dong opened the car door, Gu Mohan stepped out of the car, facing the fervent eyes of the public. He was clad in a handmade ink-black suit. It was made of the finest material and exuded high-quality craftsmanship. His collared shirt was crisp without a wrinkle in sight, complemented by tailored black trousers wrapped over his long legs. His charisma was undeniable, one belonging to the upper class of society.

Such a noble man with power and dignity was naturally born to be an emperor.

“President Gu, can I ask you a question? Among the four top celebrities who have been nominated, who do you like the most?”

“Sorry, President Gu will not accept any interviews.” replied Yan Dong as he blocked off the reporters.

Passing through the jostling crowd, Gu Mohan walked calmly to the stage.

Tang Mo’er looked at the figure of the man as he stood, tall and charismatic upon the stage. He was truly one of a kind. It was the first time she saw him appear as the president of the Gu Corporation. He was really cool.

How did she ever think that he was a bankrupted pseudo-rich? No wonder he was so disdainful towards her IQ. In his eyes, she was probably stupid.

To be fighting so furiously to be the spokesperson for DHA, then realise that the president of the Gu Corporation was standing in front of her all this time, yet she had no clue…

Now that he was there and she was here, this was the distance that would always remain between them.

“What are you thinking? Have you really fallen for Gu Mohan? whispered Lin Shiyu softly.

“I haven’t.” Tang Mo’er denied immediately.

Lin Shiyu did not utter a word. She merely looked towards Tang Mo’er with cold eyes until Tang Mo’er looked guilty.

“Brother Mohan, wait a minute.” Lu Qier’s sweet voice floated through the air

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