Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Karghalik Always Had the Southern Mo’er and the Northern Shiyu. The Puzzle Pieces Are Finally Together

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Tang Mo’er was the clear underdog in the competition. She had no backup plan. She did not have any real friends in this industry, let alone a confidante she could seek advice from. As such, Qi Xi was at her wit’s end.

Lin Ruoxi had Lu Qier. An Shuangshuang was the defending champion. Han Xiaowan had Qin Yawen. Who did Tang Mo’er have?

“Mo’er, I feel this is really unfair. Just based on family background, you’re not far off from them. Your dad is the mayor of the Capital, your mother is also Qin Yawen. However when disaster strikes, you can never depend on them. It just feels as if you’re not their daughter.”

Qi Xi’s personality was straightforward. When she felt things were unfair, she would voice them out without too much consideration. However, the moment the words came out, she regretted her thoughtlessness. Wasn’t it the same as hurting Mo’er’s feelings?

Having followed Mo’er for three years, Mo’er was someone who was always alone. She lived in her apartment alone. Even during the festive periods, she would be alone. No one had ever gone to visit her.

“Mo’er, forget I said all that, please don’t take it to heart. Don’t be upset.”

Mo’er looked at her own notebook and remained impassive. “It’s fine, I won’t be sad. I’m used to it already.”

“Mo’er, I’ll stay by your side forever.”

“Thank you, Qi Xi.”

“By the way, have you thought of who to ask for help? If there isn’t anyone, I’ll try to think of something…”

“Don’t worry about it,” replied Tang Mo’er as she hooked her red lips. “I have someone in mind. Just wait and see.”

It was very lively by the seaside as the four candidates for DHA’s spokesperson were about to walk the red carpet at this venue. This was their first appearance. Media reporters and crazy fans were stuck here. It was extremely crowded.

At this moment, three huge vans had stopped. Han Xiaowan stepped out of the van with Qin Yawen, stealing the spotlight from the beginning.

“Wah, Han Xiaowan, look here. Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou!” screamed Han Xiaowan’s fans in a wild frenzy.

An Shuangshuang grabbed her godfather’s arms and walked with him. Her fans screamed loudly, “An Shuangshuang , you’ll definitely become DHA’s spokesperson queen!”

Third in line was Lin Ruoxi and Lu Qier. They were not only rich and powerful, but also two of the top goddesses with an established fanbase of their own right. The crowd started going wild upon their appearance—

“Lin Ruoxi, Lu Qier, I love you both!”

The screams of fans pierced the sky while the media were taking photos non-stop. Lin Ruoxi and Lu Qier cooperated with the shooting, striking different elegant poses amidst their fans.

At this moment, someone asked, “Where is Tang Mo’er? Why hasn’t my Beauty Tang arrived?”

“Oh yes, where is Tang Mo’er?”

Everyone started scrambling to find Tang Mo’er.

“Sorry everyone, I’m late.” A soft voice rang out and graced their ears. The bodyguards paved the way for Tang Mo’er to walk over with Qi Xi protecting her.

Tang Mo’er wore a sleek red bodycon dress that wrapped around her womanly body like an enticing glove. She was every inch the seductive goddess of every man’s dreams. The vibrant colour complemented her fair complexion, enhancing her slender frame and shoulders, delicate jawline and radiant features. Her bright eyes were like the sun on a warm day, simply breathtaking that no one could take their eyes of her.

“Beauty Tang, you’re red-hot stunning today!”

“Tang Mo’er! You’re so beautiful!”

Initially, the crowd had only focused on Lu Qier and Lin Ruoxi. However, with Tang Mo’er’s entrance, they quickly shifted their focus. Lin Ruoxi gave a frosty stare while Lu Qier’s fsce dulled.

“Mo’er, why did you come alone? Where’s your special guest?” chuckled Han Xiaowan.

Tang Mo’er looked at Han Xiaowan and Qin Yawen. Qin Yawen was expressionless and apathetic. On the surface, Han Xiaowan looked elegant and lovely, speaking in a concerned manner, yet deep down, she was mocking Tang Mo’er.

An Shuangshuang nodded at Tang Mo’er politely in greeting.

Tang Mo’er’s eyes swept across the crowd and she smiled at the camera, “Of course I also have a special guest here to support me.”

“Who’s the guest?” asked the reporters curiously.

Tang Mo’er turned her head and smiled. “Isn’t she already here?”

Everyone’s gaze followed in the direction of Tang Mo’er’s eyes. It was Lin Shiyu.

Karghalik had always been known for their two great beauties, the southern Mo’er and the northern Shiyu. Today, men could finally fulfill their innermost desires. The alluring Tang Mo’er coming together with the pure Lin Shiyu had an undeniable attraction, like the joining of the yin and yang.

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