Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 106 - The PK Competition for the DHA Spokesperson

Chapter 106: The PK Competition for the DHA Spokesperson

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Meng Meng felt scared. This Han Dong was a pervert!

Tang Mo’er returned to her apartment.There was a courier parcel at the door addressed to her.

She wasn’t expecting any deliveries. On the parcel, the sender hadn’t left a name or return address. She opened it and dropped the parcel immediately, as if burned. A tiny white apron fell out, one small enough to fit a five year old. There was also a sex toy inside.

Tang Mo’er’s face turned pale. She was disgusted and felt nauseous. She threw everything into the trash and went into the apartment.

Just as she had entered the apartment, Qi Xi called and chirped, “Hello, Mo’er. DHA Official has announced the nominations!”  ( NovelFull )

Tang Mo’er poured a glass of water for herself and drank it slowly. She was not very anxious as Gu Mohan had agreed to nominate her last night. He did not look like he would lie to her. “Hmm?” she asked in a sluggish manner.

“The four nominations this time are you, Lin Ruoxi, An Shuangshuang and Han Xiaowan. Congratulations Mo’er, you’ve successfully made the nominations and entered the final round for DHA’s spokesperson.”

Tang Mo’er heaved a large sigh of relief. She had finally entered the final round.

“Mo’er, why haven’t you defeated Han Xiaowan? Was she recommended by Su Zhe?”

“Han Xiaowan is pregnant. I can see that Su Zhe really wants the child. Even a monster wouldn’t hurt its own child. I believe that pretentious bitch, Han Xiaowan, will be exposed very soon. ” replied Tang Mo’er as her eyes lit up.

“Well,” nodded Qi Xi as she continued, “Mo’er, I believe you. However, you need to use your remaining time to focus on the final round to determine DHA’s spokesperson. Pack your luggage, I’ll come to fetch you soon. We’ll be heading to the beach.”

“The beach? Why?”

“The four of you that have been nominated will be filming for the next three days. DHA Official will update your latest status on the internet and release a popular PK 1 competition as one of the final activities. The four of you will PK to see who will be champion.

PK competition? Tang Mo’er could already smell the gunpowder in the air.

“Mo’er, it looks like we’re in a completely weak position now. Lin Ruoxi is the daughter of the Lin family and is recognised by the prince of the entertainment industry. From the moment she debuted, she won the title of the house goddess. This time round she’s invited her cousin, Lu Qier, who is also the Capital’s greatest socialite. With the number one singing goddess as support, the internet has already announced their partnership together.”  ( NovelFull )

“An Shuangshuang debuted at 15 years old. She has the backing of her stepdad who has acted in wuxia drama. She was also the DHA spokesperson last year. This year, she’s already considered the perennial champion so that is enough to defeat you.”

“Even Han Xiaowan’s mother is Qin Yawen, of course, she is also your mother. As you’re aware, Qin Yawen has wide connections and is well-liked in the industry and this time, Qin Yawan has also personally promoted Han Xiaowan on various platforms so she has a leg up on you. Han Xiaowan’s voice is also quite high.”

“Mo’er, that leaves us. What should we do to garner support? We need to boost your popularity!”

Tang Mo’er had already turned on her computer and entered the DHA official website. All of them were listed on the PK charts. It looked like Lin Ruoxi was first, An Shuangshuang second, Han Xiaowan was a tight third. It was a close fight. Compared to the others, Tang Mo’er’s votes were embarrassingly low, with a huge gap between her and the other three.

In comparison to those three, Tang Mo’er was indeed inferior. She had only been in the entertainment industry for three years. The qualifications and experience she had were relatively low. Indeed, she had gained fame and popularity in recent years, but she was not yet famous enough to act as the signature representative for the larger brands. In front of an international brand like DHA, Tang Mo’er was severely outclassed.

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