Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 105 - Isn’t This Karghalik’s Greatest Beauty Tang Mo’er? She’s Also Ceo Han’s Stepdaughter

Chapter 105: Isn’t This Karghalik’s Greatest Beauty Tang Mo’er? She’s Also Ceo Han’s Stepdaughter

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After sending the message, Tang Mo’er had some regrets. He must be in a meeting now. Why did she have to bother him with such an ambiguous message? What was she thinking?

She needed to face the reality that both of them were from different worlds. She was just a nobody, while he was a big shot from the Capital. With a fiancée like Lu Qier around, she needed to stay away from him.

Moreover, he only had dirty desires for her. Now that she had rejected him, from now onwards, the both of them would go back to being strangers.

However, the message was already sent and her careless words could not be taken back. If she was lucky, perhaps he wouldn’t see it since he was in a meeting.

‘Ding!’ She received a reply in the next second.

He had replied.

Tang Mo’er opened the message—’it’s good to dream big, I will help you fulfill them.’


Tang Mo’er slammed her phone hard on the bed. This… this shameless man!

Ten minutes later, Tang Mo’er changed into the clothes Gu Mohan had prepared for her. She was mortified to find that the 82C cup bra was a perfect fit. Did her breasts shrink?

Perhaps… she had subconsciously thought that wearing a larger bra would give off the impression that she was older and more mature. In actual fact, she was an 82C. Gu Mohan was more familiar with her size than she was.

Opening the door of the room, she walked out of the bar and onto the street. At this moment, she saw a luxury car parked at the side of the road. There was some frenzied movement before the luxury car had stopped and the window of the car was wound down.

In the back seat, there was a man and woman. The man’s shirt was crumpled while the woman sat straddled over his thighs. Her face was red and flushed and her hair was a wild mess. One glance and anyone could tell they had just had sex.

“CEO Han, you’re so fierce today, you were so wild you made Meng Meng hurt. Did Qin Yawen not satisfy you?” The woman’s words were wanton as she draped herself over the man.

“Why are you even mentioning her? Although she’s not young anymore, she’s still charming. But you’re much more tender than her!”

“CEO Han! You’re so bad!”

Tang Mo’er saw a familiar face. It was Han Dong. There was a woman in her twenties sitting on his thigh. It was the young and infamous model, Meng Meng.

Back then, Han Dong was handsome and knew the way to a woman’s heart. As a result, he was able to grab a firm hold on Qin Yawen’s heart. In the past few years, he was very concerned with maintaining his lavish lifestyle. With Qin Yawen there to make money for him, he continued to live off her with no sense of shame. Because of this, he was still youthful, despite already being in his 50s.

Han Dong and Meng Meng continued to flirt openly, only to realise a cold gaze was fixed upon them. Han Dong turned to look outside the window. It was Tang Mo’er.

He was shocked.

Tang Mo’er looked at him with a cold gaze and walked off with no expression.

As Han Dong had stared at Tang Mo’er for too long, Meng Meng followed his gaze to see what he was looking at.

“Isn’t that Karghalik’s greatest beauty Tang Mo’er. CEO Han… your stepdaughter?”

Meng Meng had been with Han Dong for quite a while. As such, she knew things that most people in the entertainment industry did not know.

Han Dong retracted his gaze and pinched Meng Meng’s small face. “Stepdaughter? How about you? At your age, you could be my stepdaughter too. Let’s play a game of stepfather and stepdaughter. Call me daddy.”

Meng Meng was stunned. Having been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time, she knew that there were men with perverted desires out there. It was a dirty industry after all. However, she had been with Han Dong for quite some time. All along, he had been gentle and considerate, why did he turn so perverted upon seeing Tang Mo’er?

Han Dong flipped her body, forcing her to lean against the window. Her arms were twisted behind her body and she was in pain as she screamed out, “CEO Han!”

‘Bam!’ Han Dong slapped her buttocks, his face crazed and distorted.

“What did you call me?”

Han Dong pinched her small face and kissed her forcefully from the back. Meng Meng felt pain but she didn’t dare to make a sound. Gone was the man who was warm and considerate, replaced by this stranger she didn’t know.

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