Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 110 - Gu Mohan Was Not Reluctant at All. Isn’t He Guilty?

Chapter 110: Gu Mohan Was Not Reluctant at All. Isn’t He Guilty?

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Lin Shiyu did not seem to hear Tang Mo’er’s angry hiss as she took off her high heels and pulled her hair back to tie it into a casual ponytail. It revealed her fair, tender neck, which was delicate and beautiful, making others have the urge to ravish it.

She looked at Tang Mo’er. “I know what I did. I made it so you can sit strong and top the headlines.”

“… Well, you know the news headlines are going to blow it all up when they write about the entertainment industry. I can imagine it already. Tang Mo’er deliberately pulls apart her dress to attract Gu Mohan’s attention. Tang Mo’er tries to break up Gu Mohan and Lu Qi’er. Tang Mo’er has resorted to despicable means to get the DA endorsement!” Tang Mo’er groaned and put her head into her hands.

Lin Shiyu shrugged and replied, “So what? Qi Xi, let Mo’er see her current PK rankings.”

“Okay.” replied Qi Xi as she immediately brought the tablet over to Mo’er.

Lin Shiyu pointed to the rankings and tapped at the screen, her words blunt and ruthless, “Face up to reality, Mo’er. You’re at rock bottom right now. I’m just trying to help you.”

Tang Mo’er swallowed when she saw that Shiyu was right. Her rankings were the lowest and far behind the other three contenders. She bit her lip and lost sight of her ambition for a moment, before asking, “But we don’t have to leverage on Gu Mohan for sensationalization right?”

“Why not? Wasn’t Lu Qi’er’s scream also using him? Moreover, it was Gu Mohan himself who cooperated and allowed himself to be used. Is he not guilty?”


Tang Mo’er looked at Qi Xi. Qi Xi nodded and looked at Lin Shiyu in admiration.


Lin Shiyu walked up to Tang Mo’er. Her cold, beautiful eyes looked at Mo’er and said, “Spill the beans. When did you hook up with Gu Mohan.”

“I did not…”

“I saw Gu Mohan pinching your breasts just now…”

Tang Mo’er took a deep breath. Her small white earlobes turned red with embarrassment. Never did she expect that her best friend would see the obnoxious thing that Gu Mohan had done to her. “H-He…”

Lin Shiyu was a calm and beautiful woman. Although she rarely smiled, when she did, her smile curved just like a crescent moon and she became radiant. She smiled at Tang Mo’er and said, “I also saw… when Gu Mohan pinched your breast, he became hard. He shoved his hand into his pocket to suppress it.”


Why did she not know that Gu Mohan had gotten hard?

“Mo’er, I never expected that you would like this kind of cold and gloomy, devious type of man. He’s known for his… undeniable appeal, although, his interests…”

Cold, gloomy and devious, huh. Hm… perhaps. Tang Mo’er begrudgingly agreed that Shiyu’s deduction was right. Gu Mohan was more perverted than she’d imagined.

“Shiyu, stop talking about me. What happened to between you and Fu Qinglun. Even now there are still rumors circulating about that incident on your wedding night.” replied Tang Mo’er.

The mention of Fu Qinglun caused Lin Shiyu’s facial expression to turn cold.

“Are you mentioning his name just to make me feel disgusted?”

“Make you feel disgusted?”

“On our wedding night, he raped me. If that’s not bad enough, he lay on top of me crying for Lu Qi’er. F*ck! This incident is enough to make me feel disgusted for the rest of my life. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.”

“Fu Qinglun raped you?! Then later on…”

Lin Shiyu played with her fingertips and said, “I suppose you’d say I returned the favor. To be exact, it wasn’t really rape, it was and games.”

“What do you mean?”

Lin Shiyu leaned on Tang Mo’er’s shoulder and whispered hoarsely, “Do you know how many times a man can do it in one night? There a phrase called ‘to die from excessive ejaculation’. When a man has reached his limits, the length of time will go on and on. Eventually, it just won’t come out at all.”

Tang Mo’er’s eyes widened, her cheeks were flushed pink, yet she was curious. Lin Shiyu’s words seemed to bring her to another clue. She wanted to find out more about what had actually happened on the wedding night of Lin Shiyu and Fu Qinglun.

At this moment, Qi Xi asked “My two beautiful ladies, let’s continue this chat later on. CEO Wan has asked us to play a game of Truth or Dare.”

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