World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0342 - The Suppressing Devil Golden Body

The Suppressing Devil Golden Body

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Looking at those countless little characters that were densely packed on the obelisk, Chen Xiang felt a burst of powerlessness coursing through his body. He sat down on the ground, spread his divine sense to give it a try. But, to no avail, he couldn't directly get the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

"Let's see if I could get it after dripping a drop of blood on it!” However, once again he was disappointed, the obelisk didn't show any reaction.

"Little rascal, conscientiously remember the content on the obelisk! This is the divine exercise, however, the chanting formula is relatively small. After you know it by heart, you'll be well versed in it. You will not feel that it is too long. You'll feel just the same as when you’re cultivating the Divine Exercise of the Four Symbols and the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise." Su Meiyao explained to Chen Xiang.

At first, Chen Xiang also had to spend quite a long time before he could remember the entire Tai Chi Subduing Exercise. Now he could only clench his teeth and recite the chanting formula on the obelisk bit by bit.

Only after contemplating for awhile, Chen Xiang came to realize that the chanting formula's beginning was at the top, while the bottom of the very same side was the ending of the first part of the chanting formula. While on the surface right behind it constituted the second part, while left and right side altogether made up for the 3rd part of the chanting formula.

Chen Xiang turned into a bird and flew from top to bottom while in the process of reading the 1st part. What made him feel surprised was the fact that after he had memorized a sentence of the chanting formula by heart, that part would disappear from the obelisk.

After spending one whole month, Chen Xiang finally succeeded in memorizing one part of the chanting formula by heart. One side of the obelisk was now completely blank. What was totally out of his expectation was that he now felt as if he came to understand but not really understand the abstruse principle of the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise. He was secretly euphoric. He reckoned that once he was done with the entire chanting formula, he would have finished learning the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

Legend has it that the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was rather difficult to learn. Chen Xiang could now understand why. Because, first of all, one had to remember a very long chanting formula. He thought that the difficulty of the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise lies in this very fact.

"Think of it, this should be the Suppressing Devil Obelisk! During the time of the Ancient Battle of Demons and Devils, this kind of obelisks appeared throughout the many worlds. However, rumor has it that they didn't play much of a role in that battle. Now that it has appeared here, it should be for passing the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise. But who placed it down here?" Long Xueyi doubtfully said.

"It seems, once someone remembers the contents on its surface, the corresponding characters will disappear from the obelisk. Speaking of which, it seems that no one else had learned the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise in the past." Su Meiyao felt a little doubtful. She too had heard of the Suppressing Devil Obelisk.

After thinking about it, Long Xueyi said, "At the beginning, only after absorbing the little rascal's flames was the Suppressing Devil Obelisk illuminated. I didn't even notice the text upon the obelisk when it was dark. Does the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise needed Fire Spirit to cultivate it?"

In reciting the chanting formula, Chen Xiang suddenly spoke, "Yea, it needs the Fire Spirit to learn, moreover, a Fire Spirit above the rank of Purple Fire Spirit."

"How did you know? It is not written anywhere." Bai Youyou asked. She had been intently reading the text on the obelisk, and secretly memorizing it as well. Su Meiyao was doing the same.

"I'm not too clear about it. After I memorized these texts, my body feels hot, as if there is a flame that is in my brain, burning these very texts. That's how I came to know." Chen Xiang described that weird feeling, which surprised Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Although they didn't have the Fire Spirit, they still planned to memorize it completely.

Another two months went by. The obelisk was now considerably dim, but it was still retaining a feeble firelight. Chen Xiang sat across the obelisk, he had finally memorized the entire Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise. After he had completely memorized it, he had fallen into an extremely wonderful state. Flames were constantly being released from his body; which had burned his clothes entirely.

"Little rascal's body is getting stronger and stronger at an astonishing speed... Oh my God, what the hell is happening." Long Xueyi exclaimed. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also seemed to notice this.

"Immortal and Devil Body level 6... Level 7... Level 8... what is going on! He is still getting stronger!" Su Meiyao was frightened out of her wits.

"10th level!" Bai Youyou's ice cold voice was carrying a trace of excitement. Apparently, she was happy for Chen Xiang in having such a fortuitous encounter.

Before, Chen Xiang was at the 5th level of Immortal and Devil Body, but now all of sudden he had soared to 10th level. Moreover, he was not showing any signs of halting; which rendered Long Xueyi along with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou speechless from shock. Chen Xiang was just a True Martial Realm martial artist. One must know that in the mortal world, only when one reached the pinnacle of the Extreme State, would he have such a level of a body!

Su Meiyao took a long deep breathe, "10th level, it is much slower now. If this brat will not rely on the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he would possess the strength equivalent to that of an 8th level True Martial Realm martial artist expert. And may contend with 9th level if he relied on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade."

The 9th level of True Martial Realm martial artist expert for Su Meiyao was the one with multiple attributed veins and with many kinds of martial techniques.

Chen Xiang woke up. After he opened his eyes, he started laughing. His laughter was no different from Huang Jintian's maniac laugh.

"Quickly wear your clothes!" Long Xueyi fumed in anger.

"Little rascal, what the hell happened?" Su Meiyao quickly asked.

Chen Xiang while putting on his clothes said with a smile, "I have learned the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise. Who knew that the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was supposed to be like this; I have now cultivated to the Suppressing Devil Golden Body! The Suppressing Devil Golden Body is invulnerable to any kinds of poison, fearless of various unique attacks from demons or devils. Moreover, I can also release the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi which is extremely lethal to demons or devils."

The Demon and Devil Domains' martial artists were proficient in poison. Especially those Evil Demons from the Demon Domain, some of them had inborn poison. While there were those martial artists from Devil Domain who utilize poisonous things to aid them in cultivation. Invulnerable to any kinds of poison would truly act as a restraint against these demons or devils.

"Quite formidable! After you got the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, how much of your strength had advanced?" Long Xueyi asked.

"Besides a powerful physical body, there is not much change in aspects to True Qi. The Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is only useful in facing demons and devils. And I'm already contented with that." Chen Xiang laughed and said. He arrived in front of the obelisk.

"What do you want to do?" Bai Youyou asked, but Chen Xiang had not responded to her.

Much to everyone's dismay, Chen Xiang had blasted a powerful punch at the obelisk. However, he had not mobilized any True Qi, he just used his physical strength. Nevertheless, he was still able to shake that giant obelisk, moreover, many cracks had also appeared.

"After I have merged with the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise's chanting formula, I found some other things. It said that after I have learned the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise if I can break the obelisk, something good will appear." Chen Xiang said in excitement.

After the giant obelisk was riddled with cracks, it suddenly broke off and turned into shining powder which thereupon, stuck upon the nearby walls. The belly of the mountain had turned extremely beautiful.

Chen Xiang at this time noticed a square pit just below where the obelisk stood. He walked over to have a look, but he was freaked out. Because he saw a girl lying in the pit!

The girl was very beautiful and was wearing a very thin dress. Although her eyes were shut closed, from her ice cold face one could easily tell that she was a cold beautiful girl. Moreover, on the place where there should be a left eyebrow, there was a purple tattoo of a scorpion, which added a bit of charm to her.

Suddenly, the cold beauty opened her eyes, her eyes were shining in blue light. After she noticed Chen Xiang, her ice cold yet charming face turned, even more, colder. Her blue pupils were brimming with killing intent. She furiously roared before leaping out of the pit.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps. He had not imagined that after the obelisk had broken off, such a situation would take place. He now knew from where such an intense Devil Qi originated in the mountain belly.

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