World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0343 - Scorpion-like Woman

Scorpion-like Woman

Translated By - Ash

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The girl had a very long braid draped over her bosom. After jumping in the air, she slumped towards the ground. However, just as she was about to hit the ground, her pair of snow-white feet, lightly touched the ground, and she steadily came to a stop.

Filled with a hostile look, the beautiful ice cold girl's blues eyes stared upon Chen Xiang. The braid hanging over her bosom surprisingly had a purple-colored sharp hook at its end. It appeared to very dangerous, like a poisonous hook on a Scorpion's tail.

"Have you learned the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise?" The eye with the purple Scorpion tattoo twitched as the blue-eyed girl coldly asked. Along with the aura emanating from her, Chen Xiang felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Yes!" Once Chen Xiang's voice fell, at lightning speed, the girl's foot fiercely swept over. Such a charming foot surprisingly erupted with a completely destructive power, which ruthlessly lashed upon Chen Xiang's cheek.

Chen Xiang only felt a burning sensation on his cheek, before a fearsome impact raided him over. His body could not help but flew out from the impact, and crash on the cave walls. Upon those rugged stone walls of the mountain belly, a dent riddled with many cracks appeared.

"Puff!" Chen Xiang spewed a mouthful of blood. This girl was far stronger than he had imagined. He guessed that she must at least be in the Extreme State. He didn't expect that after he broke the obelisk, he would unexpectedly unseal and release such a powerful figure.

If the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise had not told him to do so, why would he even care to blow the obelisk for nothing? He was regretting it now.

"Only with this much skill?" The blue-eyed girl coldly asked. She lightly tapped the ground, and her body, was like a smoke, as it floated towards Chen Xiang. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of him, and before he could do anything, both of her feet continuously sent flying kicks, which thereupon landed on Chen Xiang.

At the moment, Chen Xiang was already embedded into the stone wall. He could do nothing but suffer those frightening attacks.

"Little girl, do not challenge my limit!"

Chen Xiang was fuming in anger. Suddenly, Universe True Qi started surging from his dantian, impacting every part of his body, as if it was sweeping the pain in the various parts of his body. His bones made a loud crackling noise, while the Universe True Qi coursed through his entire body. His entire body was filled with a terrifying amount of power.

Like lightning, he stretched out his hand and grab ahold of the blue-eyed girl's bare foot. He vigorously squeezed his hand, only to hear the tender yet furious cries coming from the girl.

When Chen Xiang was just about to crush the girl's tender jade-like foot, her long braid, like a scorpion’s tail, attacked him. The sharp purple hook was glistening in a strange yet sinister aura as it plunged towards his chest.

The blue-eyed girl's long braid was just like a part of her body, it was very flexibly controlled by her as she so desired!

When the sharp purple hook at the end of that long braid was about to prick Chen Xiang's chest, he gave a stifling shout before forcefully flinging the girl, or else he would be pricked by that sharp purple hook. Chen Xiang felt that this purple hook may very well be the most dangerous point of the girl, he felt it was no different that any poisonous Scorpion's tail.

"Father has let you out, yet instead of feeling grateful, you are even trying to kill me. You ungrateful bitch, you better not let me get ahold of you or I will fuck you at least a hundred times!" Chen Xiang wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. He was burning in anger, but he could only swear to vent his feelings.

The blue-eyed girl's face turned as white as snow, in a trembling voice, she said, "You... You dirty man, you dare to curse me with such vulgar words!"

While speaking, with a flicker, her tender figure once again flushed towards Chen Xiang.

This girl's agility technique was extremely strange. It was quick as well as light, so fast that it was impossible to track her. However, Chen Xiang was also cultivating Shinto, as he spread his divine sense, every smallest movement in his field was within his grasp. Sensing the blue-eyed girl, bouncing left and right, charging at him, a smile appeared on his face. The exact moment when he sensed that she was just about to arrive, he mercilessly blasted a Transforming Bone Devil Palm at her.

Bang! A sonorous explosion resounded in the mountain belly, which was immediately followed by the shaking of the mountain. The mountain belly was riddled with cracks.

But Chen Xiang, on the contrary, was left surprised, because his attack had not sent the girl flying as he had imagined, much to his dismay, there was not even a bit of injury on her.

Chen Xiang took a glanced at the channel from where he had arrived. After all, he had used the Transforming Bone Devil Palm a moment ago, but that mysterious force which could melt the bones had unexpectedly no effect on this girl. He realized the strength disparity among them, now his best option was to flee from her.

"That was the Transforming Bone Devil Palm, from whom did you learned it from?" The blue-eyed girl's voice was carrying a trace of surprise. Noticing that Chen Xiang wanted to run, she waved her tender hands before a black aura shot out from her palm, landing dead right above the cave entrance. Before you know it, the entrance had been blocked by the stones.

Chen Xiang didn't reply. When Bai Youyou had taught him, he promised Bai Youyou that it was going to remain a secret, even on his deathbed, he was not allowed to speak!

The blue-eyed girl upon seeing that Chen Xiang was not replying, didn't pry for an answer and once again launched a swift and violent assault. Her offense was quite overbearing, she used both of her fists and feet, and occasionally she would thrust at Chen Xiang's chest using the sharp purple hook.

The blue-eyed girl was getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Chen Xiang reckoned it must be due to her gradually recovering her strength after her seal was dispelled; which simply rendered him unable to fight back. He could only try laying out the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to defend, but, not long after it burst into a mist.

What was troubling Chen Xiang the most was the purple hook on her braid, he held no doubt that if that purple hook pierced his chest, it would certainly gouge out his heart!

Chen Xiang began fighting back. Just when the girl smacked a palm at him, he countered it with a fist, at the same time, he fired the Ice Spirit Devil Aura. Last time he had used the same trick to defeat Xiao Chou of the Herculean Family.

"Ice Spirit Devil Aura!" The blue-eyed girl exclaimed and withdrew her attack before taking a few steps back. With her ice-cold blue eyes, she sternly stared at Chen Xiang, "Did Bai Youyou taught you these?"

Chen Xiang was flabbergasted, to his dismay, the blue-eyed girl had accurately guessed the source of the Ice Spirit Devil Aura.

Looking at Chen Xiang's expression, the blue-eyed girl sneered, "She is actually not dead!"

While speaking, she once again started her relentless attack on Chen Xiang.

Along with the recovery of blue-eyed girl's strength, it was getting more and more difficult for Chen Xiang to resist. Chen Xiang knew Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had one powerful foe, it was precisely that foe who had crippled them. He suspected, that this girl may very well be that foe!

If it was said that Chen Xiang was struggling to resist before, then now, he was taking a fair share of beating. The blue-eyed girl was getting stronger.

"Little Dragon, lend me your power. I'm going to make sure she have one deep unforgettable memory!" Chen Xiang in his heart shouted. At this time, he felt an incredibly hot feeling originating from his left arm. Long Xueyi was transferring her power to him.

Even though after he drew support from Long Xueyi, he would feel an excruciating pain, but now he was boiling in anger, he threw everything at the back of his mind.

Feeling the incredible strength in his left arm, Chen Xiang felt as if he was possessed by a Heavenly God. With a furious roar and the speed of lightning, he thrust his palm towards the blue-eyed girl's bosom. Chen Xiang soon felt a big yet soft and rich elastic mass in his hand which he clutched tightly.

The blue-eyed girl was shocked. She screamed in shame and anger, then shouted at Chen Xiang, "Take your dirty hands off me! I'm going to make a mince meat out of your hand."

While shouting, she mindlessly punched and kicked at Chen Xiang. However, Chen Xiang did not let it go, not only that, but he also squirmed his fingers.

Suddenly, a red blade, like a crescent moon, appeared in the blue-eyed girl's hand. Seeing Chen Xiang's arm was about to be cut, Bai Youyou coldly shouted, "Stop!"

Hearing Bai Youyou's voice, the blue-eyed girl stopped her attack, Chen Xiang too withdrew his hands. Although it was very painful, the feeling he got from his hands was quite exhilarating.

Chen Xiang's vulgar act by using her power had made Long Xueyi despise Chen Xiang. However, she was also feeling contented, for she too enjoyed that kind of feeling.

"Humph, Princess Wuqing, it's really you!" The blue-eyed girl's voice was brimming with anger. She kept on staring at Chen Xiang, her blue eyes were filled with a grim aura as if she could not wait to hack Chen Xiang into pieces.

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