World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0341 - Double Headed Snake Demon

Double Headed Snake Demon

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From looking at the situation in his front, Chen Xiang was sure that a group of devils were sure to be present at the front. He had not imagined that there would be so many.

He flew a little higher to get a clear picture of what was in his front. Initially, it was some mountains, but now they had been razed to the ground. A black mass of something was wriggling there now, it was as thick as huckleberries. It appeared to be more than a hundred thousand.

"It’s the Evil Demons from the Demon Domain!" Su Miyao spoke in a heavy voice.

The "Evil Demon" was the name for the residents of Demon Domain. It would be first for Chen Xiang to encounter one. Most of these Evil Demons were a half demon and half human. Generally, they had the body of demon beast, a part of which was human. All in all, their body was extremely powerful as well as sturdy.

Amidst the group of Evil Demons in front, stood a robust man with the body of snake and head of a man. Much to Chen Xiang's surprise, this robust man had two heads. The majority of Evil Demons were of a strange or grotesque figure. However, this double-headed snake demon was rather appalling.

"That's a Double-Headed Snake Demon! It is one of the stronger Evil Demon among the various demons in Demon Domain, and one of the rare ones. This guy should be in Nirvana Realm." Long Xueyi explained.

Chen Xiang in the form of bird flew even higher in the sky. He thought that he would not be found out. However, suddenly, the Double-Headed Snake Demon looked straight at him. Which made his heart jump out of his chest.

"Go grab that flying bird!" The Double-Headed Snake Demon yelled. Both of his mouths spoke together in an overlapping voice. Surprisingly, the voice was not only ear-piercing, it was also carrying a kind of sonic attack.

Suddenly Chen Xiang noticed over a thousand Evil Demons from the group flying straight at him. All of them had wings on their backs. They looked as if the body of an eagle and a human had somehow joined together. Not only were they very ferocious, but they were also astonishingly quick.

One by one their numbers grew at an astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye, their numbers were over ten thousand. Chen Xiang was scared out of his wits. However, his speed was also nothing to joke about. He swiftly bolted down from the sky and landed inside the forest. He was planning to use the lush forest to escape, however, the Hawkmen who were chasing him were also extremely violent. They crashed right into the forest. In the blink of an eye, a large piece of forest turned bare.

Chen Xiang flew into a small hole inside a tree and hid there. The environment was now filled with dust and sand. Although these Hawkmen were large in number, but not one of them caught his trail.

"The Double-Headed Snake was quite capable. He can clearly sense every degree of temperature around him. Even if you were hiding inside the clouds, both of his heads can clearly sense your temperature through the clouds. That's why you were found out." Long Xueyi quickly explained, "I'm now helping you in hiding by changing your temperature to be the same as the environment around you."

Long Xueyi had just finished speaking to Chen Xiang when that Double-Headed Snake Demon started swearing, "Bunch of good-for-nothings. Can't even catch a bird. Something was definitely wrong with that bird. It flew quickly as well as quite cleverly. Don't know who had sent it investigate us."

The Double-Headed Snake Demon left only after walking in a big circle and investigating everything around here. Chen Xiang who was hiding inside the small tree hole let loose a big sigh of relief. The Double-Headed Snake Demon was extremely quick, in just a few blinks, he had arrived here. Not to mention that he was after all in the Nirvana Realm, the gap between him and Chen Xiang was large. If Chen Xiang had been spotted, then he would have been in a big trouble.

"It appears that it was the Double-Headed Snake Demon who had been resurrected. This guy's vitality is quite astonishing; these kinds of Evil Demons are rather proficient in playing dead! After the opening up of the rift, unexpectedly, only the creatures from the Demon Domain are here. It seems that the Devil Domain still had not overlapped with our world." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang could be said to be someone who had read a lot of books, yet he was still ignorant of the matters of the Devil and Demon Domain. While Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were quite knowledgeable, even more so was Long Xueyi. She knew a lot more than Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou altogether. After all, she had a massive amount of hereditary memories.

"Will the Devil and Demon Domain join forces to deal with the Human World?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not necessarily so. In the past sometimes they were allies and other times they were enemies. However, they both have the same mindset, and that is that the Human Domain must be destroyed! Anyhow, these guys are very arrogant by nature. Just because of some disagreement, they will fight to the death with you. In the past, they had allied one time to repulse the enemies, but due to the emergence of some troubles, they became mortal enemies. In the past the Human Domain often drove a wedge between them, making the demons and devils fight each other." Bai Youyou replied.

Chen Xiang flew out of the tree hole and flew according to the map. He had already investigated more than enough about the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. Now he needed to obtain the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

Now he came to realize why these devil sect disciples left in such a hurry. As there were hundreds of thousands of Evil Demons gathered here, and each and every one of them was quite formidable. Not to mention, they possessed the unique constitution and strength of a demon beast. Thereby, in a battle, they held more advantages than the humans.

The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was surprisingly hidden inside a cave. It was just that the cave happened to be sealed very tightly. Chen Xiang could not understand why the person who constructed this place didn't take the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise with him. If so, he would not need to charge through such a dangerous place.

After Chen Xiang arrived outside the mountain, he didn't directly rush inside. On the contrary, he turned into a mole and dug a tunnel into the ground.

"There isn't any restrictive spell inside, but there is a very rich Devil Qi. Does this place have some demon or devil corpse?" Long Xueyi said. This freaked out Chen Xiang. At this point, he had already dug into a passage inside the cave.

It was pitch black here. He stretched out his hand and released the flames to illuminate the dark passage. At this time, he could also sense the aforementioned Devil Qi. The Devil Qi here was quite strange, it was unlike anything he had encountered before in the Southern Wasteland, very much different from those devil prince he had encountered.

"Is there really a corpse of some demon or devil inside?" Chen Xiang was a little worried. Just from looking at the Devil Qi, he knew that the owner of that devil or demon corpse would have been an extremely powerful martial artist of his time. At least, he was in the Nirvana Realm.

"Yes, anyhow you don't need to worry. This guy seems to be sealed. Whether he is alive or dead, that I don't know." Long Xueyi's words once again freaked the hell out of Chen Xiang. But fortunately, the terrifying demon or devil was sealed, which was a big relief for Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the end of the cave, he arrived at the belly of the mountain, which was not only very wide in space but also totally empty. At the center, there was a huge obelisk, about a dozen zhang high.

Chen Xiang reckoned that the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was buried under that enormous obelisk. He was having a hard time understanding how such an enormous obelisk came about here. When he illuminated the obelisk with his flames; the obelisk suddenly started sucking away the flames from his hands.

"What the fuck is happening!" Much to Chen Xiang's dismay, he could not even control the release of his flames. Surprisingly, the flames were like a fire dragon overflowing out of his palm and flushing into the obelisk. Soon, the obelisk stopped absorbing the flames. The huge belly of the mountain also became very bright, for the gigantic obelisk was releasing an intense aura.

At this time Chen Xiang understood why the Suppressing Devil Diving Exercise could not be taken away. Because the entire exercise had been carved onto the obelisk and the entire exercise was extremely long. The huge obelisk had many chanting formulas engraved completely on its surface. On such a massive obelisk, the characters engraved upon its surface were just the size of a thumb. Not to mention all four sides of the obelisk was completely packed with such small characters. One could imagine, how complicated and abstruse the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was.

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