World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0340 - The Army Of Demon And Devil

The Army Of Demon And Devil

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Chen Xiang shot two more arrows and killed two men hiding inside the trees, turn into a little bird and flew away.

The True Martial Sect's disciples didn't know who acted secretly, but they realized the intention of other guy clearly, and that was to remind them that they were walking into an ambush and the attackers were hiding inside those thriving trees.

After the ambushers realized that the True Martial Sect's disciples were vigilant, the devil sect disciples fled from the trees in quick succession. Just a moment ago they had witnessed three of their fellow men mysteriously blown into a mist of blood. Rendering their numbers too low to even deal with the True Martial Sect's disciples. And if the hidden assailant once again made them lose few more of them, they would be finished completely.

Once the devil sect disciples fled; they left a trail behind them. The True Martial Sect's disciples didn't give chase, they were worried that the enemy might intentionally wanted to separate them and attack the one who was slower than the rest; that's why they all gathered around.

After Chen Xiang turned into a bird; he had a clear view of everything. After discovering that these devil disciples were fleeing, he immediately followed two of them.

Inside these One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, many strange things were happening. Now that Chen Xiang had encountered these devil sect disciples, Chen Xiang reckoned that these devil path disciples must know something. According to Gu Dongchen, inside the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, there was something blocking their advance. Only martial artists under the Extreme State could enter easily. In other words, it is similarly true for the devil path sect.

That was why he was not afraid of encountering some powerful devil path tycoon, not to mention he was now just a small bird.

By looking at the the speed and the way they were shuttling around the forest, it was quite clear that the two devil sect disciples were extremely familiar with the forest. As the Devil Province was nearby, it was obvious that the devil sect disciples would often visit here.

The deep recess of the One HUndred Thousand Devil Mountains was very dangerous. Even those devil path sect's tycoons didn't dare to enter. It was quite similar to the Southern Wasteland, who knows what demon or devil was sleeping inside!

Those devil sect disciples who ran away, after making a big round of the forest, unexpectedly, they started to gather. There were a total of fifteen men, and all of them wore a black robe, and had a hood upon their heads. Their realms varied from 1st level to the 7th level of the True Martial Realm.

"Who the fuck attacked our people? That guy is certainly not a True Martial Sect's disciple! We have painstakingly spent so many days just to lure those guys, and just when we were about to be succesful, some dumb fuck has destroyed our plan." A man cursed.

"That man must be an expert assassin, we could not find his trail at all, even his attacks were quick yet very strong! We must return and report it to the Captain ASAP." A man spoke before he started running. Others too started following him.

Chen Xiang remembered that the direction they were walking was towards the depths of the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. He hesitated for a moment, before giving them a chase. Although he had the appearance of a bird, he still had to be careful. After all these devil sect disciples were all powerful experts of True Martial Realm, if they discovered that a bird had been following them for so long, they would definitely be suspicious.

Chen Xiang followed them for an hour or so. Their running speed was not so fast, as they were mainly paying attention to the surrounding; they were extremely cautious.

Now they have already entered the foggy area. It was the very same mist which Chen Xiang had seen from the outside. When he entered the foggy area, he couldn't find anything strange. According to Gu Dongchen, this area is covered in a sheet of dense fog all year round.

"Aren't the invaders from the Demon and the Devil World not going to attack the devil path martial artists?" Chen Xiang was finding it a little difficult to believe. At present, the devil path men were moving against the righteous, rather than to increase their strength.

"Of course not! It depends on the temperament of the demons and devils invading our world! If it was a bunch of idiots who only know how to kill, then no matter if it is the devil path or the righteous, they will kill whoever they see! But if it is a bunch of intelligent guys, then they will win over the diabolical forces of this world bit by bit, and completely control the invading world. They will enslave the natives to mine the various resources of the world." Su Meiyao said.

The demons and the devils would not be invading the Human World for no benefits. Chen Xiang came to realize why everytime, so many people would always die.

Chen Xiang followed the devil sect disciples to a well hidden cave. Once he arrived at the entrance of the cave; he sensed a few powerful aura inside. Much to his surprise, there were actually five 9th level True Martial Realm devil sect disciples.

"We have been here for almost a month, yet we could not even get a single righteous disciple's hair. Let's withdraw quickly! We have almost investigated the strange things happening here." A man said in a heavy voice.

After Chen Xiang came to hear this, he was slightly taken aback. Much to his dismay, the devil sect disciples had already investigated the things about the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. So to say, it had nothing to do with the devil path sects.

"What a pity! I'm afraid that the righteous guys could not even imagine that three thousand years ago a powerful devil prince was already resurrected and was now awake, and he is the one who had arranged a powerful barrier to guard this place. And it is this barrier which is restricting the Nirvana Realm martial artists to come in and ravage this place!" Another guy lamented.

Chen Xiang was startled. If this place remained fortified till the catastrophe; wouldn't the demons and the devils invade all together, and finally ravage the Chenwu Mainland to nothing, at one fell swoop?

"The breach in space were generally not that big. The invaders from the Demon and the Devil World can only come slowly. You can simply attack them from the outside. But if a bunch of them gathered together, then it would be too frightening." Bai Youyou exclaimed.

"Now there is already a very small breach, from which some weak demons and devils are able to pass through!"A devil sect disciples once again said.

This information shocked the hell out of Chen Xiang.

According to Chen Xiang's estimation, there was still a long time before the rift would appear. But contrary to his expectation, one was already there.

After some discussion, the devil sect disciples decided not to ambush the righteous sect disciples. They all chose to withdraw because there was still the matter of a powerful devil prince, who was searching for some demons and devils who can be resurrected, in order to create a demon and devil army in advance.

"Although there is a rift, but an extremely powerful guy cannot come over. Otherwise, the spatial force will sense him, and he will be torn to shreds. The weak creatures naturally didn't have to fear anything! You must quickly find the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise, then by using the Heavenly Sun Fire, ravage everything here. Those little creatures dread that kind of flames."

Su Meiyao discovered it was more serious than they had imagined. No one had imagined the resurrection of a powerful devil prince.

A devil prince from hundred thousand years ago. Who knows how powerful he was? Chen Xiang could not even imagine. Even more so, a devil prince who could even be resurrected should not be some ordinary guy. He definitely must have some terrifying devil techniques. When he thought of this, Chen Xiang felt powerless.

What made him depressed was that the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was hidden in the depths of the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. If a lot of devil princes had been resurrected, then along with many little demons and devils, it was definitely going to be very difficult for him to get it.

After passing through a canyon, the fog was, even more, denser, but Chen Xiang didn't sense any Devil Qi. Evidently, it was safe here. If it was some place with rich Devil Qi, then it would be place, where a large number of demons and devils were buried. Those weak devils coming here need to rely on the very same Devil Qi to increase their strength.

After Chen Xiang cautiously flew for three days. Suddenly, a terrifying roar came from the front, as if hundreds of thousands of men were roaring simultaneously. This roar was filled with violence and was creepy as well as intimidating.

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