World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0339 - Step Into The Devil Mountain

Step Into The Devil Mountain

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Chen Xiang felt that it was very difficult for him to step into the 6th Level of the True Martial Realm now. He had swallowed nine Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Although they could provide him a large amount of True Qi, it was far from enough. After arduously compressing the endless amount of True Qi, he was only successful in lighting up forty true elemental grains.

Chen Xiang needed to light up fifty true elemental grains every level, only then would he be able to breakthrough to the next level. Now he was still short by ten grains. In the later stages, he would need a larger amount of True Qi to compress.

Without any choice, Chen Xiang had to eat all the Building Foundation Dans in his hands, and even a large amount of True Elemental Dans. Otherwise, he would be unable to breakthrough in such a short time.

He was in possession of so many resources, it was already astonishing. After all, the others relied on sect distribution for their resources. As for searching or earning on their own, it needed a lot of time, not to mention, it was too risky.

After ten days, Chen Xiang had used a large number of dans and finally broke through to the 6th level of the True Martial Realm. During the breakthrough, he felt the power coursing through his body. Not only was his True Qi astonishingly vigorous than the past, even his body was a little stronger.

However, he had consumed all of his Building Foundation Dans and the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, and an astounding number of True Elemental Dans. These past ten days, he was eating dans like taking his meals. He now came to realize, why the formidable True Martial Realm martial artists in a sect were all very old. Because only someone like him, who could eat dans crazily can advance quickly, the sect even more so didn't have so many resources, which they still had to uniformly distribute among other disciples.

After calculating for a while, Chen Xiang realized that he had surprisingly consumed 20000 True Elemental Dans in these ten days, which were equivalent to one million crystal stones. Yet their potency was not as good as the ten Five Elements True Elemental Dans. If he was not so anxious to enter the 6th level of the True Martial Realm, he would not have been so prodigal.

After spending about half a day in his herb garden, Chen Xiang left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. After notifying Gu Dongchen, he quietly left for the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. Disciples of many other sects had already went to investigate, but much to no avail, they had no results.

Even Gu Dongchen like martial artists had no way to go deep into the One HUndred Thousand Devil Mountains; they would be forcefully blocked. Evidently, there was a very powerful array or some barrier like thing inside.

The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains was spread on a vast piece of land. The Devil Province was also just around it. The natives of the Devil Province were all a bunch of devil path martial artists who very much yearn for the Devil Domain. They were the group of people who had received guidance from the natives of Devil Domain and cultivated the devil path.

The Devil Province was next to the sea and connected to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and the Proud Sword Sect. After Chen Xiang left the Tianmen City, he entered a deserted forest and turned into a small bird using the 72 Transformations before flying towards the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.

Even though he was a little slower after turning into a bird, it was relatively safer. Although the other sects had declared that they were not going to hold him responsible for the past deeds, and even the bounty has been removed; but he still had to be vigilant. And not to forget, those devil path martial artists hated him to be the very bone, he needed to be even more careful.

After turning into a bird, he had nothing to be afraid of, even if he encountered some storm or anything. Because he could utilize the power of True Martial Realm 6th level to fly, which was completely different than an ordinary bird.

"Little rascal, are you going look for Sister Menger in the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire?" Long Xueyi tenderly laughed and said. Even though she appeared to a little girl, her brain was full of evil thoughts.

"No, I will probably not be able to restrain myself and turn into a bird and peek at her bathing!" Chen Xiang completely laid out his mind. Especially when turning into a bird and peeking at her, this idea had been lingering in his mind and wouldn't go away no matter what, because, to be honest, it would be extremely easy.

"This dragon is going to be watching you! You better not use this sacred spiritual power to do perverted things." Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said.

"Little dragon, aren't you doing perverted things too?" Chen Xiang said in contempt.

After six days of continuous flying, Chen Xiang finally flew over the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. It was a small town near the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. The residents of this town found it strange that a bunch of people would come from time to time. However, they didn't know that there was something strange brewing inside the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains.

The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains was the entrance to the Human World which the demons and devils used one hundred thousand years ago. There were as many as a hundred thousand mountains here, which had been covered in the blood of many demons and devils. Even many devils and demons had been buried here. And hence its name was One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains.

Chen Xiang flew high in the sky. Far away a large piece of land was shrouded in white mist, rendering it difficult for anyone to see. It can be said to be an ocean of mountains, all kinds of strangely shaped mountain could be found here, it looked very spectacular. Especially looking at it from high in the sky. Many of the mountain were so high that they were piercing through the sky, even clouds weren't able to stop their reaches.

"It's just the outer ring of the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, that's why you can't see any devil qi fluctuations whatsoever. These mountains are spread in quite a big area, you will need to fly for at least half a day before you could cross the outer ring!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang flew low, searching for the trail indicated on the map that was given by Huang Jintian. Very soon he found a camel-like big mountain, which was the very marker indicated on the map. After finding the marker, he could finally follow the route in accordance with the map. Now it was just a matter of time before he could finally find the location of the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

If he was walking down the road open and aboveboard, Chen Xiang would still have no problem in dealing with the strange creatures in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, he has a wide set of skills and not to mention the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit which was extremely lethal to them. In case if he chose to walk deceitfully, he was even more formidable. Just take a look at it now, who would have thought that such a small bird was a human? Especially because of this ability, he had little or no pressure at all. It was quite easy for him to fly into the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains.

He was not here to fight but was responsible for noting the strange things happening here, and also look for the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise in the process. In order to have the strength to survive the catastrophe, it was absolutely necessary for him to learn the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

After entering the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, Chen Xiang flew very quickly. Very soon he found other sect disciples. From their conversation, Chen Xiang came to know they were from the True Martial Sect, and also realized that they have been blindly wandering here for two weeks. They had not investigated anything, yet they kept complaining in being assigned to do such trivial stuff.

Most of the sent disciples were in True Martial Realm 9th level, which was the level in which they had to exert all their strength to find the opportunity to breakthrough to the Extreme State. Time for them was of the essence.

"Bunch of fools, they have intentionally been lured here, I reckon they will soon encounter an ambush!" Chen Xiang, from their conversation realized that these people had encountered an attack, and were being chased along the road. Moreover, they had also killed one from the opposite party. They were up against the disciples of the devil path sect, and currently they had been following the blood trial of an injured devil sect disciples for a long time.

As true to Chen Xiang's words, he soon found many men hidden among the trees in the vicinity of the True Martial Sect's disciples. Just like what he had encountered in the Southern Wasteland.

"Since these guys so love to hide in the trees, I'll let them forever be buried inside it!" Chen Xiang flew to a very dense tree, turned into his original appearance before taking out the Demanding Life Devil Bow.

Chen Xiang did not intend to help the True Martial Sect's disciples because they were all 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists. They were more than enough to deal with these devil sect disciples, however, it was under the case that they did not found out about the ambush.

Chen Xiang had already been extremely proficient in using the Demanding Life Devil Bow. He shot at a big tree. An immediate explosion soon followed Chen Xiang's shot. A mist of blood soon dispersed in the forest, the devil sect disciple hiding inside the tree had already been smashed to pieces.

In next to no time, the True Martial Sect disciples found out, they hastily took out their weapons and became vigilant.

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