World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0338 - The Catastrophe's Mouth

The Catastrophe's Mouth

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Liu Menger seemed not too knowledgeable with regards to things between a man and a woman. Although she knew that some things would naturally happen, she had yet to prepare her heart. She was confused on how to face this, after all, she and Chen Xiang were currently having an affair. Moreover, she was also hoodwinking her own apprentice. Thinking of this, Liu Menger's mood turned very complicated. She was worried that she would be hated by Xianxian.

Noticing the blush on Liu Menger's face suddenly disappear and replaced by a helpless look. Chen Xiang realized that Liu Menger was thinking of something.

"Sister Menger, I just wanted to touch your rabbits. I could not bear it anymore. I'm sorry," Chen Xiang said with a lascivious smile on his face. He didn't want Liu Menger to keep on thinking about those complicated things. Although he too, was in a complex relationship.

This was very sinful. Liu Menger pouted again and again. She lightly rammed her delicate fist on Chen Xiang's chest, "Little rascal, you rascal... You can never mention this again."

Seeing this high and mighty queen turn into such a shy woman, Chen Xiang was filled with emotions. He grabbed Liu Menger; held her and made her sat on his lap.

"Sister Menger, how are Xianxian and Youlan?" Chen Xiang turned a little honest. Otherwise, this beauty would be out of his embrace.

"Those brats are cultivating in the forbidden area of the Icewind Valley. They should be out before the start of the Hero Congregation." Liu Menger leaned on Chen Xiang's chest and played with a White Jade Lotus Seed.

"Where did you get these herbs? Especially the White Jade Lotus Seed, it can only be found in the Lotus Island! In the past, Lian Yingxiao was chasing me, so I had been reluctant to buy it from him."

Chen Xiang informed Liu Menger about his fight with Lian Changyun. He also gave her three Fire Dragon Blood Lotus. Liu Menger was delighted, one was for her, and the other two for Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan.

"Sister Menger, you must be a little kind to those girls," Chen Xiang said.

"Both of them are my apprentices; they are like my family. Naturally, I'll be good to them! You should be a little careful in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain." Liu Menger realized Chen Xiang must have some other reason to visit the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, and no matter what, she couldn’t stop him. However, she was still worried.

Chen Xiang caressed her face, smiled and said, "Give me a kiss, I may be gone for some time."

Liu Menger bowed her head and whispered, "You're not allowed to touch." After she had finished speaking, she raised her head, wrapped her arms around Chen Xiang's neck, and the two began kissing each other again...

At night, Chen Xiang sent Liu Menger out of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Just as Liu Menger left, god knows where Gu Dongchen jumped out.

"Young Martial Uncle, why did Liu Menger came looking for you? She had come for you a couple of times already!" Gu Dongchen curiously asked while staring at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had not expected that Liu Menger would so boldly come for him. He was unable to think of some good reason.

"This... she came to discuss some things about my wife, also... also there is the matter of disappearance of the secular world." A sad look appeared on Chen Xiang's face. The disappearance of the secular world had indeed worried him because his father was still there.

"Oh, you know about the secular world? Don't worry; it has only disappeared temporarily... However, you would not need so much time to discuss these, from noon till night." Gu Dongchen was deeply suspicious of Chen Xiang's and Liu Menger's relation.

Chen Xiang forcefully coughed, "Little featherhead, why are you bitching so much!"

"Young Martial Uncle, you have to answer honestly. Last time, when you sold the Building Foundation Dan, wasn't Liu Menger intentionally raising the price?" Thinking of this, Gu Dongchen was burning in anger.

Chen Xiang knew that he could not hide this affair any longer. Because during the auctioning of the Elemental Spirit Dan, Liu Menger was intentionally raising the price against Yue Jianglin.

"That... that was because I wanted to earn some crystal stones. Who asked you to act so destitute in front of me. Think of it more as your martial uncle punishing you." Chen Xiang emphasized on the “Martial Uncle.”

Gu Dongchen snorted in a low voice, "I don't believe that you and Liu Menger can be so close just because she is related to your wife. Such a proud woman to do that kind of thing, and she even came looking for you not only once but twice..."

"Little Featherhead, if you dare to speak any more nonsense, I... I will ask the old madman to straighten you up." Chen Xiang quickly interrupted Gu Dongchen.

Gu Dongchen had not grown old just like that. If he still couldn’t notice their relation even after all of this, then he had lived for nothing.

Getting such a big reaction from Chen Xiang, Gu Dongchen ambiguously smiled, "Young Martial Uncle, you're so awesome! Lian Yingxiao, that handsome guy, no matter what he did, he still failed to get his hands on her, yet she had been obtained by you. How in the hell did you succeed?"

Chen Xiang realized that Gu Dongchen had noticed his and Liu Menger's relationship. He calmed down and dismissively said, "This is your martial uncle's charm. I did not use any means. Now that I don't need to conceal anything from you, Hua Xiangyue, that little bitch is always pestering me. But as you know, I have a wife, so I’ve refused her! Didn't you see, last time she brought me back, she happened to be angry?"

Seeing Chen Xiang's flamboyant appearance, Gu Dongchen could not help but grind his teeth in secret. In his heart, he thought, "She is wasted on this piece of garbage, is there no God!"

"Keep it a secret. If you speak of this to anyone, you'll live the rest of your life in the shadows of that old madman." Chen Xiang words proved to be useful. A shiver of fear hit gu Dongchen. Huang Jintian was his nightmare; he quickly nodded his head.

Although Gu Dongchen found it absurd; that an honorable Empress would hook up with the little rascal, Chen Xiang, however, after thinking of himself and Wu Kaiming acting all respectful to Chen Xiang, he didn't find it strange. But he still couldn’t forget the fact that an extraordinary and prominent beauty have been taken by Chen Xiang, and this disturbed his mind. What was even more sinister was the fact that both master and apprentice had been taken by Chen Xiang.

"It’s really unfair!" Gu Dongchen was walking on the road, and he could not help but let out a light sigh.

Chen Xiang knew that if he immediately went to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, it would be extremely dangerous. That was why he planned to enter the 6th level of the True Martial Realm before going. He now had nine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, which, for him, was enough to enter a new stage.

After going through the hell training of Huang Jintian, his foundation had already been solidified. He now realized that if he quickly wanted to progress using dans, he must often pay a visit to Huang Jintian to consolidate his cultivation. Otherwise, it would be detrimental to him.

The Great Battle of the Three Realms spread to every world of the three domains, the Human Domain, the Devil Domain, and the Demon Domain. The natives of the Demon and the Devil World were rather aggressive in nature, large in numbers, as well as stronger. They would certainly be rushing to the Human Worlds.

The Chenwu Mainland was a gateway for the Demon and the Devil World. All the Nirvana Realm martial artists were under enormous pressure.

The residents of the Chenwu Mainland were leading their normal life. They were totally oblivious to the brutality of the imminent catastrophe. Even if they knew about it, they were under little or no pressure. To stop the disaster, the Human World could only rely on the powerful martial artists!

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