World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0337 - Hopeful Nirvana

Hopeful Nirvana

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Liu Menger gave a twist on Chen Xiang's waist. She angrily said, "Little rascal."

"Sister Menger last time, you left very quickly, and didn't give me the time to show my skill, it was really a pity!" Chen Xiang disappointedly sighed.

Certainly, Liu Menger had seen Chen Xiang’s performance and she was taken aback. She now had a deeper understanding of Chen Xiang. She softly said, "According to Xiangyue, brat, you really did stir up trouble this time. Which ended up in you annoying Xiao Ziliang."

Chen Xiang simply laughed and said, "I'm not afraid of him, forget that, tell me, what made you come to me?"

"Is Gu Dongchen sending you to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain? I came to stop him, it’s very dangerous to go there now. Even though you're very powerful, you must not go, you must obediently cultivate." Liu Menger stood up, and with her beautiful hands caressed Chen Xiang's face, "Last time, the Southern Wasteland was very dangerous. Moreover; the devil path guys might be inside, I'm worried about you!"

Realizing that Liu Menger was so concerned about him, Chen Xiang felt touched. He smiled and said, "Sister Menger, you don't have to worry about me! Even if he had not sent me there, I would still go! Hei hei, forget about that, I have got a gift for you!"

Chen Xiang pinched Liu Menger's face, then mischievously smiled while taking out five jade boxes and placing them on the table. He said with a mysterious smile, "Sister Menger, I had worked hard for several months to get these things!"

Liu Menger reckoned there were herbs inside. Chen Xiang had stayed in the forbidden land for three months. During this period, she had visited Extreme Martial Sect for Chen Xiang twice. However, Gu Dongchen told her that Chen Xiang had gone into closed-door training.

Liu Menger opened the first jade box. The moment she opened her eyes, Resurrection Grass, the Nine Elemental Flower, and a White Jade Lotus Seed came into her view. However, she wasn't surprised because Chen Xiang himself had a White Jade Lotus Seed, he had already said that he was going to give it to her. She was moved, in the past, she had refused because she felt it was more important for Chen Xiang. The White Jade Lotus Seed if directly eaten was still very useful.

Noticing the affectionate look in Liu Menger's eyes, Chen Xiang scratched his head twice. An honorable Empress was looking at him with such expression, his face was flushed red. He was extremely excited.

Looking at his appearance, Liu Menger sweetly smiled and said, "Little rascal, you keep it for yourself. You're an alchemist, it is rather more useful for you!"

Chen Xiang with a mysterious look, continued, "There are still more, continue looking!"

Liu Menger, was secretly curious, what other gifts has Chen Xiang prepared for her. She opened the other jade box. This time she was stupefied. Because yet again it was the Resurrection Grass, the Nine Elemental Flower, and the White Jade Lotus Seed. Those were the three most important herbs for refining the Resurrection Dan. Gathering a complete set was tough, not to mention, two set!

The Resurrection Dan was a high-grade earth level dan, which in the Chenwu Mainland was incredibly rare! Liu Menger could not understand how Chen Xiang got the herbs, she looked at the mischievously smiling Chen Xiang in shock. Much to her surprise, Chen Xiang once again indicated her to continue opening the other jade box.

After Liu Menger had opened the third jade box, she was completely stupefied. Because she found yet another set of herbs for the Resurrection Dan. Her voluptuous bosom was heaving up and down. She was really touched. Chen Xiang gifts were too expensive. At this time, she felt Chen Xiang's deep feelings for her.

After she had calmed down, she continued opening the fourth box. This time she was already prepared, but inevitably she was still surprised with another set of herbs. She was sure that the final box would also have the same.

After she opened the fifth box. She closed her eyes, took a long deep breath. Yet again, she was presented with three main herbs for refining the Resurrection, Dan. However, the Hell Spirit Grass had replaced the White Jade Lotus Seed.

Chen Xiang walked over. Hugged the enthralling moist-eyed beauty, and gently said, "I don't want to lose you, you have to successfully cross the Nirvana Tribulation!"

Liu Menger also tightly embraced Chen Xiang, placed her face on Chen Xiang's chest, sighed and asked, "Little rascal, you knew?"

"These are five Resurrection Dans if Hua Xiangyue did her best. It should be enough! You don't have to worry too much about it later, now you’ll definitely be able to cross the Nirvana Tribulation." Chen Xiang encouraged her.

"En, the Nirvana Tribulation really had me horrified! You'll understand it later. I just didn't want to make you broken-hearted, so... so I was avoiding you!" Liu Menger said in a low voice.

Chen Xiang smiled and took out the Yin and Yang ball that was given by Huang Jintian to her. Within which was something regarding what would occur during Liu Menger's Nirvana Tribulation.

"What is it?" After Liu Menger had seen it, she asked with a frown.

"Take it and integrate it with your mind. For this thing, I had suffered a lot of bitterness!" Chen Xiang was speaking the truth.

Liu Menger guessed it was an Inheritance Bead like thing, with which one could learn some powerful martial technique. She immediately followed Chen Xiang's suggestion; took the Yin and Yang ball, and released her divine sense.

In a moment, the Yin and Yang ball disappeared, as an entirely surprised look manifested upon her face.

"This... this is..." Liu Menger was left speechless from shock. Because now she evidently knew what she was going to face in her seventh Nirvana Tribulation. If she knew this, it would be a lot easier to face it.

The Nirvana Tribulation was frightening in one regard, and that was, you didn't know what kind of tribulation it was. Even if you had the ability to face it, you would be tortured to death by the various suddenly coming tribulations.

"Don't speak!" Chen Xiang quickly stopped her, "You are not allowed to say, only you can know!"

Liu Menger immediately nodded her head, she suppressed her voice and asked, "Little rascal, ultimately what is your relationship with Huang Jintian? I've been told by my parents, that he can predict things about the Nirvana Tribulation!"

Chen Xiang had been imprisoned inside the famed forbidden land of the Extreme Martial Sect, and Huang Jintian was always inside the forbidden land. She had also noticed that Chen Xiang happened to have a Yin and Yang divine vein. By putting the two together, she had been sure that Chen Xiang had some relation with Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang just sighed, Liu Menger also lightly sighed, "Rest assured, I'll definitely protect you!"

Liu Menger was now sure, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were master and apprentice. She was very clear about Huang Jintian's matter from the past because her mother and father had once mentioned it to her.

"Sister Menger, I've given you so many gifts. How are you going to thank me!" Chen Xiang with one arm tightly hugged Liu Menger, while a lascivious smile appeared on his face.

Liu Menger's beautiful face slightly turned red. She closed her eyes, gradually raised her head, and passionately started kissing Chen Xiang.

Initially, Liu Menger intended not to meet with Chen Xiang, until she had crossed the Nirvana Tribulation. But once she came to learn about the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain's matter, she had been anxious that Chen Xiang would go to investigate. Liu Menger simply could not sit still. She immediately came to find Chen Xiang. But much to her surprise, Chen Xiang was instead worried about losing her during the Nirvana Tribulation. At this point, Liu Menger was completely open, she affectionately kissed Chen Xiang.

Liu Menger herself didn't know how long she and Chen Xiang had been kissing. She suddenly felt an arm kneading her bosom, as if an electric current went through her tender body and she couldn't help but shake. She instinctively drew back.

"Little rascal, you are getting increasingly lewd, from whom have you learned this?" Liu Menger angrily said.

Who taught him? Chen Xiang thought this was obvious, why would he need someone else to teach him this. He thought a woman's bosom was originally for a man to touch, otherwise, why would they grow so big? Moreover, also feel so good to touch.

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