World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0336 - The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain

The One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain

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Gu Dongchen was confused, Chen Xiang was going to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to find someone. He already knew Chen Xiang, and Liu Menger were very close, even to the point that they allied together to swindle him off of his crystal stones! However, Xue Xianxian was Chen Xiang's wife. Chen Xiang might be visiting her, and there was nothing wrong with that.

"Wait here, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress will arrive soon. You can just go with her! Now, I want to tell you something very crucial. After you've listened to it, you can go and pack your bags." Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head.

"I think all of you should know about the Catastrophe? Only the core disciples in selected sects are rather clear on this matter. The Catastrophe is sure to come. However, you can’t reveal it to others yet. Otherwise, the entire world will descend into chaos." Gu Dongchen said. At this moment, ten other Elders arrived.

"To be more accurate, the Catastrophe is also known as the Great Battle of Three Realms from legend. You should not be unfamiliar with this, especially since this period has been recorded down very fiercely." Wu Kaiming said.

After the ten 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists heard this revelation, a shiver ran down through their entire body. They had already associated the Catastrophe with the Great Battle of the Three Realms, but it had yet to be confirmed. But now, according to Wu Kaiming, it was all true.

"Unfortunately, there is a merged entrance in the Chenwu Mainland, which is where the demons and devils would come. As such, our Chenwu Mainland is under a lot of pressure." Gu Dongchen heaved a sigh and said.

Chen Xiang learned from Long Xueyi that he was in the Mortal Martial World. Among the various mortal worlds, this world was rather large. The Mortal Martial World had boundless sea and many mainlands. The Chenwu Mainland was a rather prosperous mainland, not only the population was rather large, it has a sect with an incredibly long history, the Extreme Martial Sect.

But an emerging point for the Demon and the Devil World happened to be on the Chenwu Mainland, which was the sole entrance to the entire Mortal Martial World!

"It is said that the merged entrance was also in our Chenwu Mainland last time around. However, that is a matter from a hundred thousand years ago! To be specific, the entrance is said to be at the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain!" Gu Dongchen once again stated, which made Chen Xiang's heart pound. After all, he was preparing to go the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain.

"Last time, when it merged, experts from various mainlands of the Mortal Martial World had gathered here. Together they had resisted the demons and the devils pouring in from the Demon and the Devil World. At that time, the battle was incredibly tragic. Many prominent experts of the Mortal Martial World had died, not to mention the loss of a lot of precious martial techniques, alchemy techniques, and so forth. And this history is going to be repeated."

Listening to Gu Dongchen, everyone knew that this time around it would surely be very miserable. Even Nirvana Realm martial artists would fall, not to mention, them, these little disciples.

"You're going to make a trip to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. You are going there to note the situation. Now the situation of the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain is dangerous. The last time, it was a brutal battlefield, the death of so many martial artists gave birth to the existence of souls, and now their power is gradually increasing. If the passage opened in advance, it will be absolutely impossible for the natives of the Chenwu Mainland to resist the enemy! We Nirvana Realm martial artists are going to contact the experts of various mainlands overseas and ask them to come here; then we will hold a Hero Convention of the Mortal Martial World!"

Chen Xiang had always thought of One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain as a sinister mountain. But much to his surprise, it was the legendary battlefield where the grand battle between the Human World and the Demon and the Devil World took place a hundred thousand years ago. He now realized why Huang Jintian asked him to go there to take that thing.

Chen Xiang was rather more concerned with the Hero Convention, at that time experts from other mainlands would arrive. After all, the Mortal Martial World was vast; there were many mainlands. Surely, the visitors would be enormous in number, and also a lot of them would be powerful.

"You just have to observe the situation; there are already many strange situations that had arisen in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. So long as martial artists above the 9th level of True Martial Realm went there, wild shrieks and howls would burst forth. Even if we are concealing our cultivation, it is still no good. I once thought of forcefully entering it, but felt a very powerful resistance. Moreover, it also gave rise to earthquakes. Now various sects are sending 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists there to take note of the situation, that's why after you have arrived there, you have to be a little careful. If you encounter something you can not resist, you have to retreat." Gu Dongchen final words were particularly heavy. He didn't want to sacrifice his disciples.

"Elder Wu, first take these ten to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to understand the situation, let themselves adapt to the Devil Qi there! Chen Xiang had already been to the Southern Wasteland, so it is not necessary for him. Chen Xiang, you come with me!" Gu Dongchen left with Chen Xiang and came to a secret residence.

Chen Xiang was only in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, but Gu Dongchen was sending him to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, there was definitely an underlying reason behind it.

"Young Martial Uncle, you have to go to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, are you afraid?" Gu Dongchen asked. He knew that as an alchemist, Chen Xiang must have had a lot of things to do. Gu Dongchen felt a little guilty about sending Chen Xiang to such a dangerous place.

"Naturally, I'm not afraid! Clearly tell me what you have to say." Chen Xiang indifferently replied. Even if Gu Dongchen had not asked him to go, he would have gone. He needed to go and acquire the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

"Ok, the situation inside the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain is incredibly strange. I suspect that the residual power of souls are being gathered, and are used by someone in an altar to do something like the situation before. Thereby in which they will create a fearsome barrier, rendering us Nirvana Realm martial artists unable to enter."

Gu Dongchen looked solemn. He said in a low voice, "If you can't find anything, set it on fire and incinerate everything there! I know Young Martial Uncle's flame is extraordinary, it is full of extreme yang and unyielding. It should be extremely lethal towards Devil Qi!”

Chen Xiang nodded his head. He just had to set fire on the mountain, that's all. As far as the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain was concerned, he was not a little bit afraid. He was only rather concerned about how useful the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise would turn out to be, and if it would also prove to be tough to learn or not.

"I'll go alone, don't let the other senior brothers enter too far! To tell you the truth, when I went to the master, he told me to pay attention to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain especially. He also requested me to head deeper and record the situation there; he said I could probably handle this!" Chen Xiang after some thinking came up with a reason. This way, he could act alone.

Gu Dongchen was shocked. He knew Huang Jintian could foresee future events, which was why he readily believed this spun up tale, "Good, I'll go greet the other sects! Liu Menger is coming here very soon; she should be coming for the junior sister."

Liu Menger soon arrived. Her face was covered with a black muslin and was completely garbed in black clothes. Dressed in black, she appeared to be relatively inconspicuous. She shouldn’t have come for Elder Dan, but rather Chen Xiang.

Gu Dongchen found it a little strange. After all, why would Liu Menger come for Chen Xiang? But he didn't ask anything and simply let Chen Xiang take Liu Menger to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had been alone with Liu Menger in the Extreme Martial Sect. He could not help but have his thoughts wander.

Only Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were present in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Even Wu Qianqian was not there at the moment; she was receiving training in the King Martial Courtyard. She was not like Chen Xiang, who had so many ways to elevate his strength.

"Sister Menger, you actually came to visit me!"

A mischievous smile was hung on Chen Xiang’s face, as he gave a cup of tea Liu Menger. Suddenly, he kissed her face. Liu Menger felt extremely shy. Although it seemed like there was no one here, she still didn't entirely trust that. After all, it was still the Extreme Martial Sect.

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