World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0335 - The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise

The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise

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Huang Jintian quickly drew the map, after handing it over to Chen Xiang he said, "You have to go the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. When you have arrived there, take out this map, it should allow you to find the way to get the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise."

Much to Chen Xiang's surprise, The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise was yet another Divine Exercise.

Since coming down here, Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou, and Long Xueyi turned silent. They seemed to be worried about being found out by Huang Jintian. Moreover, they all faintly felt, Huang Jintian, this strange old had sensed their existence.

"After cultivating the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise, it will let you have the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi. This Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi can integrate with your True Qi, for dealing with demons and devils, for these two existences, it will be a lot more fatal. The Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is not so easy to learn. However, I believe that you'll be able to learn." Huang Jintian explained.

Chen Xiang doubtfully asked, "Master, do you know the Subduing Devil Divine Exercise? That is the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, isn't it very dangerous!"

"Brat, you even dare to come down here, still afraid to go to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain?" Huang Jintian scoffingly said, "The Subduing Devil Divine Exercise is only useful for dealing with the natives of the Demon and Devil World. For dealing with the martial artists of the Human World, it is completely useless! When the Big Storm arrives, the martial artists of the Demon and Devil World will come running. The Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise will play a crucial role in fighting them!"

Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue. If the Great Battle of the Three Realms was not going to happen, naturally, no one was going to learn this useless martial exercise.

"The whereabouts of the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise is handed down by the Extreme Martial Founding Father. Even Little Featherhead is not aware of it; you just have to go to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. Although it is a little dangerous, you will not have any problem in dealing it! The Great Battle of the Three Realms is nothing to joke about; it is very cruel. Not to mention, you, with your little abilities, even the Nirvana Realm martial artists would fall in large numbers." Huang Jintian sighed and said.

Chen Xiang heaved a bitter sigh because he was unexpectedly caught up in this storm. Not to mention, he still didn't know when it was going to arrive.

"If there is nothing else that you want to say, then quickly get the hell out. Don't waste my time!" Huang Jintian said, "Right, keep in mind don't say anything about the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise to Little Featherhead and the others. It will be useless for them to cultivate, they are not suitable to cultivate this martial exercise."

Chen Xiang didn't have enough time to say goodbye; he had been kicked up once again by Huang Jintian.

"Little bald, I've returned alive." Chen Xiang lying down on the ground, looking at the bright sunlight, laughed and said.

"Martial Uncle, congratulation for your safe return." Wu Kaiming too laughed and said. He was waiting here for three months; they couldn't help but admire Chen Xiang. Much to their surprise, Chen Xiang could stay down there for so long, in the past, he and Gu Dongchen, at most, could just stay there for one month.

Chen Xiang told Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming about Xiao Ziliang, before he returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, to take care of his spirit herbs.

He had left three months before to participate in the Danxiang Taoyuan Grand Meeting, and once again in the forbidden land, he had spent three months with Huang Jintian. In this half year he often produced the Golden Dragon Saliva, now he had already saved up a lot!

Chen Xiang intend to use it to nourish the Resurrection Grass and the Nine Elemental Flower. Moreover, he planned to use the ten drops of the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk. He wanted to grow more Resurrection Grass and the Nine Elemental Flower quickly.

"Your teacher is very formidable. He should be from the Undead Family, which is a mystical family with infinite life. And also the family members also have the Yin and Yang veins, which is even more astonishing." Long Xueyi exclaimed again and again before she finally dared to speak.

"In the future, he can indeed become a legendary character, but hiding here is also ingenious." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang quickly asked, "Have you heard of the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise?"

"It is the bottom most skill among the ten ancient, bizarre exercises. Neither it is hard to practice, nor it can be said to be overly useful. Besides being helpful in dealing with the natives of the Demon and the Devil World, it does not have any other uses." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang in his herb garden planted the Resurrection Grass and the Nine Elemental Flower, before cautiously pouring the Golden Dragon Saliva upon them.

"The Resurrection Grass can grow grass seeds, and the Nine Elemental Grass could grow flower seeds. However, both need to be ten thousand years old! As long as they can grow these seeds, you can use these seeds to plant a bunch of them! It takes five thousand years for them to mature." Su Meiyao said. She also had an understanding of the Dragon Saliva Exercise. In the past, they had done this kind of stuff a lot of times; they were quite experienced in this.

Three days passed. A significant amount of the Golden Dragon Saliva was used to water the Resurrection Grass and the Nine Elemental Flower before they were able to breed seeds, after which each of them produced ten seeds.

"The Resurrection Grass and the Nine Elemental Flower can now be planted here by using these seeds. The spirit grasses and flowers can grow infinitely, moreover, the more they grew, the better they will be. Your Azure Profound Tree is an example." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was secretly excited. He quickly planted the five Resurrection Grass and five Nine Elemental Flower. Then Chen Xiang used a significant amount of Golden Dragon Saliva for watering, and soon the whole Golden Dragon Saliva had been consumed. He had produced the Golden Dragon Saliva for half a year, yet it didn't take him half month to finish it.

At this time, he had no choice but to use the ten thousand years Spirit Milk, because the five Resurrection Grass and five Nine Elemental Flower were soon about to mature. So long as they mature, he could give it to Liu Menger. But he only had five White Jade Lotus Seed, and he needed one for planting. However, he could replace it with the Hell Spirit Grass. This way, he would have five set of the Resurrection Dan's herbs.

Once again two days had passed. Chen Xiang had already run out of the ten thousand years Spirit Milk. Although he had completely consumed the Golden Dragon Saliva and the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk, he was instead feeling very excited, because Chen Xiang had successfully grown the Resurrection Grass and five Nine Elemental Flower. Both of them were the essential herbs for the Resurrection Dan, if he had a little more time, he could even grow a lot of White Jade Lotus Seed.

Chen Xiang had been holed up inside his herb garden, no matter who came to him, he had not gone to greet them, until he was finished with his business. He felt strange because Elder Dan had not appeared till now as if Elder Dan had suddenly disappeared. Although she said she was going to seclude herself for a long time for training, Chen Xiang still felt a little uncomfortable.

When Elder Dan was present, he would not feel so bored. He could harass that mysterious and powerful girl all day.

The Resurrection Grass, the Nine Elemental Flower, the White Jade Lotus Seed, these were the main herbs for refining the Resurrection Dan. Chen Xiang divided into five sets and placed them into five small jade boxes. In one box he used some Hell Spirit Grass to replace the White Jade Lotus Seed.

He just walked out of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and planned to make a trip to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to see Liu Menger; he saw Wu Kaiming hastily flying towards him.

Wu Kaiming without speaking a word grabbed Chen Xiang and flew towards the Elder Courtyard; it was as if there was something urgent.

"Stinking brat, you've made us wait for good several days." Gu Dongchen upon seeing Chen Xiang said immediately.

Inside the Elder Courtyard, there were ten people. He didn't recognize any of them, but he could sense that they were powerful True Martial Realm martial artists, much to his surprise, they were all in 9th level True Martial Realm!

"Dean... I'm going to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to find someone; it is very crucial!" Chen Xiang said. He wanted to hand over the herbs to Liu Menger quickly. Even more so, Huang Jintian's prediction of her Nirvana Tribulation was still in his hands.

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