World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0334 - Foretell


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After Chen Xiang came down, he simply didn't have the chance to ask any question. Occasionally he would almost get the opportunity to ask, but Huang Jintian acted as he had not heard anything. In a flash, three months went by.

"Just about right, brat, your foundation is almost solid. You've progressed too quickly, although you have timely consolidated your cultivation, it was far from enough. In the future, you better make time to come here. Otherwise, you can forget to compete in the Heavenly Realm." Huang Jintian looked solemn. Now he didn't have that maniac look. Instead, he gave the impression of a strict master.

Under the hands of Huang Jintian, Chen Xiang had to suffer torture for three months. But he still forcefully laughed and said, "Thank you, master, your apprentice will follow your teachings!"

"Anyway, little guy, you're definitely not going to come to this old man, the question that you wanted to ask before, ask it again." Huang Jintian scoffingly said.

Chen Xiang awkwardly smiled, and asked, "Master, do you remember Xiao Ziliang? He has now established some Free Immortal Sea, some time ago he had been maliciously swindled by me. Now I’m worried that he might take his revenge because I’ve made him a lose a lot. So, I would like to get some information about him..."

Next, Chen Xiang described the incident of the Fragrance City's Square in detail.

After Huang Jintian finished listening, he immediately burst into his maniac laughter, "You don't have to worry! Although Xiao Ziliang is a little narrow-minded, he isn't that bad! He is not stupid. He should have definitely noticed that you're my apprentice. Even if that bastard borrowed the galls of ten thousand dogs, he wouldn't have the courage to take any action against you. He would not even dare to make a move on the Extreme Martial Sect. Bullshit Free Immortal Sea, he had established it almost to vent his anger."

Although Huang Jintian was insane, his words were extremely trustworthy. This made Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

"Xiao Ziliang is a very timid guy. I think after crossing his seventh Nirvana Tribulation, he dares to come and flaunt his prowess. But he had not expected Little Featherhead to have already crossed the eighth tribulation! Although Xiao Ziliang had lived a good-for-nothing life, if he could make it till now, then that is something to commend. From our era, not many are still alive, most of us have vanished during their Nirvana Tribulation, not even their ashes were left." Huang Jintian gave a long sigh.

Chen Xiang now realized Nirvana Realm martial artists were not so omnipotent, at least, they dreaded the Nirvana Tribulation.

"Xiao Ziliang is rather formidable in laying out arrays, if you need to, you can directly go to him. Looking at my face, he will certainly help you." Huang Jintian slightly smiled and caressed his greasy beard.

Chen Xiang was secretly pleased to have such a strong master. He thought if his master were not a maniac, and had some kindness, he would be perfect. Every time he would come down it would not feel like descending into hell

"Master, you can prophesize, right? I would like to ask you about someone who is going to be crossing the Nirvana Tribulation?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Who is it?"

"Her name is Liu Menger. She is the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire... Right! Before it was used to be called the Divine Weapon Sect." Chen Xiang quickly replied, waiting for Huang Jintian's reply, a look of anticipation hung upon his face.

A sliver of strange light flashed past those deep eyes of Huang Jintian, "That divine couple's daughter. Nice brat, are you hooked up with her? She is in Nirvana Realm, brat, your luck with the opposite sex have even surprised me, your master!"

Chen Xiang wryly smiled and replied, "Fairly ordinary, master, do you know her parents?"

"I knew her father and mother. They were characters from my era, and even stronger than me. That couple was very strange; everyone felt they were unlike the natives of the Mortal World. In short, you hooking up with their daughter is a good thing. She is but my apprentice daughter-in-law, hei hei!" Huang Jintian patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, smiled and said, "You're something!"

Chen Xiang already knew Liu Menger's parents were extraordinary, but he had not expected that Huang Jintian also did not know the exact details of them.

"Wait a bit, I'll calculate for you!" While speaking, Huang Jintian extended his arm, before a Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram emerged above his palm. His eyes also gradually turned into intertwining black and white like a rotating Tai Chi diagram, while the Yin and Yang Tai Chi Diagram above his palm quickly started rotating.

Watching the Tai Chi Diagram upon Huang Jintian's palm, Chen Xiang was extremely astonished. In particular, after noticing a mess of texts appearing on the Tai Chi Diagram, he, even more, felt unimaginable.

Three days and nights had gone just like this, yet Huang Jintian continued to remain in the same state. Chen Xiang waited patiently, although he didn't know how Huang Jintian was going to do it, he knew Huang Jintian must have some fortuitous encounter, only then would he came into possession of such ability.

Huang Jintian opened his eyes, the small and exquisite Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram above his palm turned into a little Yin and Yang ball. He frowned and said, "That little girl's Nirvana Tribulation is unexpectedly so frightening, could it be she have some powerful thing inside her?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head and replied, "Master, she has a purple colored Fire Spirit. An unusual Fire Spirit..."

"Not only does she have a Fire Spirit, but she should also have something with fire attribute, her Fire Spirit should have fire and cold attribute." Huang Jintian said.

Liu Menger had the Fire Spirit and the Vermillion Bird Tender Thread, both of which were powerful things. Now Chen Xiang couldn't help but admire his master, much to his surprise, he had guessed both.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Just as he wanted to speak, Huang Jintian stopped him, "Don't' tell me what it is! You give this to her, make her fuse it with her mind, the rest she had to see for herself."

Huang Jintian handed the Yin and Yang ball to Chen Xiang. He sternly exhorted, "Inside it are the details of the events she has to face during her tribulation, aside from the heaven and the earth, only she and I can know! Once it is leaked out, it will not be accurate."

Chen Xiang nodded his head continuously before he stored the Yin and Yang ball safely.

"Master, how did you do it? I want to learn!" Chen Xiang was a little excited. The Refining Simulation Technique was a little similar to predicting the future. However, it was used to predict the future events in the alchemical furnace, rather than predicting the future events of the world.

Huang Jintian shook his head, "You can not learn this. Otherwise, you'll die! Although the possessor of Yin and Yang Divine Vein could learn this secret method, ordinary people don't have the life to offer as a price. This technique will shorten its user's life. But as your master he can not die, he is fearless."

Chen Xiang was surprised for a moment. He suddenly felt his teacher was one mysterious guy. Unexpectedly he could not die!

"Brat, do you still have some questions?" Huang Jintian patted his head and slightly smiled.

"I do, I want to ask when the Big Storm is going to arrive? Also, what is your opinion regarding this?" The Big Storm was the Great Battle of the Three Realms. He was also very concerned regarding this.

When Chen Xiang started asking this, Huang Jintian's eyebrows were tightly knit. For a long time, he didn't speak anything; he looked solemn.

Huang Jintian was dignified. He didn't have the appearance of a maniac, which clearly indicated that what he was going to say and do was imperative.

Chen Xiang too didn't urge but waited patiently.

"Since you have obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, then you should have the ability to go that place to get something similar, that thing will be useful to you!" While speaking, God knows where, in Huang Jintian's hand appeared a piece of cloth, upon which he quickly painted, which soon took the form of a map.

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