World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0333 - Re-Entering The Forbidden Land

Re-Entering The Forbidden Land

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Chen Xiang secretly grabbed Hua Xiangyue's beautiful hands. Hua Xiangyue was pulling Chen Xiang and leaped continuously, she moved so fast, so fast that Chen Xiang was gasping for breath. Hua Xiangyue didn't even consider his feelings, like this she returned Chen Xiang to the Extreme Martial Sect.

When Chen Xiang had been thrown in front of Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, he was left unrecognizable. His hair was a mess, his clothes were tattered, and his complexion was a little pale.

"I've safely brought the brat." Hua Xiangyue dropped this sentence, then angrily left.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming was a little surprised, they didn't know why Hua Xiangyue was angry. They speculated that Chen Xiang must have angered Hua Xiangyue.

Naturally, Chen Xiang was aware of why Hua Xiangyue was angry; however, he still could not understand for what reason she was furious about, was it because he had not accepted her as his maidservant?

Once Chen Xiang returned, he had been brought to a private room by Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen. They appeared to be very cautious, even in the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. From looking at their appearance, it was clear that they wanted to talk about something very confidential.

"What is it! Speak quickly, don't you know that an alchemist's time is very precious." Chen Xiang lazily said. He was a little tired, he wanted to take a good rest, and then plant some plants and flower, and refine some dans.

Gu Dongchen replied, "Young Martial Uncle, Xiao Ziliang was used to be that old madman's rival. But now he has established the Free Immortal Sea, I'm worried that he is plotting something. That's why we want you to go and ask that old madman so that we can know a little more about Xiao Ziliang. I'm sure he'll be very interested in this matter."

After hearing that he had to look for his mad master, Chen Xiang suddenly felt his whole body was wrapped in an inexplicable pain. Last time when he had come out, he swore that he would not ever return to that place.

"Why don't you go?" Chen Xiang snorted.

Although he had spent some little time with his master, Huang Jintian, he was extremely clear regarding his master's temper. If he went to Huang Jintian, he must suffer some torture for a while. That old madman was quite proficient in torturing, he would not let you die or be seriously injured, yet he would never let you forget, he would ingrain a lifelong fear into you.

"You are his apprentice, as such, you are closer to him. Moreover, the Big Storm is about to arrive, you have to ask him his opinion." Gu Dongchen forcefully smiled and said. Speaking of going to the old madman, he and Wu Kaiming very much dreaded him, it was quite obvious, they too had suffered no little torture in his hands.

Wu Kaiming smiled wryly, "To tell you the truth, whenever we are preparing to cross the Nirvana Tribulation, we will go to the old madman. In regards to crossing the Nirvana Tribulation, he is extremely knowledgeable.”

Gu Dongchen heaved a long sigh, in his eyes a sliver of fear appeared. After all, he had crossed so many tribulations, he must have gone to Huang Jintian many times, the outcome can be imagined.

"Little bald, when you are going to cross the Nirvana Tribulation, why not ask your Dean, why go to the old madman? Do you want to get tortured?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Do you think, I've some screw loose? If Dean can help me solve the problem, why would I do such stupid thing?" Wu Kaiming heaved a sigh and said.

Liu Menger was going to cross the Nirvana Tribulation, he initially intended to ask Gu Dongchen to share his experience with her, but now it seemed to be useless.

"Why can Little Featherhead not solve your problem?" Chen Xiang persistently asked.

"Because everyone's Nirvana Tribulation is a lot different. I can only tell what to pay attention while crossing the Nirvana Tribulation. But that old madman could most likely predict which Nirvana Tribulation he is going to experience. This is also his big secret! Not to mention, he must be cursed by heaven, because he is divulging its secrets " Gu Dongchen suppressed his voice and said.

Chen Xiang, in his heart, was surprised. He didn't expect his mad master to actually be so formidable. This ability was truly heaven-defying.

"How does master predicts?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This I don't have any idea. When my master was ascending to the Heavenly Realm, he quietly told us that if we want to smoothly cross the tribulation, it is better to find that old madman. He can make sure that we can at least have eighty percent chance to smoothly cross the tribulation!" Gu Dongchen shook his head and said.

Eighty percent chance! This not only scared the hell out of Chen Xiang, but it was also similarly true for Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi, all three of them. After all, when crossing the tribulation, many martial artists didn't even have ten percent chance to cross the tribulation successfully.

"Young Martial Uncle, you still have to go see the old man, after all, he has the mysterious power to predict things." Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "No problem, but let me rest for a day, I'm worried, that I can not withstand the torture."

With Chen Xiang's agreement, Gu Dongchen, and Wu Kaiming both felt extremely sentimental. At this time, they both gloatingly looked at Chen Xiang.

The next day, Chen Xiang followed Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming deeper into the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. In addition to the Extreme Martial Sect's three tycoons, others could not arbitrarily enter this place.

There were still a lot of secrets inside the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. So far Chen Xiang only knew of the forbidden land imprisoning Huang Jintian. There were many other places where he could not casually move around.

Looking at the deep bottomless huge pit, Chen Xiang summoned up his courage and jumped inside...

"Hahaha, little rascal, why have you come? You've truly surprised me! Oh? Have you reached the 5th level Immortal and Devil Body? Well, well, you also have a Fire Spirit, little guy, you can indeed make others jealous!" Huang Jintian looked just like before. His white hair was disheveled, his whole body was dirty. However, his sharp eyes instead projected a strange aura.

The bottom was a little bright. Upon noticing his despicable master who had been kept here for so long, he secretly pitied him.

"Master, I can have such good luck is all due to your, elder's blessing!" Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said. If he flattered him a little, he thought he would be tortured a little less.

Huang Jintian smiled like a naughty child. Upon seeing his smile, Chen Xiang could not laugh but rather had an urge to cry.

"Come, let your teacher have a good look..." While speaking, those skinny hands of Huang Jintian were like lightning, pressed upon Chen Xiang's shoulder, which was followed by waves of blood-curdling screams. Upon hearing Chen Xiang's screams, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming had their scalp-tingling. They too had once shouted just like this, not to mention, so many times!

Chen Xiang felt as if he was being carefully cut by Huang Jintian, piece by piece. His body as if had been squeezed by that powerful True Qi flowing inside Huang Jintian from every direction.

"Not bad, not bad, you brat has grown faster than I have expected... hahaha!" With the burst of that nauseating Huang Jintian's maniac laughter, finally Chen Xiang's hell-like torture had come to an end. It had been nearly two hours.

"Quickly get up, don't waste time, you must cultivate!" Huang Jintian kicked Chen Xiang's waist.

Chen Xiang powerlessly moaned, "Master, Apprentice can’t even move even if I want to, let your apprentice rest a little."

"I've heard this sentence many times before, you've said it, your senior brother had said it, your senior brother's apprentices had also said the same... hei hei. But at last I could finally prove, they all lied because they could move." Huang Jintian said. Before he released his power, making the pleading Chen Xiang suspend in the air.

Pain once again spread throughout Chen Xiang's whole body, which forced him to immediately howl, he shouted, "I can move, I'll cultivate..."

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