World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0332 - The Ten Thousand Years Old Spirit Milk

The Ten Thousand Years Old Spirit Milk

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Xiao Ziliang paid Chen Xiang a hundred million, originally it was two hundred million, but Chen Xiang had exempted him a hundred million. This decreased his hatred of Chen Xiang a little, looking at Chen Xiang's face, Xiao Ziliang could not help but associate it to that madman, Huang Jintian. He could not help but feel terrified, he realized Chen Xiang definitely had some relation with Huang Jintian, yet he didn't voice it out.

Hatred begets hatred, Xiao Ziliang still had a sense of propriety. He was quite aware of the fact that Huang Jintian had been sealed in the Extreme Martial Sect's forbidden land was just a disguise. If Huang JIntian was angered, that would have very serious repercussions.

Xiao Ziliang also paid two hundred million worth of True Elemental Dans to Hua Xiangyue, then picked up the perplexed Xiao Chou and left. He just wanted to quickly return and sleep like a log, forget what had happened today. In his eyes Chen Xiang was a little madman, although still in adolescent phase, he deeply dreaded his potential.

"Finally I can relax, with this I have severed the past enmities of the sect, in the future, they should not trouble me again!" Chen Xiang's laughter resounded for a while.

"Brat, you should be tired! Let's head back to the Extreme Martial Sect." Gu Dongchen said.

"He cannot return yet, he still doesn't know how to use the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk. I've to carefully explain it to him." Hua Xiangyue said, "If it's alright with you, I can bring him back to the Extreme Martial Sect later."

Gu Dongchen was secretly jealous of Chen Xiang. When he arrived, he came with Liu Menger, during his return, he would be with Hua Xiangyue. He now realized, not only Chen Xiang’s potential was extremely good, his luck with the opposite sex was not bad at all. First and foremost, Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue, were both noble girls who were in a prominent position, it was very rare for any man to be placed in their eyes.

"Then I'll have to trouble you!" Gu Dongchen said, then pulled out some disciples buried under the rubble.

Besides Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao, and the others, a row of people had all quickly jumped into the air, that was why they had not been buried. When Wu Kaiming had pulled Zhu Rong out, Chen Xiang and the others started laughing. Finally, Yun Xiaodao and the others followed Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming to the Extreme Martial Sect.

Hua Xiangyue told some Danxiang Taoyuan's disciples to look for the buried people. None who had arrived here were ordinary people, they could definitely remain alive for some time.

Chen Xiang arrived at the twenty-second floor of the Danxiang Tower. Liu Menger realizing he was safe, also took her leave. However, when he arrived at the floor, he could still smell the lingering fragrance of Liu Menger.

"Danxiang's Dean, I helped you earn 10 billion crystal stones, how are you going to thank me?" Chen Xiang said giggling. After he knew Hua Xiangyue was the Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, he wantonly molested her even more. Because he thought it would give him a great sense of conquest in molesting a Dean, within such a prominent position. In particular a character like Hua Xiangyue.

Naturally, Hua Xiangyue was very grateful to Chen Xiang, she tenderly laughed and said, "How about I repay with my body?"

While speaking, she began to undress. As her white robe fell off, only a layer of white muslin wrapped around her bountiful chest came into Chen Xiang's view, outlining her exquisite figure. Her slender waist and her clearly visible collarbone were soul-stirring to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang could not help blush red, he hastily said, "Forget it, I've got a wife, don't seduce me!

Seeing Chen Xiang like this, Hua Xiangyue was a little disappointed.

"Pooh, then why did you lay your hand on Menger? She is your wife's teacher... you, little rascal is really bad, gaining both master and apprentice!" Hua Xiangyue teasingly smiled and said, then put her clothes back on.

Chen Xiang also did not explain, he spread his hands and said, "Quickly teach me how to use the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk, I want to quickly return to the Extreme Martial Sect."

"Humph, do you find me annoying? Don't you want to get together with me?" Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted and said. She intentionally revealed a sad expression on her charming and moving face. This appearance appeared to be very delicate and touching, making others feel the urge to love her tenderly.

"How could I? But I have important things to do! If I find sister annoying, I wouldn’t have helped you earn so much!" Chen Xiang hastily said, although he knew Hua Xiangyue was just pretending, he still felt that this woman clearly knew how to seduce others.

Hua Xiangyue sniggered, "No wonder Menger had been snatched by you, little rascal, it seems you truly are skillful! This sister is beginning to like you, but unfortunately I don't have a beautiful apprentice..."

In the face of this woman bold seduction, Chen Xiang remained indifferent. But he was still extremely grateful to Hua Xiangyue, if not for her intentionally making him draw a tattered furnace, he would not have gone another level forward on the Great Dao of Alchemy.

"Sister Xianyue, I deeply appreciate your kindness during the alchemy tournament, otherwise I would’ve not progress so fast, thank you!" Chen Xiang spoke sincerely.

Seeing Chen Xiang's face filled with smiling expression, Hua Xiangyue felt warm. She felt she had not liked Chen Xiang in vain. She giggled and said, "Dear brother, it's nice that you can understand sister's, my pain. However, you truly surprised me, you have unexpectedly learned Refining Simulation Technique!"

"Sister Xiangyue, your eyesight is truly good, you actually noticed that!" Chen Xiang was also taken by surprise.

"At any rate, Sister is still a top alchemist of the Chenwu Mainland. Naturally, I’ve noticed it! However, maybe you, little rascal will surpass me." Hua Xiangyue smiled and said.

Next, Hua Xiangyue began to teach how to use the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk. What caught Chen Xiang by surprise was that the ten thousand years old Spirit Milk was unexpectedly extremely similar to the Golden Dragon Saliva. However, its ability to accelerate growth was a lot stronger. If you pour a drop on a tree, it could make the tree quickly grow by a thousand years, however, his Golden Dragon Saliva would at least require more than a hundred drops to do the same.

"The ten thousand years old Spirit Milk is extremely rare, my Danxiang Taoyuan also doesn't have many, you better treasure it!" Hua Xiangyue exhorted.

"En, I intend to help Sister Menger gather the herbs for refining the Resurrection Dan, by then I'll seek Sister's help in refining it. I want to give her a surprise, don't tell her!" Chen Xiang mysteriously said.

Hua Xiangyue was slightly surprised for a moment, she didn't expect Chen Xiang to actually have such feelings. She found Chen Xiang's and Liu Menger's feelings ran extremely deep, which made her slightly envious. She had known Liu Menger for a long time, they would occasionally talk about a man and a woman feelings, however, she didn't expect Liu Menger to fall in love first, moreover, fall in love with her apprentice's man.

"Sister, is the Danxiang Taoyuan is established by you?" Chen Xiang asked in low voice.

"But of course, I'm extremely formidable right!" Hua Xiangyue proudly smiled and said.

"You're really formidable, I really regret not receiving you, as my maidservant, alas..." Chen Xiang while speaking, had a look of remorse.

Hua Xiangyue giggled, "I at that time I knew you'd come to regret it, if you still wish to, I'm still willing to be your maidservant."

Chen Xiang was taken aback, he asked, "Really?"

"Of course, it's true, I have already said it before, I definitely want to be your maidservant!" Hua Xiangyue mischievously smiled and said, it looked like a joke, yet not.

"Let's put it off for some time, if I have you as my maidservant, Sister Menger, and Xianxian will be jealous! However, I'll consider it." Chen Xiang smiled and said. Upon hearing his answer, Hua Xiangyue gave him a grim look.

"You're quite shameful! Just a while ago you were regretting, now you don't want to!" Hua Xiangyue said with a pout, then grabbed Chen Xiang, and flew out the window, in the blink of an eye, they had arrived in the outskirts of the Fragrance City.

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