World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0331 - The Furious Dragon's Retribution

The Furious Dragon's Retribution

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Chen Xiang's punch sent Xiao Chou flying. Xiao Chou was indeed from the Herculean Clan. After Xiao Chou had experienced such an attack, he still was able to open his eyes and ruthlessly stare at Chen Xiang.

Meanwhile, Xiao Chou was getting up, he heard Long Xueyi's tender snort before four White Dragon claws suddenly emerged from the ground. Tightly clutching Xiao Chou's arms and feet, forcing him to lay on the ground.

In the sky, the tyrannical Spirit Qi began to surge, accompanied with a fierce gale of wind, and the occasional rumbling of the lighting, it gave off the impression as if a storm was approaching. Some people only thought it was a coincidence, they didn't believe Chen Xiang would have the rain and the wind at his beck and call.

However, the Deans sensed the power gathering up in the sky. Even in their dreams, they had never thought of the existence of such fearsome martial technique, which could gather the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to attack.

Xiao Ziliang felt far from good, at this time he noticed Xiao Chou's arms and feet tightly clasped by four white claws from the ground.

"Not good!" Xiao Ziliang just thought of stopping the fight, he noticed a glaring white light flashing out from the tar-black sky densely covered in dark clouds, accompanied by a deafening roar. It was as if the world has been shrouded by a dragon’s roar. It felt as if a dragon was tearing the sky, and was going to appear in the Mortal World.

The Deans were all deeply shaken by this kind of momentum.

"Heavenly Dragon Seal... Furious Dragon's Retribution!" In Chen Xiang's mind resounded Long Xueyi's tender shout, before a huge White Dragon suddenly tore open the dark clouds. The dragon had its head pointed down, as it charged downwards. The dragon only appeared for an instant, before the dragon's head fiercely ran into the ground, directly colliding with Xiao Chou's young figure.

"Quickly jump!" Gu Dongchen thunderously roared.

After the White Dragon fell from the sky, like a lightning strike, straight down bombarding upon Xiao Chou's body, then merged into the ground. Suddenly, many fissures appeared on that huge square in the blink of an eye , those huge yet thick bricks were all suddenly smashed into pieces. Now the square was like a small lake tossing fiercely up and down, waves upon waves of dust and stones began to appear.

The whole square was submerged in dust, many people even jumped into the air to avoid the fierce turmoil. When they landed upon to the square, the square had been turned upside down. In some places the ground had been raised, like small mounds, and in some, many fissures had appeared... it looked really horrible.

But only one place was fairly complete, it was precisely the area where the four Nirvana Realm martial artists had laid down the barrier. However, the bricks on the ground had all been destroyed. Chen Xiang stood there, gasping for breath. Xiao Ziliang stared dumbfoundedly, he felt giddy watching the whole scene.

At this time, someone had started shouting curses, as people started to crawl out of a thick layer of dust, some people released their strength and attacked from deep within the ground, to let others know and rescue them.

Xiao Ziliang's complexion looked far from good. More than half of the square had been ravaged, his eyes were filled with killing intent when looking at Chen Xiang. He could not wait to immediately rush over to Chen Xiang and pound him to death. But he didn't dare to, not to mention even if he tried he wouldn't succeed, because Gu Dongchen was watching over him.

Tang Yichao and the others were also extremely shocked, they were all quite confident regarding their barrier, after all, it was jointly laid down by four people. But the square was still ravaged like this. In their heart, they were all secretly excited, because Xiao Ziliang must compensate this debt.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger, from the beginning to end had been watching very clearly from the top of the tower. Although the square had been ravaged, Hua Xiangyue was flushed red from happiness. From the beginning, she had not hoped for any compensation, for the four Nirvana Realm martial artists had jointly laid down the barrier. She only wanted Xiao Ziliang to give a guarantee, so as to avoid any accidents.

And now, the accident did occur, moreover, much to everyone's surprise, the entire square had been ravaged and it was all Chen Xiang's work. 10 billion! Not to mention, the square would only cost a billion or so to reconstruct, that's all! Hua Xiangyue felt she made a fortune, Chen Xiang was turning pleasing to the eyes the more she looked, she could not wait to swoop down to hug Chen Xiang and give him a kiss.

"I won, quickly pay me!"

Chen Xiang was also stunned for a while because the Heavenly Dragon Seal cast by Long Xueyi had been too terrifying. In particular, after the Furious White Dragon materialized from the energy pierced through Xiao Chou, it ignored the barrier on the ground and deeply entered the ground before the explosion of all the energy, which led to the destruction of the square.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming hastily landed behind Chen Xiang, because Xiao Ziliang had already been shivering from anger and was releasing a terrifying pressure.

Hua Xiangyue also quickly swooped over, stood next to Chen Xiang and dismissively said, "Xiao Ziliang, you must keep your word, my square is now destroyed like this!"

Xiao Ziliang now felt a mouthful of blood was stuck in his throat, he wanted to vomit, yet it won't come out. He very much wanted to attack, he would not hesitate to obliterate Chen Xiang. But now Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Hua Xiangyue were all here, if he attacked, Gu Dongchen and the others too would retaliate, at that time, he not only would not be able to kill Chen Xiang, he may very well fall instead.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled, and very magnanimously said, "Senior Xiao, I'm sorry! Although it was me who had destroyed the squared, you must be held accountable for it! So be it, I only want you to pay me a hundred million crystal stones."

Hua Xiangyue was going to get 10 billion crystal stones, He is definitely going to get his share, in the face of that, a short hundred million was nothing.

At this time Tang Yichao, and the others one by one walked over and threw a storage pouch to Chen Xiang, then quickly took their leave. They were worried that Xiao Ziliang would borrow from them.

The True Martial Sect, the Beast Martial Sect, and the Proud Sword Sect had given Chen Xiang a total of five hundred million, that was equivalent to a hundred thousand True Elemental Dans! Although they were extremely unhappy, they could not help but concede. Chen Xiang's strength was truly heaven-defying. Moreover, behind him was Gu Dongchen, who was extremely strong too. This time he had also helped the Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, Hua Xiangyue earn 10 billion crystal stones. She would certainly regard him as a treasure and protect him.

After considering that if they continued to struggle with Chen Xiang, even before the Big Storm had arrived, their sect would definitely be obliterated by the Extreme Martial Sect, they decided to wait until the Big Storm had settled. They must quickly develop their sect well before the arrival of the upcoming Big Storm.

After this trouble, Chen Xiang's reputation would once again be pushed to the pinnacle. Such a terrifying young man would certainly become the pillar of the Extreme Martial Sect. Everyone believed that there was a great possibility of Chen Xiang becoming the next Extreme Martial Sect's Dean!

Hua Xiangyue gave Xiao Ziliang a breath of respite, she was worried, that Xiao Ziliang, in his anger would do something, by then she would never get to see her 10 billion.

Xiao Ziliang continuously took deep breaths for a while, only after that, he felt a lot better. He had lived for a long time, for the first time he had been angered to death, and it was not an exaggeration. When the Dean's position had been taken over by Huang Jintian, he had not suffered this much. And all this was caused by Chen Xiang!

"I... I currently don't have so much. I will pay you in installments in fifty years, every year I will pay you 200 million! I never said I will give it all in one go." The Free Immortal Sea established by Xiao Ziliang was still very young, he also knew the Big Storm was about to come, if he paid it in one go, his Free Immortal Sea's coffer would be emptied.

For these Deans fifty years was simply nothing. Hua Xiangyue also had a sense of propriety, she knew she could not force too quickly, anyway Xiao Ziliang's people were still here, he could not run away.

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