World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0330 - The Dragoness’ Prowess

The Dragoness’ Prowess

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Chen Xiang was not as powerful as Xiao Chou. But as he was a Shinto cultivator, in regards to divine sense, Xiao Chou was not as good as him. That was why he could successfully inject the Ice Spirit Devil Aura into Xiao Chou's soul, thereby freezing his mind.

Xiao Chou only felt inexplicably cold. He could not understand why Chen Xiang who was a powerful alchemist could actually have such a terrifying Cold True Qi. According to general consensus, an alchemist should have very strong flames.

Both of them mindlessly punched at each other. Whenever Chen Xiang sent a punch, it was matched by Xiao Chou. At the same time, Xiao Chou took the opportunity to counterattack by infusing the Herculean True Qi in his punches, counterattacking Chen Xiang's punch with his punch. The speed of their punches was extremely quick, the onlookers could only catch a glimpse of numerous flickering after shadows of punches.

At the beginning, Chen Xiang was forced to retreat after retreat. But now, the speed of Chen Xiang's retreat was getting increasingly slower. And finally, he came to a stand still, which made everyone slightly surprised. Originally they believed that Chen Xiang would be the first one to tire himself out and finally be defeated by Xiao Chou. Because from the get-go Xiao Chou's imposing manner had been sufficient to defeat Chen Xiang.

The Herculean True Qi in Xiao Chou's body was still very rich, it was just that he was feeling too cold. He felt his body was a little out of his control. He wasn't able to unleash his complete strength, his speed, and strength, both had been weakened by a lot.

Chen Xiang secretly felt proud. However, he still felt it was still lacking. Because Xiao Chou has yet to completely collapsed. He wanted this arrogant little prick to be completely powerless to fight back from torture. And finally, be defeated by Long Xueyi's strongest power.To let him know why flowers were so red, and to let him know how ridiculous he was for claiming himself as a descendant of a god.

Xiao Ziliang had also noticed something, but he didn't know what had happened. He believed Xiao Chou should not have consumed his power so quickly.

Tang Yichao, Yue Jiangling and the others upon watching this secretly felt happy. In the beginning, seeing Xiao Chou's strength, they believed Chen Xiang would lose without a shred of doubt. But now Chen Xiang instead had the potential to win. When they had lost against Chen Xiang, they didn't want to see Xiao Ziliang win, if that happened it would make them feel uncomfortable.

"What in the hell did that little rascal did, how can that little brat become so weak?" Liu Menger eyebrows' twitched. These Deans had a very sinister vision, they realized something was wrong, but they still could not understand.

At this time, Chen Xiang infused, even more, Ice Spirit Devil Aura, which sent Xiao Chou on the brink of collapse. However, his counterattacks were still somewhat powerful, which made Chen Xiang admire him.

Both of them have been fighting for a long time. Initially, Chen Xiang had been suppressed, but now Chen Xiang had perfectly reversed the situation. Much to everyone's surprise, now Xiao Chou was forced into retreat after retreat. Because Xiao Chou's counterattack had weakened a lot compared from the start. Yet Chen Xiang's power had been just the same, evidently, there was something wrong with Xiao Chou, accredited to which Chen Xiang could last a little longer than Xiao Chou.

"Little rascal, no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better!" Chen Xiang ridiculed.

"Chen Xiang, don't use your cold power." Xiao Chou was choking up with anger, he felt inexplicably cold, which rendered him powerless physically, even though his spirit was willing. A powerless body could not be controlled, he could only helplessly watch himself getting suppressed to death by the enemy.

Chen Xiang sneered and said, "Don't talk nonsense? If you've guts, then don't use your Herculean True Qi and then fight with me!"

Freezing power? The Deans were suddenly shocked. This made it even more incomprehensible for them, because they, from the beginning they had not sensed Chen Xiang using any Cold True Qi.

"Chen Xiang is definitely using some martial technique. Otherwise, why would Xiao Chou shiver occasionally? It must be from cold, apparently, that little rascal, Xiao Chou is feeling cold all over his body." Lian Yingxiao doubtfully said. He had seen and experienced many things, yet he had never heard of this kind of martial technique.

Exactly at this time, the speed of Xiao Chou's punches went down a little. As the White Tiger head on Chen Xiang's fist landed upon Xiao Chou's little face, he uttered a blood-curdling scream. Apparently, Chen Xiang had put everything in his fist.

"Little rascal, I'll let you experience father's true strength!" Chen Xiang said with a laugh. Chen Xiang suddenly let loose his full strength. Whether it was his speed or his strength, both of them had substantially increased. The brutal White Tiger Divine Fists ruthlessly landed upon Xiao Chou. Although the punches appeared to be random, they all struck upon Xiao Chou's body, such that, that small body was suspended in the air from the blows.

Watching Xiao Chou being ruthlessly ravaged by Chen Xiang's brutal punches, everyone was secretly clucking their tongue. Terrifying tigers' roar resounded one after another, reverberating everywhere. The echoes in the sky gave off the impression as if a flock of ferocious tigers was fiercely wrestling each other.

Now, Chen Xiang's White Tiger Divine Fists were not only extraordinary, when they landed upon Xiao Chou's body, the bizarre Ice Spirit Devil Aura directly seeped into Xiao Chou's body, and in a very large amount. Now Chen Xiang had successfully destroyed Xiao Chou's firm will with the Ice Spirit Devil Aura, it ravaged Xiao Chou's spirit. Xiao Chou felt as if he was in a land of ice and snow filled with deathly Cold Qi.

"This brat... what in the bloody hell did he do?" Hua Xiangyue's pretty eyes twinkled. Although Chen Xiang's reversal wasn't sudden, it was still difficult to comprehend.

Xiao Ziliang was extremely anxious. Xiao Chou was his ace, yet he had been defeated by Chen Xiang in such a way.

"Almost there, if Xiao Ziliang stopped the fight, then all will be for nothing!" Long Xueyi hastily said. She was very much looking forward to the combined blow of her and Chen Xiang.

"Use the Heavenly Dragon Seal, smack this little rascal on the ground!" Long Xueyi shouted.

Heavenly Dragon Seal! Not to mention it would be cast along with Long Xueyi, which would be extremely frightening!

"Will this kill him? Although this little rascal is a little arrogant, he is also from the Herculean Family, he is just young and ignorant!" Chen Xiang asked.

"The Herculean Family is not so weak as you imagine, otherwise he would have already died! You just need to release your divine sense and fuse together with my divine sense. Then leave the rest to me, I'll cast the most powerful Heavenly Dragon Seal, it will be completely different from yours!" Long Xueyi replied.

Chen Xiang while beating Xiao Chou, followed Long Xueyi's instructions. Very soon, his divine sense fused with Long Xueyi's. What took him aback was that, everyone's situation inside their body was in his panoramic view. Besides a mass of clouds inside the dantians of a few Deans, it was difficult to see. For the others, he could see everything clearly.

Everyone caught sight of Chen Xiang's slightly moving lips as if he was saying something. That was the chant of the Heavenly Dragon Seal, however, it was being completed by Long Xueyi.

This chant was different from what Chen Xiang had read before, it was extremely complex. Chen Xiang could clearly feel in his body, the insanely surging True Qi, and the booming Spiritual Energy. In his body, an extremely complex spirit pattern was being created.

"What is this brat going to do?" Gu Dongchen hastily retreated a couple of steps and looked up at the sky.

Everyone also found the sky densely covered in dark clouds. The Spirit Qi above the Fragrance City was now surging above the square. In the sky, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, the clouds surged as if a terrifying beast was tearing the sky, falling upon the Mortal World.

Xiao Ziliang and the others had long heard of Chen Xiang having many powerful martial techniques, but this was the first time they got to see it!

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