World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0329 - Ice Spirit Devil Aura

Ice Spirit Devil Aura

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On account of strength alone, Xiao Chou was an entire tier above Chen Xiang. But now, Xiao Chou was the one being teased by Chen Xiang, and his face seemed as if it been scratched by a cat. The sight was very funny, and many onlookers could not help but burst into laughter.

"Chen Xiang, I'll kill you!" Xiao Chou had been completely and utterly enraged by Chen Xiang. His small body suddenly started shaking, before humming True Qi burst forth from his body. This formed an invisible power, which surged towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked, he immediately released the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover. Meanwhile, that power was storming towards Chen Xiang, Xiao Chou had already appeared above Chen Xiang and ruthlessly kicked at his head. It was as if a meteor brimming in destructive force had fallen from the heavens.

If the barrier wasn't present, the Herculean True Qi released by Xiao Chou probably would have lifted the bricks of the entire square, and when his kick landed, the square would have been torn apart.

The sudden intense pressure pressing down upon him made Chen Xiang's knees slightly bend. It was as if a giant mountain had landed right on top of him. However, this pressure lasted only for a brief moment because Xiao Chou's kick landed very quickly.

BOOM! An exceptionally powerful shockwave was accompanied by a damped explosive blow. Chen Xiang felt his blood swirl in turmoil, it almost made him spew blood. In that instant, the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover burst into a mist. However, Chen Xiang had still managed to block that insane blow.

Gu Dongchen watched this entire affair and secretly frowned. If not for the protection of the barrier, the Danxiang Tower might have fallen down from the shock. He was astonished by the Herculean Clan's strength, and it was same for many other Deans. Even Xiao Ziliang has been sweating profusely. If a single brick had been damaged, he would have to pay 10 billion crystal stones to Danxiang Taoyuan.

Naturally, Xiao Ziliang had already taken Xiao Chou's strength into consideration. If he was so powerful now if then nurtured to the Nirvana Realm, wouldn't he be even more terrifying? Now he realized why the Herculean Clan could be so popular in the Heavenly Realm because they had the absolute power.

Chen Xiang's entire body turned numb from that powerful blow. Fortunately, his body was also very strong. Not to mention, there was still the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor! While a few Deans were in shock by the Herculean Clan's power, they had also been horrified by Chen Xiang. He was not from some sort of background like the Herculean Clan, most of all, he was just an inexperienced brat who was not even thirty years old. Yet to their surprise, his abilities were completely abnormal. Not only could he withstand such terrifying attacks, he was also lax enough to continue teasing Xiao Chou.

After Xiao Chou had unleashed such a frightening blow, he realized there was still an opportunity to continue attacking. He kept on sending kicks down from the air, and even though his feet were not actually touching Chen Xiang, the powerful Qi shooting from his legs made it difficult for Chen Xiang to dodge. He could only release another Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to defend and try to withstand the blows.

Chen Xiang's fists were not idle, and he was not just blindly defending. He had cast the White Tiger Divine Fists, which resulted in a White Tiger Head appearing on each of his fists. Drawing support from the Slaughtering Heart, he released monstrous Slaughter Qi which managed to deter Xiao Chou by sending a constant amount of spiritual pressure upon him.

"Use the Ice Spirit Devil Aura! It will freeze his mind and he will feel like he’s in a world of ice and snow!" Bai Youyou suddenly said. Her ice cold's voice stirred Chen Xiang's mind.

An intelligent gleam twinkled in his eyes. Chen Xiang secretly infused the Ice Spirit Devil Aura into the rainstorm of punches. That kind of bizarre power was rather concealed, which was a kind of spirit attack. If the victim was under the influence of the Ice Spirit Devil Aura for a long period of time, the victim's mind would be affected and feel extremely cold.

It was a formidable devil technique which could freeze the other person's spirit. Chen Xiang rarely used these techniques. If he had not gotten Bai Youyou's consent, he would not have dared to use it in front of so many people.

Xiao Chou continuously countered Chen Xiang's White Tiger Divine Fists with his own powerful blows. Watching the White Tiger Head on Chen Xiang's fist scattered from his punch, he felt rather satisfied. He disdained Chen Xiang's blows, but he still had been enveloped by the Slaughter Qi released by Chen Xiang. He felt a little afraid, like Chen Xiang, was a God of Slaughter who was on the verge of awakening.

Both of them were vying for dominance with quick but powerful punches. The accompanied Qi Waves made the barrier hum and sent continuous tremors through the ground. Although the momentum of the White Tiger Divine Fists was shockingly powerful, Chen Xiang’s punches were defeated again and again by Xiao Chou's punches which contained Herculean True Qi, sending Chen Xiang continuously into a retreat. Evidently, Chen Xiang's True Qi was a lot weaker than Xiao Chou in a straightforward battle.

However, no one noticed the slightly weak Ice Spirit Devil Aura accompanying Chen Xiang's punches. After drilling into Xiao Chou’s body, It didn't hurt or tickle him, so he simply ignored it. Bit by bit, the aura slowly accumulated within his body. At the beginning, he hadn't felt anything, but after some time, he felt a bit chilly. He only suspected that Chen Xiang was using Freezing Cold True Qi when attacking, which was why he didn’t pay a particular attention to the feeling.

In Xiao Chou's opinion, there was no need to be afraid of this kind of cold. With his powerful body, he would very soon be able to eliminate this trifling coldness!

Chen Xiang had still not exerted his complete strength yet. Otherwise, with his devil techniques, Xiao Chou probably would have long been destroyed by Chen Xiang. How could the devil techniques imparted by Bai Youyou be compared with other devil techniques?

"Chen Xiang, wait till this little rascal is nearly collapsed from the torture of the Ice Spirit Devil Aura. At that moment, I'll lend you my entire power. That way, when he is defeated, the square will also be destroyed. This will force Xiao Ziliang to pay 10 billion to that seductress!" Long Xueyi naughtily said, "Who told Xiao Ziliang to send this annoying bastard, who is making this Granny Long very angry."

Chen Xiang groaned, "Granny Long, every time I borrow your power, my body has always been tormented afterward, forget it!"

"Well, how about this. When you are going to use your strongest attack, I'll secretly add half of my power. My power will ignore this bullshit barrier and that way, you will easily destroy the square. Xiao Ziliang will probably get a heart attack!" Long Xueyi exclaimed with excitement. She could not wait to get started.

“Would that work?" Chen Xiang asked. In his heart, he too was secretly excited. 10 billion crystal stones could indeed make Xiao Ziliang vomit blood.

"Of course! My dragon power is very mystical. It won't have to go through your body for me to release, moreover, it will not be found out by another person. However, you still need to cooperate with me." Long Xueyi proudly said.

Seeing this little greedy dragon feeling elated because she was about to cause destruction, Chen Xiang was speechless in his heart. He felt he needed a good opportunity to educate this little girl, or else she would bring chaos to the Mortal World when she grew up. That would be very catastrophic.

Chen Xiang still had not digested a major part of the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. The Five Elements True Elemental Dan could supply a lot of True Qi of five elements. Chen Xiang felt as if he had an inexhaustible supply of True Qi, he punched even more fiercely and quickly.

Xiao Chou felt increasingly colder. Although he was six hundred or so years old, he was usually cultivating his own mystical Herculean True Qi. He was not knowledgeable regarding other stuff, so naturally, he didn’t realize his soul was already being eroded by the cold. At this point, even if he went inside a furnace, he would still feel incomparably cold.

Noticing Xiao Chou's power constantly weakening, Chen Xiang knew the Ice Spirit Devil Aura had already seeped into Xiao Chou's soul. Which would slowly erode his soul, rendering him unable to control his own terrifying strength.

"Sister Youyou, you devil technique is extremely formidable! Are you sure no one will find out?" Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised, but he was still a little worried.

"Don't be afraid. It was only because the Ice Spirit Devil Aura is too strange and strong that it was incorporated as devil techniques. By itself, the aura is not insidious. It’s just that the righteous sects will not accept the use of devil techniques like the Engulfing Devil Techniques." Bai Youyou dismissively said. She felt a little happy from Chen Xiang's praise of her devil techniques. After all, Chen Xiang rarely had the chance to utilize these devil techniques in public.

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