World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0328 - Formidable Adversary

Formidable Adversary

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Chen Xiang and Xiao Chou’s fight had already begun. Yet much to Chen Xiang’s dismay, Xiao Chou didn't immediately attack.

"Come and attack me, I'm standing right here, let's see if you can force me to leave this spot!" Xiao Chou stood there and proudly said with his head held high.

Such arrogance, obviously Xiao Chou certainly had some ability. Chen Xiang would not underestimate Xiao Chou, but he was furious. Xiao Chou’s arrogance was over the par.

"Little Dragon, do the Herculean Family have some sort of weak point?" Chen Xiang asked. If there was some weak spot, he would definitely not be lenient.

"I only know it is difficult for them to cultivate True Qi, that's all. There is nothing else in my hereditary memories." Long Xueyi replied, "He is just a little rascal, you just have to beat him."

Indeed, Xiao Chou only appeared to be a little brat, he was not even up to Chen Xiang's waist. But Xiao Chou was from the Herculean Family and he had also lived for a few hundred years, this made it difficult to gauge his strength.

Chen Xiang firmed his heart and rushed ahead. He smacked a palm from above towards Xiao Chou’s head. Moreover, it was an exceptionally powerful Shocking Heaven Palm.

Looking at the terrifying momentum, it would not be difficult for the blow to devastate a hill. If it landed upon an ordinary person, they would have already been crushed by the pressure of the powerful Qi emanating from the palm alone.

As the palm came down, the square still had not shaken. Chen Xiang's heart was in shambles because his palm had been stopped by just a finger. Much to his surprise, Xiao Chou had simply used a single finger to resolve the Shocking Heaven Palm. It was as if all the energy has been completely dispersed by that finger.

"You're too weak!" Xiao Chou said as he sent a punch towards Chen Xiang's abdomen. Xiao Chou still stood at his original location. His arm was very short, it didn't actually reach Chen Xiang.

However, once he sent out that child-like punch, a deafening thunderous sound echoed between heaven and earth, accompanied with a terrifying storm rising forth from the punch. The blow bombarded upon Chen Xiang's abdomen, and another deafening noise shook everyone's eardrums. Chen Xiang was sent flying like an arrow and fell at the edge of the barrier.

Chen Xiang was having difficulty crawling back up. On the corner of his mouth, blood was overflowing. The punch was extremely strange, he didn't sense any power fluctuations. Thus, he had also not imagined that after Xiao Chou had punched, such terrifying force would burst from it. According to his estimation, that blow was equivalent to that of a strike from the 9th level True Martial Realm!

If he didn't have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he probably would have suffered near fatal injuries!

"Very strong!" Chen Xiang stood back up. He slowly took two deep breaths to gather himself, it didn't seem there was anything wrong with his body.

Noticing Chen Xiang had not suffered any major injuries, Xiao Chou was also surprised. According to his estimation, at the very least, Chen Xiang should have suffered serious injuries.

"That's the mysterious power of the Herculean Family, the Herculean True Qi. It can not be sensed. It is very difficult for the Herculean Family members to grow exactly the Herculean True Qi unless they found an appropriate cultivation technique." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Before, he suspected it was the pure physical strength. If that was the case, he would just throw in the towel. If his opponent's body was that powerful, how the hell was he going to do anything to them!?

"Since it is True Qi, then it can run out!"Chen Xiang clenched his fist, and once again charged towards Xiao Chou.

Watching Chen Xiang charging over, Xiao Chou sneered, "If I were you, I would admit defeat while I still can!"

Just as his voice fell, Chen Xiang had already appeared in front of him. Xiao Chou only caught sight of Chen Xiang slashing forward with his arm, before a melodious dragon roar reverberated in his ears. In an instant, an oppressive aura surged forth.

"Little rascal, don't be rampant!" Chen Xiang sneered. He had just slashed a bit, yet his speed was extremely terrifying, it was very difficult to even discern his movements.

That claw strike from Chen Xiang was nothing to joke about. Just from the short burst of the imposing manner, it became quite clear that the slash from Chen Xiang was extremely powerful. Moreover, after he was finished sending out the strike, he had quickly retreated.

"You..." Xiao Chou's young face was brimming in fury. Suddenly, everyone was staring dumbfoundedly at the scene unfolding before them. Five deep lacerations slowly appeared on Xiao Chou's face.

After such a short while, Chen Xiang had drawn blood. Evidently, Chen Xiang's speed was extremely terrifying!

That was a kind attack among the various Azure Dragon Claw Strikes, known as the Azure Dragon Invisible Claw. The speed of attack was incomparably fast, moreover, it would also release a powerful Azure Dragon Qi during the attack. If an iron column had been slashed, it would be directly cut off.

As the saying goes, an attack on the face means an injury on one’s self-esteem. At present, on Xiao Chou's face five bloody scratches had been left by Chen Xiang, this made Xiao Chou extremely furious. Initially, he had thought he would be able to defeat Chen Xiang without moving. Yet now the anger had rushed to his head, he only wanted to defeat Chen Xiang as quickly as possible, he wanted to ruthlessly crush him.

Seeing Xiao Chou enraged, Chen Xiang in his heart was secretly elated. He had forced Xiao Chou to leave his position.

"Chen Xiang, you scratched my face! I'll break your skull!" Xiao Chou's voice was filled with hatred. Using a child-like tone to speak such a sentence made everyone feel slightly strange.

Xiao Chou was rather faster. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of Chen Xiang, then quickly sent out a series of punches. Each punch was a couple of times stronger than the one which had sent Chen Xiang flying. In the face of such terrifying attacks, Chen Xiang could not resist or block, he could only dodge.

Chen Xiang was not as fast as Xiao Chou. When Xiao Chou saw Chen Xiang flee to the side, he once again appeared behind Chen Xiang with a step, and swiftly but haphazardly fired a punch at him. However Xiao Chou’s fist just landed upon a water screen, he felt as if his fist only struck on the surface of the ocean.

After Chen Xiang had learned the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique, the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover turned even more resilient. Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was much easier to resist that kind of power now.

"Hahaha, this little rascal only has brute force!" Chen Xiang noticed Xiao Chou attacking so haphazardly and came to realize that Xiao Chou only knew how to blindly attack. Then it was clear he had not grasped too many martial techniques, after all, he was cultivating Herculean True Qi, suitable martial techniques for him were very scarce due to his unique True Qi.

After Chen Xiang found Xiao Chou's weak point, he was suddenly extremely relaxed. He was well aware of his disparity in raw force with Xiao Chou, but Chen Xiang now had the confidence that he could defeat Xiao Chou.

"Chen Xiang, fight face-to-face, don't be a turtle!" Xiao Chou didn't expect Chen Xiang could even release a formidable water shield that even made him gnash his teeth in hatred.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt he had overestimated Xiao Chou. He was a few hundred years old, yet he acted like a little brat.

As per Xiao Chou’s wish, Chen Xiang suddenly withdrew the water curtain. Seeing the water curtain suddenly disappear, Xiao Chou was elated in his heart. He then ruthlessly fired a punch at Chen Xiang. Once Xiao Chou had fired the bunch, his punch gave rise to continuous explosive sounds from hitting the air, the surging momentum made everyone aghast.

"Go to hell!" Xiao Chou roared. Just from the sound of his voice, cracks began to appear on stones. Even Fragrance City shook slightly.

The punch accurately landed upon Chen Xiang's abdomen, but at that instant, Chen Xiang's figure burst into the mist. His figure had suddenly disappeared.

That was Chen Xiang's Water Mirror Technique. Those who were familiar with Chen Xiang would be aware of this move. Many of Chen Xiang ’s opponent had suffered from this move and it had proven itself invaluable time and time again.

Xiao Chou had just begun to believe Chen Xiang had vanished into a puff of smoke from his punch, but very soon he realized he was wrong. This was because the force of his punch penetrated through the virtual image and ruthlessly slammed into the barrier.

"Little rascal, hahaha..." Followed by Chen Xiang's mockings, he suddenly appeared beside Xiao Chou. Chen Xiang drew a gash in the air, and once again cast the Azure Dragon Invisible Claw. Five more deep gashes appeared on the other side of Xiao Chou's face once again.

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