World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0327 - The Herculean Clan (Final Part)

The Herculean Clan (Final Part)

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With the sudden appearance of a child, Chen Xiang and the others were all surprised. They realized that he was the disciple sent by the Free Immortal Sea, and an extremely strong one at that. With his sudden appearance, in addition with the imposing manner emanating from his body, a large number of people was surprised.

"The Ancient Herculean Clan?" Lian Yingxiao said with a frown. At this point, he had already arrived beside Gu Dongchen.

"Who would have that thought they would actually be present in the Chenwu Mainland. Will Chen Xiang be able to win!" Gu Dongchen’s complexion turned solemn.

Seeing that child appear, Hua Xiangyue tenderly scolded, "Xiao Ziliang is extremely shameless, he actually sent this guy to fight the little rascal."

"Rest assured, Chen Xiang is not to be trifled with. His body is currently at the 5th level of Immortal and Devil Body!" Although Liu Menger was also worried, when she remembered the time she helped Chen Xiang temper his body to reach 5th level of Immortal and Devil Body, she immediately became very confident for Chen Xiang.

The child standing in front of Chen Xiang appeared to be only six to seven years old. He looked very cute, yet his eagle-like sharp eyes were totally incompatible with his age. As he clenched his fists and slightly spread his legs apart, along with the oppressing manner emanating from his body made him appear to be awe-inspiring.

Noticing the will to fight burning in those pair of sharp eyes, Chen Xiang secretly raised his guard.

"What is the Ancient Herculean Clan?" Chen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi.

Su Meiyao interjected, "It's a clan with innate divine power. Their pregnancy lasts for ten years, but once they are born, they have the power to raise ten thousand jins of weight. Their body is also extremely sturdy. However, the growth speed of their body is a hundred times slower than an average person. In other words, the little brat standing in front of you is at least five hundred years old."

Once they were born, their strength equalled ten thousand jins. The corners of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched after hearing this. Moreover, the guy was also a few hundred years old. Not to mention that he had a naturally powerful body, he might even have a better True Qi.

"The Herculean Clan is spread across various Mortal Worlds. In the ancient period, they were the strongest faction, and perhaps even now, they still are. Even in the Heavenly Realm, they hold a very small position! God knows how the Free Immortal Sea was able to rope in such a heaven-defying existence. You have to be careful." Long Xueyi said.

"From what I remember, the Herculean Clan’s people are maniacs, they don't like to stay in groups. How could he stay in the Free Immortal Sea?" Bai Youyou doubtfully said.

"Although the Herculean Clan have innate divine power, it is very difficult for them to cultivate True Qi. Cultivation for them is easier said than done. If they are unable to cultivate True Qi, they could only live for three hundred years! If my guess is correct, the Free Immortal Sea should fit the way he cultivates his True Qi, that's why he is staying in the Free Immortal Sea." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang tightly clenched his fist. The Herculean Clan even have a small status in the Heavenly Realm, so it was clear they were extremely powerful. The child in front of him had the power to move mountains.

"I'm Xiao Chou, a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist!" His voice was just like a child’s, however, it carried the tone of an elder which sounded extremely weird.

"Humph, this brat is acting young. If I can, this aunt will punish him two or three times. I will force him to kneel and beg for mercy." Long Xueyi said with disdain.

Chen Xiang secretly despised her, she too was similarly acting young. She was even more shameless.

"Little girl, you are from the Imperial Dragon Family, if you revealed your identity, even in the Heavenly Realm, you can roam freely. Although the Herculean Clan is stronger, they are still humans, certainly, they could not compare with you, this monster." Su Meiyao said.

"I'm Chen Xiang, I too am a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist." Chen Xiang replied politely. Although the opposite party was a Free Immortal Sea's disciple, so long as the opposite party showed him respect, he would respond with respect,.

Although Chen Xiang had enmity with the leaders of the Free Immortal Sea, the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect, many of their disciples had not done any wrong. Last time, Chen Xiang had even become friends with the True Martial Sect's disciples in the Southern Wasteland.

"I've watched your previous battle, I must admit that in the Chenwu Mainland, you are truly stronger than any 5th level True Martial Realm martial artists. Even 6th level or 7th level will have difficulty in contending with you." Xiao Chou said. The expression in his eyes when he was looking at Chen Xiang was as if he was looking at a toy, making Chen Xiang secretly unhappy.

"The Herculean Clan is bellicose, they have an innate desire to ravage normal people, and they feel a sense of superiority in that. Don't look at his polite appearance. In all actuality, deep down, these guys are even more arrogant than the Proud Sword Sect guys. Especially when they win a fight, they will completely despise the opponent and say some nasty words to outrage you." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang, with a provocative expression in his eyes, looked at Xiao Chou, then he smiled and said, "I've heard of the Herculean Clan, I did not expect that I'll encounter one today. I would like to see how strong you are!"

Listening to Chen Xiang, Xiao Chou coldly harrumphed, "You’re just a human!"

"So are you not a human?" Chen Xiang retorted. After noticing that Xiao Chou had finally revealed his true nature, Chen Xiang felt proud in his heart. This state of mind, in his opinion, was no different than that of an inexperienced child.

"The Herculean Clan is bestowed with divine power by heavens, naturally, humans can’t be compared to us. We are the descendants of god!" Xiao Chou said in a proud tone.

"I spit! My honorable Imperial Dragon Family is not as arrogant as them. Chen Xiang, beat this shameless brat!" Long Xueyi angrily said.

Chen Xiang, while imitating Long Xueyi’s tone, spoke loudly, "I spit, who the fuck are you? If you are descendants of god, you will not appear in the Mortal World, this shitty place."

"You dare to insult me, I'll not show you any mercy! Initially, I intended to let you off the hook and let you grow. I think there is no need for it, an arrogant guy like you will just waste the Spirit Qi!" Xiao Chou’s complexion turned ugly before he coldly said.

Everyone watching were dumbfounded, what is called arrogance? It was obviously himself being arrogant, yet completely oblivious to the very fact... and say other people are arrogant!

Now, Chen Xiang realized why Long Xueyi was so annoyed with the Herculean Clan. He now had a taste of it. This guy was a hundred times more annoying than the Proud Sword Sect guys.

"Begin!" Xiao Ziliang shouted. His face was brimming with pride which made Tang Yichao and the others to become completely unhappy. They were well aware of how strong the Herculean Clan was. The Free Immortal Seas' victory was already certain, while their three sects had lost. They had wasted their strength in laying out the barrier, not to mention they still had to pay Chen Xiang. Most of all, they had lost too much of their prestige.

Tang Yichao and the others now very much wished for Chen Xiang to win, so that they would feel a little better.

Many among the audiences in the square weren't aware of the Herculean Clan. But some experienced old men were also present in the square, and soon the information regarding the Herculean Clan spread in the square. Watching the shocked expressions appearing on everyone's face, Xiao Chou's little face had an even prouder look.

"Fuck, why is this Herculean Clan guy is looking more annoying the more I look. Granny Long is going to smack him down!" Long Xueyi angrily said.

Chen Xiang quickly consoled Long Xueyi. If she ran out and beat that little rascal of the Herculean Clan, then a large number of people would definitely wet their pants.

"Little dragon, if I cannot defeat him, then I can always use your power!" Chen Xiang said.

"En, at that time, despite anything, take him down!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang guessed that Long Xueyi's parents must have had some conflict with the Herculean Clan, that was why she inherited the hate for the Herculean Clan.

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