World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0326 - The Herculean Clan (First Part)

The Herculean Clan (First Part)

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"Can this little rascal truly bear to ravage such a beauty? They don't have any enmity, there is no need for him to use such ruthless means!" Liu Menger frowned. She didn't want Chen Xiang to turn into a brutal man. She knew Chen Xiang was a person who would not hesitate to kill, but only when his life was threatened would he resort to such ruthless means. Not to mention Yan Yanran from the beginning to the end had not resorted to any ruthless means.

"Probably not! Don't you find it strange that, even though Yan Yanran is a 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist, yet under Chen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm for so long, she could still utter such sharp cries!" Hua Xiangyue said.

Liu Menger also realized something.

Followed by a deafening tigers’ roar, everyone saw Chen Xiang suddenly sent a punch after a palm. A huge golden tiger head appeared upon Chen Xiang's fist, ruthlessly pounding upon Yan Yanran's voluptuous bosom.

Yan Yanran uttered a miserable cry, blood overflowed from her mouth as she was smacked away. In a moment she was out of the barrier. Just as she got out, she nimbly rolled over, before firmly standing on the ground.

Watching this, the square immediately burst into waves of exclamations. Much to everyone's surprise, Yan Yanran even after suffering from Chen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm, could still firmly held her ground. Only her complexion was a little bit pale. Blood was overflowing from the corners of her mouth, her breathing was somewhat rapid, it seems she had not been seriously injured.

Chen Xiang looked at his hands. On his palm there were five puncture wounds, like he had been stabbed by a claw, which directly punctured his palm.

Looking at the alluring figure in front of him, Chen Xiang clenched his teeth. This female was a lot stronger than the Golden Sheathed Swordsman. There were many wondrous things present in this vast world, not only he would have fruitious encounter, others would also. He was sure that this bewitching female in front of him was definitely one of those people. The supple constitution she had was a lot better than his 5th level Immortal and Devil Body.

"I concede, don't attack!" Yan Yanran adjusted her messy hair before she tenderly shouted.

Noticing Chen Xiang was a little surprised, she charmingly smiled and said, "Rest assured, it's not poisoned! Just remember, I'm not so easy to bully. Anyway, thank you for not hitting my face, or else I..."

Just as she finished speaking, she leapt a few times before disappearing in the square.

"Very fearsome woman, her claws actually penetrated through the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, or her attack was so fast that even the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor didn't have the time to defend, before she punctured my palm!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

"This woman's weak point was her head, yet you had never hit on her head." Long Xueyi said.

"Yes, in the end I was soft-hearted. Alas, a brave hero will find it difficult to get past a beautiful woman!" Chen Xiang lamented.

"Pooh, you hit on her body, I'm afraid you had taken a lot of advantages cheaply, isn't that right? If not for her having that kind of constitution, she would have suffered a rather serious injury a long time ago, yet you still have the gall to say you were soft-hearted!" Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said.

Chen Xiang also realized his Shocking Heaven Palm was ineffective against Yan Yanran. He could only resort to send the Shocking Heaven Palms like a fierce rainstorm. Now he realized a rather serious problem, he had consumed half of his True Qi, because he had used the Five Elements Universe True Qi for that last attack.

Although Chen Xiang did not hit Yan Yanran's face, everyone still felt that he was rather brutal. He had unexpectedly used such a frightening palm technique to ravage such a weak girl.

Chen Xiang’s courage and valiance in the last two battles, especially the last fight where he continued to send Shocking Heaven Palm without respite, scared the shit out of many True Martial Realm martial artists. If they were bombarded continuously by Chen Xiang, they would definitely turn into paste.

Not to mention those 1st and 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artists, even those 5th and 6th level True Martial Realm martial artists in the square were horrified.

"The Beast Martial Sect unexpectedly has such a powerful disciple. But unfortunately the Beast Martial Sect's leader has always been so annoying. and now they are without any leader. Gu Dongchen was also ruthless, after an interval of a generation, he had once again killed their Dean." Hua Xiangyue said.

Liu Menger certainly didn't think so, because she too was inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. At that time Gu Dongchen and the trio had been besieged by many Nirvana Realm martial artists. It was absolutely impossible for Gu Dongchen to kill the Beast Martial Sect's Dean and the Nirvana Realm martial artists of the Free Immortal Sea, the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect one after another.

Although Chen Xiang didn't mention anything to her, she had guessed a little. At that time, Chen Xiang was akin to an invincible being inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. Others were not able to utilize their True Qi, yet he could!

"Younger Brother Tang, now it should be your True Martial Sect's turn to fight." Xiao Ziliang urged. He could not possibly allow Chen Xiang to have some time to recover.

Just as he finished speaking, Chen Xiang swallowed a Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Many onlookers felt jealous. The Five Elements True Elemental Dan was worth more than a million crystal stones, yet Chen Xiang swallowed it down without batting an eye. They secretly envied Chen Xiang, this bizarre character, not only was he a terrifying alchemist, he also had heaven defying strength.

Tang Yichao, watching Chen Xiang swallow a Five Elements True Elemental Dan, his eyebrows slightly twitched. It was never mentioned that he was not allowed to take dans for recovery. Not to mention, they were taking turns to fight Chen Xiang, if the opposite party was not allowed to recover, then that would be too shameless.

After swallowing the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Chen Xiang quickly operated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to digest the potency. He wanted to recover the True Qi he had consumed in the past two fights, because he still had two fights left.

"My True Martial Sect concedes!" Tang Yichao suddenly shouted. Now if he sent his disciple, wasn't he simply sending him to get tortured. That would be very unwise. At present they were completely dissatisfied with Xiao Ziliang, why should he ask them to send their disciple to fight first, yet his Free Immortal Sea's disciples would fight last. Wasn't he simply taking advantage of them?

Thinking of this, Tang Yichao felt very unhappy. The same was true for the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect. They had worn down Chen Xiang's strength, while the Free Immortal Sea could sit back and enjoy. In the end, it was they who would have to pay Chen Xiang the crystal stones. If the Free Immortal Sea won the last fight, then Chen Xiang would have to refine dans at their beck and call. The Free Immortal Sea would certainly reap sky shaking profits.

Xiao Ziliang obviously realized what was going on in Tang Yichao and the others mind. He too was completely dissatisfied with these juniors. If not for pincer attacking the Extreme Martial Sect, he would not bother to ally with them.

"Humph, even before fighting you already threw in the towel, you, juniors also don't have any courage!" Xiao Ziliang scoffed in a low voice and said. At the same time, outside the barrier an old man gave a meaningful glance.

Although Chen Xiang had shown mercy in the last two fights, Tang Yichao was worried that, Chen Xiang would use ruthless means to deal with his True Martial Sect's disciple. For Chen Xiang had a great enmity with the True Martial Sect.

Next it was the Free Immortal Sea’s turn to fight. Chen Xiang had killed a few Free Immortal Sea's disciples before, but they were just some henchmen. But now the disciple from the Free Immortal Sea would certainly be stronger, otherwise Xiao Ziliang would not appear to be so confident.

Chen Xiang had been refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan bit by bit. It allowed Chen Xiang to recover a greater part of his True Qi. He knew the opposite party would not give him too much time for recovery, however, now it was enough for him to fight one battle.

Suddenly, a bizarre energy fluctuation arrived. Chen Xiang quickly retreated a few steps, before a child suddenly appeared in front of him with his braid pointing at the sky.

"The Ancient Herculean Clan!" Long Xueyi exclaimed.

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