World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0323 - Showing Mercy

Showing Mercy

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Peng Xianwu had a fortuitous encounter. He himself had obtained the brilliant weapon in his hand. Moreover, he had also learned a set of powerful sword technique, it was only because of that set of powerful sword techniques that he had never suffered a defeat before.

"Rumor has it that when the Invisible Sword Technique is used, the sword will disappear from sight. Neither can it be seen, nor can it be felt, isn't it the same as the Soul Martial Technique?" Chen Xian was secretly vigilant. If this was a forbidden martial technique, he would have to be on guard. After all the opponent had a powerful weapon.

"Start!" Xiao Ziliang shouted.

From the get-go, Peng Xianwu made the first move. In a very quick speed, he silently cleaved at Chen Xiang. Although the sword was still sheathed, Chen Xiang could still sense the oppressive Slaughter Qi that was emanating from the sword.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, for he realized it was not the Soul Martial Technique. Just the speed of Peng Xianwu's sword strikes was quite fast, so fast that even its shadows could not be discerned. However, Chen Xiang's divine sense was extremely strong, he could still sense his sword strikes. However, Chen Xiang still could not react, because the sword thrust was coming at a very tricky angle from his left side! It was already too late to block it with the blade.

When the Peng Xianwu's sword cleaved at Chen Xiang's arm, just a brittle sound was heard. He felt as if he was cleaving down upon a hard thing.

The sword strike was apparently very strong. Even if it struck upon the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor on his arm, a slight tremor still ran through the ground. Chen Xiang's left arm went numb from the shock. However, it was only for an instant.

Peng Xiangwu was very confident that his sword strike could not be resisted just by using the body. Yet Chen Xiang had not been affected even just a little, at the very same instant Peng Xianwu was taken aback, Chen Xiang's right hand from behind his back tightly clasped his sword.

After the scabbard had been caught, Chen Xiang quickly mobilized his True Qi and casted the Profound Aura Finger. He wanted to break the sword along with the sheath, but he soon found out that the scabbard was incredibly hard.

Peng Xianwu had not expected Chen Xiang would actually be able to grab his sword, and even so tightly. No matter how much strength he used, he could not take it back. At this time, he ruthlessly gave a good kick at Chen Xiang. However, just as he had kicked, he regretted it, for Chen Xiang had already predicted it and countered it with a horizontal strike.

Peng Xianwu hastily retracted his leg, but a deep bloodstain still appeared on his thigh.

At this time, Chen Xiang sensed a powerful shock wave being transmitted from Peng Xianwu's sword. His hands went numb from pain, leaving him no choice but to release the sword.

Much to everyone's dismay, Peng Xianwu had been struck at the very start and happened to be bleeding. Since Peng Xianwu's quick sword was very famous, it came as a surprise to others. A moment ago his sword strike was indeed quite fast, many among the audiences were not able to track the sword. Not to mention, even Chen Xiang was not able to block it, and had to use his arm to forcefully block the lethal blow.

What was most shocking was the fact that Chen Xiang was unexpectedly not afraid of facing the sword with his body. Although it was a sheathed sword, the blow was quite powerful. Because it was evident just from the tremor. Even if Chen Xiang had a brilliant armor and tempered his body, his arm must had suffered some injuries from the shock.

Chen Xiang's arm was still numb. He gave a jerk to his arm and sneered, "Just this! I think you will have to remove your sword quite early."

Peng Xianwu now came to realize Chen Xiang was even stronger than the rumors. However, he still disdainfully said, "You're not worthy!" While speaking, he rushed out just like an arrow and just in a flash, he appeared in front of Chen Xiang. And thrust his sword at Chen Xiang's chest.

His thrust was very fast, yet Chen Xiang had already been prepared. Chen Xiang was not slow himself, he fiercely waved his hand. Just as the sword was about to touch his body, his palm landed upon the sword's blade, before a thunderous 'bang' resounded. Which was followed by a golden flash shooting from one side of Chen Xiang.

Just a moment ago, the speed was too fast, it rendered everyone else without any time to react. They just saw a golden sword with its scabbard landing on the ground, which to everyone's dismay was Peng Xianwu's double-edged sword, which happened to be disarmed by Chen Xiang. Although they had no idea what had happened, everyone bursted into exclamation one after the another.

Chen Xiang had already attained the perfection stage in the usage of the Shocking Heaven Palm. Just a moment ago, the vibration from the Shocking Heaven Palm had disarmed the sword in Peng Xianwu's hand. And since at that time Peng Xianwu had used a large amount of his strength, the backlash from the impact resulted in the power to burst open. Numbing Peng Xianwu's arm and disarming the double-edged sword from his hand.

Chen Xiang whole face was filled with happy expression, as if he was laughing at Peng Xianwu! Peng Xianwu coldly harrumphed as he glanced at the far away fallen double-edged sword, then walked over to pick up the sword.

Just as Peng Xianwu was picked up the sword, Chen Xiang's figure disappeared. Peng Xianwu knew Chen Xiang was still on the stage, it was just that his speed was exceptionally fast, making it difficult for others to capture his silhouette. However, occasionally Chen Xiang's flickering figure could still be glimpsed.

The Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jianglin was secretly sweating, for he realized Chen Xiang was very strong, especially his speed. Suddenly, his complexion turned ugly, "Get back!"

Peng Xianwu upon hearing the Dean's warning was shocked, and at the same time, he felt a dangerous aura enveloping his whole body, before an intense Slaughter Qi started pouring in. He wanted to dodge, yet he felt that something had wrapped around his feet. It was too late to check what had wrapped around his feet, he held the sword across to block the frightening knife strike of Chen Xiang.

This knife of Chen Xiang was carrying a shocking amount of power, making others feel as if a giant wave was surging during a tsunami, as if it could destroy everything.

This was the Wave Strike from the Dragon Slayer's Seven Killing Cuts. Its power was the most overbearing, cleaving down like a monstrous wave carrying an armageddons might.

Peng Xianwu felt that he was just an ant in front of this monstrous wave. This kind of terrifying strength had smashed his proud heart, at this point he only felt fear.

With a howl, Chen Xiang chopped down. In that instant golden light bloomed everywhere, covering the sky and the earth, along with a deafening explosion, shaking the land. A golden flash gradually followed by a bloody trail that shot through the sky.

It was as if the world had come to a stand still. After the golden light disappeared, everyone only caught the sight of Chen Xiang, whose standing figure was giving off the impression as if he was a God of Slaughter. In his hand was the slender Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with blood dripping from it, with Peng Xianwu kneeling on the ground in front of him. With one of his arm dismembered from his shoulder, and even his pride, the golden sheathed sword cut off from its hilt, with the sword still inside its scabbard!

Chen Xiang slightly raised his hand, pointing the blade at Peng Xianwu's throat, and said, "Your arm can still be reconnected, only your sword has been cut now, that's all. But so long as the sword in your heart isn't broken, you are still a swordsman! I'm not going to kill you, because you don't deserve to die under my knife!"

This was a death match. If Chen Xiang so wish, he could dismember Peng Xianwu into two, but his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade didn't seem to allow him to do this. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was for killing the devils, not for slaughtering humans!

Chen Xiang had let go of Peng Xianwu. This way of conduct had earned him some admiration from the onlookers.

Peng Xianwu clenched his teeth, picked up his arm and left the barrier. No matter how much Yue Jianglin called him, he didn't even turn his head. This battle was a huge blow for him, but it would bring him a great deal of benefits!

"You don't have any enmity with him, he was only used by Yue Jianglin as a gambling tool. You do not need to kill him, a big storm is about to come, the humans should not be killing each other." Bai Youyou said. Although she was a she-devil cultivating devil techniques, she took no pleasure in mindless killing, she would not kill the innocents.

Yue Jiangling could not leave, for he was still needed in laying out the barrier. Now he hated Chen Xiang even more, but he could do nothing but endure.

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