World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0324 - Beautiful Plan

Beautiful Plan

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Chen Xiang had shocked everyone with the strength of his blade strike. In particular, those Deans who had laid down the barrier since they were clearer than anyone else.

All of them were Nirvana Realm martial artists. They had lived for many years, and naturally, they could perceive that Chen Xiang's martial technique was extraordinary. They speculated Chen Xiang had very possibly casted the Dragon Martial Technique. A lot of Dragon Martial Techniques had spread in the mortal world, yet they were not that many. Even these Deans didn't have that many.

Although Chen Xiang's blade technique was terrifying, these Deans could see that it was not the powerful martial technique which had cut the sword, but the brilliant knife in his hand. God knows what level of knife it was.

The knife was definitely extraordinary; even a brilliant-grade weapon was cut off by the knife. These Deans had now come to a realization that if they allowed Chen Xiang to wield this weapon, then their disciples would have no chance of winning.

Using their divine sense, these four Nirvana Realm martial artists were having a discussion. At last it was decided to somehow restrict Chen Xiang in using his weapon, otherwise, the next three would definitely lose against Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, in the next fight, our side is not going to use weapon. Therefore, you can also not use a weapon!" Xiao Ziliang said.

Chen Xiang coldly smiled, "It was you who came to me for a fight. It was your side who chose to use the weapon, and I have not objected. But now you don't want me to use weapons! Why should I listen to you?"

Since Gu Dongchen was also here, Chen Xiang was not afraid of these Deans. Chen Xiang felt that he was not being taken seriously, as the entire match was being led by the other party.

"Chen Xiang, your knife is too formidable, don't you think it is very unfair?" Tang Yichao said.

Chen Xiang started laughing, "Fair? I'm currently in 5th level of the True Martial Realm, yet Peng Xianwu was in the 6th level, you think that was fair? When you wanted to use weapon, I had to follow and use my weapon. When you don't want to use, I should not use mine? Is this fair? Bullshit! If you don't have weapon to contend, don't clamor to use a fight to solve the problem."

Chen Xiang's words sent Tang Yichao and the others into fury. The onlookers were also extremely surprised. Much to their surprise, Chen Xiang dared to talk like this to these Deans; he was being surrounded by four Nirvana Realm martial artists, but nevertheless, he still dared to be so arrogant while speaking.

On the side, Gu Dongchen sneered, "Xiao Ziliang, don't go too far. If your disciple is not strong, then don’t try to weaken the opposite party?! With this rubbish, you still want to talk about fairness? Don't make me laugh."

Everyone also felt Chen Xiang was correct. Chen Xiang had been challenged by the opposite party, yet the opposite had enforced unfavorable demands upon him. Only a fool would agree.

"If you can't fight, then quickly get the hell out!" Gu Dongchen coldly shouted. He was unafraid of these Nirvana Realm martial artists; he was an eighth tribulation Nirvana Realm martial artist. He was the strongest martial artist on the Chenwu Mainland, as most of the martial artists that have crossed the ninth tribulation had already been sucked into the Heavenly Realm.

Xiao Ziliang was secretly blaming the Proud Sword Sect. Otherwise, at the beginning, they could have restricted the usage of weapons, and they would not have to deal with so many other issues now.

"From the beginning, we were in the wrong in not arranging the rules. So now let's set it as a new rule. No one is allowed to use any weapons. Of course we'll compensate you. As long as you win, we will increase your compensation from 100 million to 200 million, what do you think?" Xiao Ziliang proposed. In the face of absolute strength, he could only concede. Although Gu Dongchen was a junior in his eyes, he was still far stronger than him. If this went on, it was highly likely that they would be disgraced even more.

Originally, Xiao Ziliang thought that after crossing the seventh tribulation and establishing the Free Immortal Sea, he would be powerful than the Extreme Martial Sect. He could hold his head up high. But to his surprise, Gu Dongchen had crossed the eighth tribulation. Although he was only behind by one tribulation, the difference was like between heaven and earth.

"Alright, I promise!" Chen Xiang agreed.

After buying the Dragon Soul, Chen Xiang was almost bankrupt. Just a moment ago, he had already won a hundred million crystal stones. If he won against the next three opponents, he would be able to win six hundred million crystal stones, which, for him, was a substantial sum. Even after laboriously saving for so long in the past, he was only able to gather three hundred million. Moreover, he still had to sell the Fire Martial Soul to earn more.

The next opponent turned out to be a seductive girl with a statuesque figure. With her charming and tapered face, along with her flirtatious red dress, she seemed extremely pretty and coquettish to Chen Xiang. Unlike Su Meiyao and Hua Xianyue, she had some sort of spellbounding charm.

At present, she could be regarded as a stunner. Many males in the square were dumbfoundedly gawking at her; they could not wait to strip off her clothes.

The girl smiled obsequiously at Chen Xiang. Everyone secretly thought that Chen Xiang would definitely lose this round; they felt that they themselves would definitely show mercy to such a beauty.

"She is the Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran, the Beast Martial Sect's most beautiful disciple!" A man shouted.

Noticing that the fiery look in every men’s eyes didn’t show any signs of dissipation, Yan Yanran, this bewitching girl, appeared to be extremely excited. Her charming giggles were extremely bewitching.

"Elder Brother Chen is finished? This girl is every man's weakness." Yun Xiaodao’s sight was also fixed at her; even he couldn’t help but gulp.

Zhu Rong pursed his lips and said, "Younger brother Chen's fiance, Xue Xianxian, is a lot better than this girl. Don't forget Qianqian, the most beautiful girl of the Extreme Martial Sect. Wasn't she just like her? Yet that girl has been tarnished[1] by Younger Brother Chen during a fight and Younger Brother didn’t even show mercy?"

Wu Qianqian tenderly snorted, before ruthlessly pinching Zhu Rong, "Damn fatty, I was just defeated by him, don't speak anything vulgar!"

Yan Yanran suddenly tore her own long skirt, revealing her extremely hot and enticing figure. Only a black cloth was wrapped around her chest and her nether region! Her perfect figure was out for show without any reservation! Her two snow white smooth and slender legs, her graceful and slender waist, her two towering jade peaks which had been tightly wrapped by the black cloth, along with her the two pressing peaks peeking out of the black cloth, all of them added to make everyone unable to stop looking even if they didn’t want to look.

"Hei hei, Young Master Chen, please show mercy to little miss!" Yan Yanran charmingly smiled and said, "I had glutted your eyes, you cannot possibly destroy me!"

That bewitching voice rendered many males limp and dumbfounded. At the same time, nearly every male had a part of their body grew hard....

"Humph!" Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue simultaneously tenderly snorted. They had not expected that the Beast Martial Sect would actually send such an alluring woman.

"That brat has a good control over his mind, don't worry!" Hua Xiangyue said. She was much better than Yan Yanran, yet Chen Xiang had the gall to simply refuse her.

"I know, but this little rascal is still a man!" Liu Menger lightly scoffed and said.

A smug smile appeared on the Beast Martial Sect's elder face. Chen Xiang was a man and just a twenty years old one at that. This was exactly the age when a young man was the most vigorous. A beautiful woman at his age had a fatal temptation to him.

"This girl is too shameless… if all girls are just as shameless as her!" Zhu Rong said with an lascivious smile hanging on his face. Just as he finished, he felt pain coming from his arm; Wu Qianqian had vigorously pinched his arm.

However, Zhu Rong's words were also in the mind of many males on the square.

Suddenly, Yan Yanran's smile turned stiff, because in Chen Xiang’s eyes, only a look of admiration was present. His gaze was devoid of any beastly desire, it was as if he was just appreciating a treasure, nothing more. This, on the contrary, came as a surprise to Yan Yanran. Many of the men on the square could not wait to push her down on the ground, yet Chen Xiang didn't even have this kind of idea!

"If I could defeat you, I can get 200 million crystal stones, sorry!" A grin appeared on Chen Xiang's face.


^ [朱荣撇撇嘴说道:“沈老弟的未婚妻薛仙仙可是比这女人好得多,更何况芊芊这个太武门第一美人还不是一样被沈老弟辣手摧花,打成残花败柳吗?”

残花败柳, it means the fading of a girl's beauty after she lost her virginity. Like she is no longer pure. I could not find any appropriate word other than tarnished for such complex chinese adjective. That's why in the next sentence Wu Qianqian says Zhu Rong is speaking vulgurly.]

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