World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0322 - The Golden Sheathed Swordsman

The Golden Sheathed Swordsman

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Chen Xiang secretly despised Hua Xiangyue, she just wilfully came down and spoke before taking her leave. In any case, he was still the Honorary Chief Alchemist of the Danxiang Taoyuan. He thought what would happen, if happened to die? Hadn’t she just said that the Danxiang Taoyuan had the obligation to protect him?!

"This fight is related to our sect's honor, that's why our disciples will do everything to win; that's why this is a deathmatch! The opposite sect can't held the other sect accountable." Xiao Ziliang said. He looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, while they just disapprovingly nodded their head.

Only by defeating Chen Xiang in front of so many people would they be able to completely rout Chen Xiang, and render Gu Dongchen speechless. This way they could also improve their sect's prestige. That was why Xiao Ziliang dared to create such a ruckus here.

It was pretty obvious that, Yue Jianglin, Tang Yichao and the others from the very start had been colluding with Xiao Ziliang. However, they had still looked down upon Chen Xiang, now they were still oblivious as to how powerful Chen Xiang was.

In order to show their skills, they had encircled a very big area. At this point, Xiao Ziliang and the others began to release their strength to jointly lay out a barrier. Using a large amount of their strength, a huge shield just like an impregnable fortress was created. Not only would it block any shockwaves during the intense fight, it would also protect the bricks and the tiles, lest they got damaged. This was the common barrier laid down by the Nirvana Realm martial artists for protection.

"Xiangyue, your secret is exposed now, is it not going to affect you? That stingy bastard, Gu Dongchen had a big mouth!" Liu Menger seeing Hua Xiangyue return, immediately inquired.

"This is also not bad, anyway the big storm is coming, letting them know is also not bad! Menger, when are you going to be crossing the tribulation? It is better if you could get it done before the arrival of the big storm." Hua Xiangyue said.

"No idea, I'm doing all I can! But currently I'm not ready." Liu Menger sighed and said.

"Are all the spirit herbs you had bought during the auction are in Chen Xiang's hands?" Hua Xiangyue asked with a frown. Much to her dismay, Liu Menger had unexpectedly given such precious stuffs to Chen Xiang. Of course, she was aware of Liu Menger and Chen Xiang's relations.

"It's nothing, anyway, I still had not gathered everything yet."

The barrier had been laid out. Only Chen Xiang stood alone inside, his opponent had yet to arrive. With just a glance at Xiao Ziliang and the others expression, he knew they had long been prepared, or else they would not have made such a request.

The first person to enter the barrier was an extremely handsome looking young man with a long sword on his back. He was dressed quite luxuriously. His whole body was covered in a noble aura. From his forehead, it was evident that he was very proud. His scabbard was golden, which seemed extremely extravagant.

Chen Xiang frowned upon seeing the young man. And from the audiences in the square, waves of exclamation burst forth. If he could not recognize this young man, it was nothing but if he failed to recognize the golden scabbard, he would certainly be ridiculed by others for being ignorant.

"Golden sheathed swordsman, Peng Xianwu?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Exactly!" Peng Xianwu dismissively replied. His whole body was brimming arrogance, making the onlookers feel extremely uncomfortable.

The golden sheathed swordsman was the most famous young disciple of the Proud Sword Sect. He was in the 6th level of the True Martial Realm, not only was he very strong, he had a very powerful double-edged sword too. According to the rumors, it was a brilliant grade weapon, moreover, none had seen the sword out of the scabbard yet.

"You want to use the sword to fight with me?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile. He had just fused the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with the Dragon Soul, he was worried he would not have the opportunity to test it.

At this point, everyone remembered the frightening broadsword of Chen Xiang. In everyone's opinion, it was also a powerful brilliant-grade weapon, and many famed martial artists had died under his blade.

The Proud Sword Sect without a sword, was same as a martial artist without an arm. Their strength would be greatly reduced. But, if they were allowed to use the sword, then Chen Xiang too could use his blade.

Peng Xianwu glanced at Yue Jianglin, before Yue Jiangling nodded to him in affirmation!

Noticing Yue Jianglin's nod, a sliver of charming smile appeared on Liu Menger's face. She knew how formidable the Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon SLaughtering Devil Blade was. Could it be compared with the brilliant-grade weapon? Even if it was a legendary immortal weapon, it would be difficult to contend to, especially now that it had been fused with the Dragon Soul.

"I'll use the sword, you can use your blade too! But I hope you are as good as they say, and can force my sword out of the scabbard." Peng Xianwu scornfully looked at Chen Xiang.

A 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist using a 9th level spirit weapon would be proud enough, not to mention if he was using a very powerful brilliant weapon. Not to forget that the Proud Sword Sect's guys had the arrogance deeply rooted into their bones. And if this kind of guy was allowed to use a brilliant weapon, how could his arrogance not be higher than the heavens?

At this point, this was the case of Peng Xianwu. Thinking of himself, in possession of a powerful double-edged sword, he was looking down upon the world. Moreover, many famed young martial artists that he had faced in the past had all been miserably defeated under his sword, yet it should not be forgotten than his sword was still not out of its scabbard.

A very bright smile appeared on Chen Xiang’s face. Only Liu Menger understood this smile, and of course, Su Meiyao and the others needless to say. At this point, the double-edged sword, the pride of Peng Xianwu was already scrap iron in their eyes.

Peng Xianwu quickly removed the golden sheathed sword from his back, while Chen Xiang too took out a long knife. Glimpsing at this knife, everyone felt extremely doubtful. Although this blade had an Azure Dragon carved upon it, it was rather small. It was a little like a long sword, yet it was not a sword, because its back was blunt like a knife and its tip was slightly curved.

From looking at the knife, it was quite similar to Chen Xiang's treasured blade. However, the previous blade used to be very wide, and the blade body was similar to a sword.

After the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade had been fused with the Dragon Soul, he cold freely control the shape of the blade. Chen Xiang had narrowed the blade a little, and he had done so in order to use it more flexibly.

Previously, the huge appearance had been very domineering and daunting. But now it looked very ornamental. But it also appeared to be carrying a light arrogance, yet delicate and beautiful.

Noticing Chen Xiang was not using that rumoured overbearing giant blade, Peng Xianwu thought Chen Xiang was looking down upon him, that was why he was not using his most powerful weapon. Making him feel that it was an insult to him. But he had forgotten that his sword was still in its scabbard, wasn't he disrespecting others?

Chen Xiang had also intentionally changed its shape for a reason, he wanted to tell Peng Xianwu; You do not deserve for me to use the broadsword!

The Proud Sword Sect's members had a very bad temper. So they were very easy to provoke. Once Chen Xiang had flashed his weapon, he knew that he had been successful. Although the broadsword and the knife's power were just the same, however, he still felt that the broadsword was a little more domineering. However, at present he was too lazy to use that to deal with this little arrogant disciple of the Proud Sword Sect, who is not even willing to let others take a look at his sword.

"Chen Xiang, I hope you do not die under my sword, so as to not let my sword be stained with another dead guy's resentment!" Peng Xianwu coldly said, while pointing his sword at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, seeing the sword still within its sheath pointed towards him, he secretly sneered in his heart, "Wait, I'll let you die with your sword forever sheathed in that turtle shell like scabbard!"

The golden sheathed swordsman had been very famous a few years back, because Yue Jianglin had always took him everywhere to compete. Many famous young True Martial Realm martial artists had suffered defeat, that was why many in the Chenwu Mainland had heard of his deeds. And one could often hear them talking who would win if he and Chen Xiang happened to fight.

Now they had finally met!

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