World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0318 - The Magical Effect Of Mana

The Magical Effect Of Mana

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After placing the herbs inside the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, Chen Xiang immediately released the flames. At the same time, he had also released all of his divine sense to wrap the alchemical furnace in order to sense the tiniest bit of changes taking place inside it. As these changes passed into his mind, he also began carrying out the refining simulation; with his brain operating to the utmost, he executed various calculations which was very taxing to his mind.

Not long after carrying out the refining simulation in his mind, a problem had already appeared. Because the flames were too big, they were not uniform, and hence it lead to the burning of the auxiliary herbs into ashes. Even the main herbs weren’t spared, they too were not uniformly heated, and soon half of the herbs were about to be destroyed.

After knowing this kind of error was going to take place, Chen Xiang quickly adjusted the flames in accordance to the error in the refining simulation. His reaction was needed to be extremely quick; if it was even a little bit slower, it would then lead to failure.

After the adjustment, he successfully modified the refining simulation from the point where the error took place. Meanwhile, in accordance with the present situation, he once again ran the refining simulation in order to predict what would happen next and have enough to time to carry out the adjustments. By rectifying dangerous errors, Chen Xiang was able to avoid the tragedies that took place in the refining simulation.

Chen Xiang had only started for a short while, but he had already encountered dozens of problems, all of which he had rectified at the most critical point, making him feel extremely tired. At this point, he also felt a slight headache; it was his first time refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, so during the refining simulation, there were too many aspects involved. Because of that, he could not help but increase his speed of deduction, and exactly for this, in terms of the mental aspect, the Refining Simulation Technique had very high requirements.

In the transparent alchemical furnace, the five-colored auras were even more dazzling, as if there was a small sun in front of audience’s eyes. This made it difficult for everyone to watch what was happening at the center of the dazzling lights.

Presently, the sky was still dark, yet when the light emitted from Chen Xiang's alchemy illuminated the whole square, it was as if it was still daytime. What made everyone feel surprised the most was the fact that the aura unexpectedly made everyone feel extremely comfortable; it had a kind of inexplicable warmth.

The main ingredients of the Five Elements True Elemental Dan were highly resistant to heat; they were required to be burned for a long duration. In addition, those auxiliary herbs were too susceptible to the heat, so they could not be heated too much; this was the most crucial point which should be duly noted while refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

However, this was not the difficult point for Chen Xiang because he had the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. In a very short time, he had already incinerated the four main herbs, and this processed had also occurred at the very same moment when the auxiliary herbs were incinerated into herbal powder. Then he mixed them together with the herbal powder of the main ingredients.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang's body slightly shook while his body was drenched in sweat. In the refining simulation, the furnace happened to have exploded when he was fusing the five different attributed True Qi; the divine sense he had released was not strong enough, leading to irratical movements of the tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qis. The Herbal Spirit Qis broke out of their restraints, causing them to become uncontrollable, and thereby causing the destruction of the whole alchemical furnace.

At this point, Chen Xiang felt that he didn't have enough divine sense left for use because he had to maintain the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace too! Just when he thought it was over for him, he immediately released the Mana which bounded those tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qi.

Without trying, one would never know about the final outcome! Much to Chen Xiang's surprise, the Mana was unexpectedly so powerful that in an instant, it suppressed those Herbal Spirit Qi and made them docile and obedient.

But he didn't continue to use Mana in alchemy, because he didn't completely understand the characteristics of Mana; it would be difficult to carry out the refining simulation without knowing all the characteristics of Mana. As such, he could only continue to use divine sense. Although he knew that the Mana was definitely better than the divine sense in alchemy, at present, he couldn’t try it with ease because the Five Elements True Elemental Dan was already halfway done; he could not take it lightly.

After crossing the hurdle, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. In his mind, he once again quickly ran the refining simulation as he continued suppressing those tyrannical Herbal Spirit Qi with his divine sense.

Now he must use the appropriate flames to refine the various Herbal Spirit Qis and herbal powders to completely fuse them together.

The Five Elements True Elemental Dan was rather different from the previously refine dans. When refining other dans, the Herbal Spirit Qis released from the various herbs, although they repelled each other, had the same attribute. But as for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan he was refining, it had five attributes which were mutually exclusive. That was why it was even harder to fuse them.

When Chen Xiang was running the refining simulation, he encountered endless problems because the flames had to be extremely precise, and so he also continued to adjust, ran new refining simulation, then adjust once again. Afterwards, he would begin a new refining simulation...

Such continuous cycle was quite taxing for him, evidently represented by the veins on his forehead which had already started bulging. He was now experiencing an excruciating headache, yet he must continue to endure. If not, then maybe because of the pain, he might make a mistake in the refining simulation and lose everything.

"This brat had really learned the Refining Simulation Technique! Who in hell is his teacher? But from the looks of it, he must be using it for an unfamiliar dan for the first time, I hope he can endure till the end!" Hua Xiangyue, from Chen Xiang's expressions, was sure that Chen Xiang was suffering in agony from making those continuous adjustments and running new refining simulations one after the other. His skill seemed to be dull and dry; if one is not familiar with the process, then one would only feel a headache.

It was Chen Xiang’s first time experiencing such consumption of his spirit, but still had to continue the adjustments and the refining simulations again and again. Of course he could no longer endure; he had already spent too much of his divine sense, and he was not used to it.

Chen Xiang felt time was passing very slowly; he could not wait to end this painful and tedious process at once. At this point, the sky was already a little bright, but the audience hadn’t even noticed it because the light released from Chen Xiang's alchemical furnace were extremely dazzling.

Chen Xiang had no idea how long had passed; he just kept on doing those two things over and over again...

Suddenly, Chen Xiang's mind was jolted because the visualized furnace in his mind had suddenly lost its aura; only the flickering flames were left in the furnace, and the rest of the things were completely transparent!

Seeing this, Chen Xiang knew he was halfway done, now he could finally end the painful journey!

Everyone had just adjusted to those dazzling auras, but the sudden disappearance of the aura left only darkness in front of their eyes; only a weak, flickering fire light originating from the furnace was left.

After the Herbal Spirit Qis of five attributes had been fused, they had turned invisible and colorless. No matter how good their eyes were, it was difficult to see and Chen Xiang too could only feel.

Regardless if it was the herbal powder or the Herbal Spirit Qi, all had disappeared. Neither too big nor too small flames were only burning at the central layer of the transparent alchemical furnace. At this time, Chen Xiang knew that it was time to congeal the dan.

During the refining simulation in his mind, he once again perceived the explosion of the furnace because his divine sense wasn’t adequate. In the moment of desperation, he once again released the mystical mana like last time, and using the mana, he squeezed the invisible herbal powder and the Herbal Spirit Qi together. He fused them in an instant, and at the same time, he quickly used the Mana to divide that large transparent mass of Qi into ten parts before finally withdrawing the mana.

After realizing the mystical effects of Mana, Chen Xiang was brimming in happiness, because using mana instead of divine sense was a lot better. Even if he had adequate divine sense, it would still take him some time to finish, but with mana, it was finished in an instant.

Ten transparent cyclones started rotating in varying speed as he continued to run the refining simulation in his mind. Even if he had arrived at the last step, he had still encountered a series of errors; because during the solidification of dan, he must use his divine sense to uniformly squeeze those cyclone and congeal the dan out of these cyclones.

In a short while, the furnace had already exploded a dozen of times in his mind, but in timely moments, he had quickly rectified those problems in reality. Because of which, nothing had happened in reality.

Dawn has already arrived, and the sunlight shone upon the square. Mrs. Li also had no idea if Chen Xiang was finished refining or not, but according to the rules, she must call a stop to the tournament.

"Finished!" Chen Xiang suddenly drew a long deep breathe, then laid down on the ground facing the sky; he was too tired to even move.

As the sunlight shone upon the transparent alchemical furnace, the ten exquisite dans suddenly glittered with a faint gloss. Everyone with good eyesight realized that Chen Xiang had finished refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan!

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